What Would You Do With A Million Dollars?

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The TPE community just amazes me.  When I asked everyone to share what they would do with a million bucks, I thought it would be just a spending spree.  Instead it revolved around embracing life (yes sometimes that is a nice Mustang or jetting around), doing for others and giving back.  Interestingly, there were no handouts or pity giving… every TPE has the intention of building something that is long lasting.  Building something that brings smiles, hope, progress, growth and other great things to their community.  I hope this list inspires you as much as it did me.  I am proud to be a TPE.  Damn proud!  What would you do with a million dollars?

1. I’d Help The Rich To Educate The Less Rich.

What I Would Do With A Million: With one million I would open two Montessori schools. One for the very rich and one for people who can’t afford it but who are progressive thinkers and doers. The profits from the rich school would keep the poorer school going and both would be educated equally well. I’m not a Montessori teacher but have set up a Montessori school in Paris which is run by professional and fully trained teachers. I’m a painter living in Paris.

Thanks To: Tom J. Byrne of Tom J Byrne Fine art

2. Million Dollar Babies

What I Would Do With A Million: As a therapist, I am a trained professional, and I’d donate 50% of my time to treat sexually abused kids at no charge.

Thanks To: Nancy Irwin of Dr. Nancy B. Irwin, Psychotherapy/Clinical Hypnosis/Author/Speaker

3. An Active Approach To Bed Rest

What I Would Do With A Million: If I received $1 million, I would use the money to conduct a research study to improve the prenatal care of high risk pregnant women.
Currently high risk pregnant women at risk of going into preterm labor are prescribed bed rest. They are sent home (or sometimes
hospitalized) told to lay on their left sides and to only get up to go to the bathroom and shower. While there is no documented proof
that this prescription works, since it is considered “standard of care”, it is done and few if any obstetricians question it. I would introduce
a program that includes daily modified prenatal exercise, relaxation, nutrition and emotional support for these high risk pregnant women. The
more active and engaging program would help women be more physically fit before they deliver, better able to labor and deliver (to hopefully
reduce the need for medical labor induction or cesarean section) and to recover more quickly post partum.

Thanks To: Darline Turner-Lee of Bedrest Comfort & Care

4. The Ultimate Automobile

What I Would Do With A Million: I would have Chip Foose build me a completely unique, totally custom automobile. It would be reminiscent of a Delahaye or a Talbot-Lago on the outside — voluptuous and curvaceous — and completely modern underneath. This ultimate automobile would have at least 1,000 horsepower, a six-speed automatic transmission and a plush, comfortable interior designed for long-distance touring!

Thanks To: Sue Elliott of The Automotive Custom Interiors Idea Book

5. Pay It Forward

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had a million dollars I would use just enough to pay off my bills/get me out of debt and then pay it forward to the next guy who needs it.

Thanks To: Damiano DeMonte of BullsEye Public Relations

6. Underprivledged To Get Therapy With No Co-payments!

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had a million dollars, I would set up a practice to help underprivledged people in need of physical and occupational therapy get whatever therapy they needed without worrying about co payments. As a therapist, my reward is seeing the look on people’s faces walk again after a debilatating injury or perform daily life activities after a stroke.

Thanks To: Suzanne Andrews of Healthwise Exercise

7. Increase Local Region Sales

What I Would Do With A Million: 1)I would absolutely have to take my wife to visit many countries in Europe and Asia and eat our way through them. That would cross off a lot of the life to-do items on that list!
2)Build up my marketing and video advertising business. Internet video advertising is one of the great up and coming businesses as is local internet marketing. I would invest in the infrastructure to franchise out both businesses to different local economies in both businesses. This would include the print and advertising materials to get local exposure that would help land local salespeople and customers.

Thanks To: James Betesh of Ashland Web

8. Million Dollar Retreate

What I Would Do With A Million: I would create and run a healing center that will use my unique healing method to heal people. And I would travel around the world healing and reading my poetry to thousands of people, transforming their lives. I’d go sky diving.

