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Marie Forleo International

No friggin’ clue.  The early parts of it were started back in 2001.

Marie Forleo

Coaching, educational products and services to help women entrepreneurs (and very cool men) live Rich, Happy & Hot.

Startup With No Money
I worked as a bartender at night and built my business during the day.

Favorite Food
Anything that melts.

Favorite Quote
‘There cannot be too many glorious women.’ –Marianne Williamson

The TP Roll
Over, no doubt.  Under is weird.

Favorite Movie
Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (the original).

Biggest Complaint
Don’t have any.  They’re a waste of good energy.

Health, Wealth or Happiness?
Happiness rocks.  When you’re happy, you can produce health and wealth.

Most Extreme
Taught a 6 hour long dance class, then performed 2 hip-hop routines (in front of 200 people), and then partied for 4 hours in London.  It was a LONG day.

Amazing Accomplishments!
•    Graduated Valedictorian with Business Degree, Seton Hall University (Age 21)
•    Worked on the floor of Wall Street’s NYSE (Age 21)
•    MTV Hip-Hop Choreographer/Producer/Dancer/Instructor (Age 26)
•    Nike Sponsored Athlete & International Master Trainer (Age 28)
•    Authored Best-Selling Book – “Make Every Man Want You: How To Be So Damn Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep From Dating Yourself!” (Age 29)
•    Released 4 Top-Selling fitness videos (Age 30)
•    Speaking circuit for entrepreneurs re: unconventional success (Age 30)
•    Became Fox News online Life Coach/Relationship Host (Age 30)
•    Book selling internationally through McGraw Hill (Age 32)
•    Launched Rich, Happy & Hot programs for Women Entrepreneurs (and cool men) (Age 32)

The Real Story Behind The Accomplishments
•    Graduated Valedictorian with Business Degree, Seton Hall University – I rarely slept. I partied as hard as I worked. Big Lesson:  You CAN have it all, but it requires dedication and a sense of humor.
•    Working the NYSE floor – I cut off all my hair to be taken more seriously. Didn’t work. Thank God hair grows back.
•    MTV Hip-Hop Choreographer/Producer/Dancer/Instructor – I was “discovered” by chance, and instead of saying “shucks” I can’t do it – I went for it.  Zero professional training; All passion and lot’s and lot’s of balls.  Traditional wisdom says to start dancing at 26 is crazy – way too old. I say screw traditional wisdom.
•    Nike Sponsored Dance Athlete & International Master Trainer – Unexpected perk: Nike gear makes for great presents and the occasional ethical bribe.
•    “Make Every Man Want You: How To Be So Damn Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep From Dating Yourself!” – Self-published, baby! No patience for traditional publishers. Too many compromises.  Figured I could do it better myself.  Went on to sell 8,000 copies, because I used smart direct marketing jedi tricks.
•    Created four top-selling fitness videos – From being discovered, to MTV, to Nike, I was getting better introductions and kept going for it. On the downside, I had no control over cheesy outfits on covers. This happens when you’re the “talent.”
•    Speaking Circuit – Some get my take that spirituality plays a big part in success; others think I’m cute but a little kookoo.  Either way when opportunities came, I said yes then figured out how to actually deliver on it.
•    Became Fox News online Life Coach/Relationship Host – Got this gig from doing a private hip-hop class for 30 women. Go figure.
•    Self-published book goes big – McGraw-Hill purchased it two years after I self-published.  They began worldwide distribution.  I had to remove the word “damn” off the cover, I lost part of my subtitle and they killed my back cover copy.  Not thrilled… but I am learning to play the game.  Book is selling in US, Canada, France, Asia, Korea, Australia, UK, India.
Super happy book is getting out there in a big way. Even happier I knew the money is in the backend.
•    Launched Rich, Happy & Hot programs for Women Entrepreneurs (and cool men) – Friggin’ beyond excited about this.  BIG MASTER PLAN: Help entrepreneurs transform the planet and figure it out with my market as we go.  I plan to have lots of fun with this one.

You Can Too – And More!
Don’t let the story fool you – I’m just like you. I have the same kinds of hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities and my regular share of “oh sh*t” moments.  I’ve just trained myself to NOT to listen to my thoughts, and to perform to the very best of my ability, engaging fully and completely in each moment.

Three key things every TPE can use right now:

1) Screw Conventional Wisdom: If you feel it in your heart, go for it.  Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.

