TP PROFILES-Miriam Silverberg of Miriam Silverberg Associates Publicity

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Miriam Silverberg

Miriam Silverberg Associates Publicity

We are business builders by publicity

Startup Cash
None. No start-up cash was needed.

Favorite Food
Cheese (I should have been a mouse)

Favorite Quote
My favorite quote is from my father: “Having what you want is not the key to happiness. No one will ever have everything they want. The key to happiness is wanting what you have.”

Favorite Book
Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie

A Good Night Out
$100 (I’m a cheap date.)

Biggest Complaint

Go To Bed
2am. I subscribe to Noel Coward’s theory that no civilized person goes to bed the same day they wake up.

Biggest Accomplishment
Being able to make enough money to live well, enjoy life and afford
the better things like beautiful clothes and a beautiful home.

Biggest Mistake
Not understanding how the media works

Living The Passion
Yes, I love being my own boss.

The Lesson
Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t.


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  • Mike Michalowicz

    Interesting concept on the “go to bed time.” I totally disagree, but it is an interesting concept.

    - Mike

  • Shonika Proctor, Teen Biz Coach

    LOL… that is the first I have heard of that go to bed theory. But I guess it was kind of like a number of “geniuses” in the world who said they often lived off 4 hours of sleep per night.