Thanks To: Kundan Chhabra of Experiencing Divinity, Sharing Awakening

9. Small Gestures, With Heart

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had one million dollars, I’d use it to support homeless people I meet on the street in the following ways. It would be unplanned and from the heart. If they ask me for money, I’d give it through support; I’d pay for a hotel room for a night; pay for a meal; pay for counseling or help. I’d use it the rest of my life to provide small gestures of daily support to people who are in great need, and to do it spontaneously.

Thanks To: Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving

11. My Father\’s Bucketlist

What I Would Do With A Million: With one million dollars I would help my dad check off every item on his ‘bucketlist.’ He is a man who always gives of his time and talents to help others, to give back to the community and to make a difference. He visits the hospital on a daily basis, often several times a day and comforts those who are facing serious illnesses and difficult outcomes. To them he is an angel, a friend; he is there to make them laugh, to talk about the difficult things, to comfort them, to be their shoulder to cry on. He has been an example of service to me and has inspired me to make a difference through all I do in my own life.

Thanks To: Chantelle Adams of Dare To Be

12. Create An Ideal Work Environment

What I Would Do With A Million: Buy the building we are in, and own vs. rent. Then renovate. Make our working environment more of an atmosphere conducive to productive work, fun and innovative ideas.

Thanks To: Kelley Briggs of Hudson Fusion LLC

13. Ellen & The Playboy Mansion

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had a million dollars [love that song:)]…

I’d charter a jet and take my mom to see The Ellen Show and my dad to stay at the Playboy Mansion.

These are my parents’ dreams and since I am where I am b/c of them…they deserve their dreams first.

Thanks To: Weston Lyon of Weston Lyon’s Secret Society

14. Million Dollar Small Business Offices

What I Would Do With A Million: I would build an office building that was furnished with small, incubator-type offices for small businesses. There would be on-site printing, marketing and consultation services as part of the office rental package and we’d offer networking mixers to bring in new clients and prospects for all of the companies in our offices. I’d also include weekly breakfast meetings with a consultant who could offer practical “do this, this week” advice. We’d have a consultant on staff at all times to help out businesses individually when needed. We’d offer multiple conference rooms,a cafe open to the public and a reception area that featured all of the products and services of each company.

Thanks To: Colleen Lloyd-Roberts of Top Notch Nail Files & Purse Pockets

16. Since It’s Not Enough For World Peace…

What I Would Do With A Million: 1. Pay off debts
2. Invest 75% to create a yearly income
3. Stop worrying about being an inventor/designer/entreprenur and not getting paid enough to pay the bills.
4. Expand my workshop.
5. Have a ball working on the projects I want to work on.

Thanks To: Monica Tombers of Just So!

17. Create A Foundation For Young Solopreneurs In Poor Communities…

What I Would Do With A Million: …to help & support the growth of young people, not only keep off the streets, but to work with their ‘unique me’, and marry their natural ability and the collateral ability to help them start up a genuine community based business, empower them and help them build their community, their self respect and open up opportunities for others.

Thanks To: Tina Jesson of The British Academy of Solopreneurs

18. Determined To Save The Property.

What I Would Do With A Million: My mom passed on September 28, 2008. There are 6 kids and my dad is still alive. We all grew up on this 5 acre piece of property on Long Island and one of my mom’s last wishes was to keep the property we grew up on in the family. So, my sister and I are determined to do whatever we can to do this but it is very hard on us financially. So, that’s where the million dollars would go – first to pay off the property and if anything is left the rest would go into savings for upkeep. My sister is a hair dresser and I am a writer and photographer with a small PR Firm.

Thanks To: Diana & Donna De Rosa of Two Sisters On A Mission

19. Recoup A Very Personal Loss

What I Would Do With A Million: With $1M I would replace my 1968 Mustang that I sold when I needed some start-up capital for my business. That’s what I keep telling everyone, “when I make my first million, I’ll buy another Mustang…or maybe 2…I think a ’68 and ’09 would look great next to each other in the garage!”

Thanks To: Michelle Pratt-Lienhart of Just Be Products LLC

21. Helping Teens Navigate Life

What I Would Do With A Million: With the first million my company makes I will start a non-profit for middle school aged kids and call it PSYCHED!