2) Upgrade Your Personal Operating System: Train yourself to live in the moment as a lifestyle. (Yes it can be done.) In my experience, it’s the most powerful, mind-blowing, fast-acting, underground approach for business success and personal fulfillment.

3) Become A Marketing Maven: Leverage the heck out of the Internet and direct response marketing. Remember, it doesn’t matter how life changing your product or service is if no one knows about it.

Marie Forleo


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  • Scott Bradley

    Damn! Not only is this girl beautiful, but she also kicks ass with all she has done!

    Is she single?

  • Marie

    Hi Scott! LOL – thank you so very much. I’m happily engaged to amazing (and yes – kick ass) guy but I appreciate the compliment :)

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  • Sarah of Chic Gems

    WOW! Great story! You rock!

  • Mike Michalowicz

    When I read this profile of Marie I was taken aback by her accomplishments. I love her frankness in her “real story” and “you can too”.

    I like to echo her statement, with one tweek – “I’ve just trained myself to NOT to listen to my thoughts.”

    I would insert “…trained myself to NOT to listen to my NEGATIVE thoughts.” Negative thoughts limit our potential more than anything.

    Go Marie, Go Marie!!!! It’s great to see this upcoming surge of women entrepreneurs.

  • Scott Bradley

    @Marie You are so welcome! It is my pleasure! I call it as I see it!

  • Sue Smith

    I know Marie! I have some of her video’s. Found this one on the net:

    Marie rocks!

  • Gale Peart

    Blown away by your achievements! Your 3 key tips for a TPE has made an indelible mark. I’m a ‘Living in the Moment’ Trainee :-) Wishing you continued success!

  • Kelly

    I am so amazed at all of your accomplishments- I just kept saying WOW, wow, wow lol. The real stories behind the accomplishments were great also. I know life isn’t about competing and comparing but when I see your list of things I KNOW I am slacking- BIG TIME. But your words and actions are very encouraging. Thanks for sharing!

  • Marie

    Hi Guys!

    Sarah: Thank you :)

    Admin: Absolutely on negative thoughts…but you also have to watch out for the positive ones as well. They can be just as distracting and funny enough, can knock you off center like the negative ones. One of my favorite “truths” is that you have a mind, but you are not your mind. You’re also not the thoughts IN your mind ;)

    SUE: Thank you so much!! The fitness videos are a good time..and they work.

    GALE: Keep going!! Learning to live in the moment is like training a muscle. You’ll get stronger with practice and build strength and stamina over time. It’s a miraculous lifestyle and has such a powerful impact on your relationships, your well-being and your ability to create in your business. Rock on.

  • Marie

    Hey Kelly! Thanks so much for your comment. I sooo agree on no competing or comparing. I’ve found that comparison KILLS my creative spirit and slows me down (always). We are each so unique and our brilliance lies in that inherent uniqueness. Thanks for bringing up this important point…and keep rockin’ it out girl! I’m here cheering you on :)

  • Brandi Dickerson

    Yae Marie! I must say that Marie is just as beautiful and gracious in person as she appears to be on the web. It’s wonderful to see someone successful who is comfortable to be themselves and not conform to an “image”. Go Marie!!!

  • Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

    Marie, you are a total rock star. I imagined more of a mummy look with the TP, but hey, you still look hot. I LOVE your book, “Make Every Man Want You” and if anyone hasn’t read it yet, hop over to Amazon right now and pick it up. You’ll breeze through it in a couple hours.

  • AJ

    Go Marie! I’m so impressed, I hope I can use the same wisdom to empower my own life/business. I’m 23 years old and I’ve been following your newsletter for a few years. I’ve also read your book (got it from B&N) and think it rocks! It’s definitely made my relationship with my other half more rewarding. It’s great to hear your success stories!

  • Jacqueline

    Hey Marie,
    Your energy and vitality is awesome. I love how you embrace life and share your winning secrets with the world!
    You ROCK!!!

  • Marie

    Hey Brandi! Thank you so much for that. I sometimes wonder if I share a little TMI (too much information) but I can’t be any other way -LOL.

    Lorrie: thank you so much. I’ve been itching to start writing again (a longer piece than articles or posts)…and I just got back into the flow two days ago. It feels SOO good! xoxo M

  • Bonnie Hutchinson

    What a great story Marie. Amazing accomplishments. You are my “live in the moment” mentor — it’s making ahuge difference. I loved “Make Every Man Want You” — and my husband loved the effect it had on me when I read it.
    Lots of women are benefiting from your rich, happy and hot inspiration. Thanks!

  • Marie

    AJ: I LOVE that you’re learning this stuff so early!!! Thank you for hanging with me on my list. I feel so lucky to have such cool people to write to and share with! Keep rockin’ my friend…the best is yet to come.

    Jacqueline: Many thanks. When I learn something new or discover a new strategy or principle that really works, it feels like if I don’t share it, I’ll implode LOL.

  • Mike Michalowicz

    Hey Marie,

    I notice many people, and your post, mentions “live in the moment. Would you mind telling us a few strategies/techniques that you use that helps you live in the moment?

    - Mike

  • Marie

    Absolutely on the Live in The Moment Stuff. I’ll post here and then I have a great free resource to share for anyone who’s into this stuff.

    A few key ideas first:

    This moment is all we ever have. The past is done and when the future shows up, it shows up as a moment of now.

    So if you can get masterful at being in THIS moment, you become masterful in your life.

    Fear, worry, overwhelm and upset only exist when you leave this moment (i.e. you “check out”) and think about the past or future. In reality, in this very moment – you can handle whatever is in front of you. Always.

    The trouble begins when we listen to our thoughts (which are largely repetitive and mechanical in nature) instead of engaging in reality.

    Here are 3 quick tips that will get you started.

    1. Single-task.

    Give whatever you are doing your full, complete and undivided attention.

    Whether you’re writing an email, making a phone call, washing the dishes or playing with your kid, be there FULLY.

    Your mind will pull you out and distract you with the past or future or what it “thinks” is more important. Don’t fall for that kaka.

    The moment you start trying to multi-task or “move on to the next thing” – STOP. Bring yourself back to whatever you are doing fully and completely.

    When you are done with one “activity” move fully and completely onto the next.

    (This is especially important on phone calls. Don’t try to check emails or surf the web while you are supposedly listening to someone talk to you on the phone!!)

    2. Get Good At Noticing When You Check Out.

    There’s a scientific principle that states: no two things can occupy the same space at the same time. So in any given moment you are either lost in your thoughts OR you’re fully engaged in the moment.

    Whenever you noticed you’ve “checked out” of the moment, simply recognize it and “check back in” to whatever you’re doing. Don’t beat yourself up or talk to yourself about it. Just jump back in.

    3. Give Your Staff and Family Permission to Call You Out.

    Your staff, friends and family will totally support you.

    Give them permission to say “Hey, what’s up? You seem distracted..” if you check out while you’re with them. Hopefully, they’ll give you permission to do the same with them.

    OK – here’s the free resource. I did an amazing training call “The 7 Biggest Myths Of Living In The Moment” We not only talk about some of the biggest myths around living in the moment, but we get into the basic principles which make this stuff come to life.

    You can access the mp3 here:


  • Maryse

    Am I happy that you got published in Canada! How amazingly generous you have to be to keep up with your internet fans. A proof your “live in the moment” fuel is efficient!

  • Amanda

    Hey, I work with Marie, and she just got this amazing email…

    You are damn friggin amazing. Start your own TV Show, you will be as big as OPRAH.

    Very inspiring, spiritual, life changing stuff.

    The world needs more Marie Forleo attitude. Sort of the Dan Kennedy (No BS Marketing King) female version but much better looking:) and appealing.



    Awesome, huh?

  • SP

    Hi Marie!!
    You totally rock! I’ve read your book several times since I got it in June and damn you’re on the ball! Also listened to your Living in the Moment series and combine all that and I’ve seen so many positive changes in my life big time!! I luv reading your blogs and adventures. Thanks and keep at it!!!

  • Dinneen

    What an amazing photo!! It looks like you’re saying, “Look out world, here I come!” (yes, even with toilet paper and all…)

    I look forward to getting more specifics on your new program….looks great and I LOVE your enthusiasm…very addicting :)

    I’ve followed you for a bit, and also seen what great work you’ve done as a result of working with Ali. I’m sure you’ll pass it on by doing the same with your own group.

    Thanks for sharing Marie, and keep up the great work!

  • Melani Ward

    Marie you totally rock. Your energy is too great not to share with the world and your message to be bigger than life and make people aware of how IRRESISTIBLE and EXTRAORDINARY they are right now, this minute, is a true blessing.

    Couldn’t be happier we crossed paths.


  • Jasmine

    Hey Marie!

    I’ve been getting your VERY inspirational e-letters for a few years now, and I’ve always been too shy to email you directly, so I just wanted to say: Thanks a million!!!

    Your life sounds amazing and fulfilling beyond dreams. I hope when I am 18, I can pay my way through college and become just as successful and creative as you are! (My goal is to become a professional violist) In the meantime, I’ll just practice staying focused and “in the moment” during high school. :-D

    Keep knockin’ everyone’s socks off, and best of luck with your upcoming Mastery program!


    p.s-I LOVE your cardio dance workout dvd. I always have so much fun everytime I use it!

  • Jeany

    You Go girl! You are an inspiration!
    Rock on!

  • Helen

    Marie is totally the real deal. She is super-inspirational and just lays it out there, that is what I love about her! And she is right…what one person can do, another can do. If you’re looking into her Living in the Moment programs and haven’t taken the plunge, do yourself a favor, go to that mp3 link and listen to it, immediately if not sooner! This stuff is life-changing…and no, I am not affiliated with Marie in any way, but I have taken her programs and found them to be AWESOME! By the way, Marie – it’s a rare woman who can rock TP, but somehow you have pulled it off and you look absolutely gorgeous as always! :) Hugs, Helen

  • Vicky

    Hey Marie,

    It’s funny how you can hear a concept from one person, know there’s something in it, but not quite understand it… then have someone else speak of the exact same concept, perhaps in slightly different words, and have an AHA moment.

    That’s what happened to me when I first heard you on Christian Carter’s “Natural and Lasting Attraction” as a guest speaker talking about ‘what you resist will persist’.

    I suddenly saw just how much resistance I had (a tad scary!) and that if I allow a thought, a feeling to simply be, it really will dissolve. Plus I connect with myself in a fabulous new way. It’s not easy staying aware, a lot of vacilating going on between the old and new, but like anything, it takes time and patience to retrain the mind (build new muscles as you say).

    Thank you for the inspiration Marie!.

  • Marie

    Dudes and Dudettes! What a treat to wake up to all these comments this morning!!

    Bonnie, Maryse, SP, Dinneen, Amanda, Melani, Helen and Vicky: Thanks seems like too small of a word. What I love the most is that you guys are all using the “moment magic” to unleash YOUR brilliance and transform your businesses and lives. I’m truly honored to be witness to that.

    Jasmine: YES!!! I believe in you. Give your all to whatever is in front of you and trust your heart. A good friend of mine is a world class Concert Pianist AND a kick-butt entrepreneur (Angelia Jia Kim – she rocks!). Keep going darling. We’re all cheering you on.

    Loads of love to ya’ll ;)

  • Amanda


    This is an amazing story on you! I love your real-ness about everything in your life. I bought your book back in the winter, and still refer to it at least once a week to remind me to get out of my head and live in the moment. Your story of yourself being 20-something and seeming to have it all but feeling completely unfulfilled reminds of myself now – I’m 25, and still not sure where I’m headed. I *love* to dance, I’m full of positive energy, and I know I could make a huge difference in this world… however I don’t know where to start! You’re an inspiration and I hope to be a part of one of your in-person seminars/workshops some day so I can see your magic up close! Thank so much for it all! :)


  • Marie

    Hi Amanda. I love what you wrote. The secret is to always **start where you are** Get into your life NOW – everything in it with enthusiasm. It’s out of engagement, not out of thought, that we find what’s next. Whenever I feel stuck – I get moving on the tasks that are right in front of me…that get’s my “being” engaged and what’s next always appears. I hope to meet you someday soon! M

  • Shonika Proctor, Teen Biz Coach


    Your profile is Pumpin’ Jumpin’ Booty Bumpin’….you go GRRRRL! That is all very very very awesome. And I especially liked that you made the point that the reason for your noting your milestones and accomplishments was not to impress us but to impress upon us that anybody and everybody can fit that model if they want to…although I think it might be a little too late for some of us to graduate Valedictorian at age 21 ;-)

    To piggy back on the other things that I especially liked about this profile-

    1) Screw Conventional Wisdom: If you feel it in your heart, go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.

    Amen to that! I always tell my teen ceo’s, do what is good for you. Even if you are not really good at it, persay, do the thing that makes you feel fulfilled and happy. With good intentions, between your internal compass and the forces of the universe, everything else will work out in your favor.

    2) Upgrade Your Personal Operating System: Train yourself to live in the moment as a lifestyle. (Yes it can be done.) In my experience, it’s the most powerful, mind-blowing, fast-acting, underground approach for business success and personal fulfillment.

    A great book to help you learn how to do this is Dr. Richard Carlson’s Slowing Down to the Speed of Life. I read that book back in the late 90′s and I read it every year as my reinvigoration and get with the program book. It kind of reminds me that I am the reason that the way it is, is the way that it is :)

    3) Become A Marketing Maven: Leverage the heck out of the Internet and direct response marketing. Remember, it doesn’t matter how life changing your product or service is if no one knows about it.

    Yes, indeed. A coach who is knowledgeable about the web/leveraging social media can be helpful as well or even outsource it to a company that can support you with some of your programs. And a great resource aside from TPE (website and book) of course…is a book called Get Clients Now by CJ Hayden. It basically simplifies marketing into a menu like format and makes it very approachable whether you are beginner or novice. If you can understand marketing in the offline world, the online world is going to be a piece of cake.

    Awesome, awesome profile and great comment thread!


  • Shonika Proctor, Teen Biz Coach

    Duh, I mixed up my responses.

    I was going to write @Amanda and @Marie in my response- but wanted to write a response to each..since they were getting so long! So the last post was actually @Marie and this one is:


    who wrote about being 25 and not sure where she’s headed…I was so there a decade ago :)

    And I found myself still there probably 4 years later. And by the time I thought I had finally figured it out, 5 years later I went a completely different direction (thanks to Mr. TPE himself, another time, another day for that crazy story). Seems that the entire time I was searching for my purpose and my thing but at age 36 my purpose found me. It was strange because reflecting back on my life experiences everything still seemed to somehow tie together. I have NO idea how that happened, LOL.

    I think that is why I tell my teen CEO’s to just do what feels good to them. And don’t worry about the details. Go forward in everything you do whether you work for yourself, work for someone else, are in school, volunteering in your community, involved with your faith based organization what have you— even if people sometimes are ‘offended’, ‘annoyed’ or ‘sensitive’ about your presentation, your drive, your passion, don’t even trip off it. If your intentions from the beginning are good and you are genuinely selfless and seeking to grow and learn, you are going to get there. And once you get there, the good things, good peeps and good times are just going to keep on rolling in one after the other.

    So hang in there and keep the good energy going. No worries, no rush. You are going to be alright…I promise :)


  • raquel

    Mary, so awesome to read this. I love how you go for everything with huge enthusiasm, excellence and fun. Its so inspiring. Who knew that you can say yes to life’s adventures and go for it all the way and with great sense of humor. Thanks for that.

    Love the pic! you make toilet paper very very chic :)

  • Marie

    Shonika: Fabulouso! Love what you wrote :) It’s so fantastic that you are supporting young entrepreneurs to rock it out!

    Raquel: Thank you very much!

  • Amanda

    Marie: It really does work to engage NOW exactly where you are… I’ve been doing it all day and I feel great :) I just hope I can keep this up!

    Shonika: Thank you for your words :) It makes me feel hopeful that I’ll eventually figure it out. I definitely feel pressure to just listen to conventional wisdom and do what everyone else is doing instead of trying to prove there’s a better way – but I don’t feel authentic when I try to follow some cookie-cutter model of how to achieve happiness and success. I think people operate out of fear – fear of rejection, fear of failure – and they get left behind in the rat race. I have always felt as though I could make a bigger difference and be more successful by not following the mold, which is why seeing ladies like yourself and Marie is so inspiring. So thank you so much!

  • Marie

    Amanda: can keep it up. It’s a lifestyle that you can train yourself in. Like a runner training for a marathon, you start small and build up. Eventually you will “recondition” yourself so that being present is the norm and being OTL (out to lunch) is a rare event.

    Please listen to that free call I mentioned earlier (the 7 Biggest Myths of the Living In the Moment) – it has a ton of great information for you. And DO keep learning and training yourself.

    My stuff about living in the moment is friggin awesome (some people may think that’s arrogant but I don’t care :) I’ve got a Live In The Moment Booty Camp Part I and II.

    Eckhart Tolle rocks the house (all his books and CDs are fantastic) Byron Katie has amazing stuff and so do Ariel and Shya Kane. Study them all!!

    You’ll find the right “in the moment” mentors who you will resonate with. I personally love them all.

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