We will positively impact this age group with Anthony Robbins-type-of-events featuring inspiring speakers/celebrities/role models, amazing music, and peer stories that will provide hope and a vision to not just make it through this tough transitional time in life, but to soar through these years with a feeling of empowerment.

Thanks To: Beth Butler of Boca Beth LLC

22. Selling Singles Successfully

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had one million dollars I would develop a small vending machine to distribute single cigarettes. Anyone who has ever smoked or has been close to a smoker can see the value in this. This product would work well in bars near college campuses where money is tight but cravings are high.

Thanks To: Daniel Godfrey of BRANDED SOLUTIONS

23. Give Back Lives And Freedom

What I Would Do With A Million: We help those suffering with atrial fibrillation, the most common irregular heartbeat and a leading cause of strokes and heart failure. This condition devastates lives and families. If I had a million dollars, I would pay for atrial fibrillation treatment for those who can’t afford it. First, I’d give $50,000 to the retired woman in California who sold her home to pay for atrial fibrillation surgery, and then I’d help cover catheter ablation/surgery for those that can’t afford it. I’d give these folks back their lives and freedom.

Thanks To: Mellanie True Hills of StopAfib.org/American Foundation for Women’s Health

24. If I Had A Million Dollars I Would

What I Would Do With A Million: Build a women’s shelter for battered and abused women and children, with a school to teach them to stand on their own feet and never depend on anyone especially an abusive partner.

Thanks To: Deb Bailey of Power Women Magazine

26. Education To Develop Mind Power

What I Would Do With A Million: What would I do with one million dollars? I would use it to help other people.

I have been a full-time volunteer teacher for 30 years, teaching adults and children how to bring forth their full potential through developing skills like self respect, undivided attention, concentration, memory, listening, imagination, intuition, reasoning, meditation, and dream interpretation. I believe the world can be a better place when everyone knows how to bring out their best. I would give a million dollars to further this educational cause, both giving scholarships to individuals, providing grants for more teachers who want to donate their time, and giving funds to the school that teaches these things.

Thanks To: Laurel Clark of School of Metaphysics

27. Get A Million Give A Million

What I Would Do With A Million: I would start a public foundation that would be nimble enough to respond the community needs and changes. For instance now homelessness, hunger and job training/development are the priorities. Before the recession – education, after school programming was important. Now we need to focus on the parents to make sure the children are safe let alone in school and getting the education they need and deserve.

In addition, application process would not be onerous. And depending on how we can leverage the $1M for more fundraising and/or smart investing try to focus larger gifts that will make an impact v. many small gifts that help but may not have the impact. Depends on interest rates, investments and ability to raise more beyond the $1M. But that’s the dream.

Thanks To: Barbara Talisman of Talisman Associates, Inc

28. May All Be Fed

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had a million dollars, I would save half of it for expenses and with the other $500,000 I would start a non-profit or foundation with the express purpose of teaching people how to garden and cook so that they could learn to nourish themselves. The organization would be a grassroots effort of train-the-trainer, following the idea of “If you give a man to fish, he eats for a day, if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” I envision this starting regionally and spreading out so that people want to learn how to do this. It would be FREE to participants. May all be fed.

Thanks To: Jill Nussinow of The Veggie Queen

29. Payin It Forward

What I Would Do With A Million: Helpin others is the best life extender you kin find.

EVERY day ya wake up on the “right” side of the grass is a good day — some days kin be even better!

Payback fer a good deed done kin really shine!

Ya jist never know –

Thanks To: Thomas Weller of San Diego Highwayman

31. Get Fitter!

What I Would Do With A Million: Treat myself to one thing: Attend overnight-type fitness program to build strength, agility and endurance as it helps with all parts of your life.

Thanks To: Meryl Evans of meryl.net

32. Take Care Of My Kids, Then Have Some Fun

What I Would Do With A Million: If I came into a million dollars, I would drop $200k each into my three children’s college / become an adult funds (including taking a tax hit for that size donation) and buy myself a bigger house, probably within 2-3 miles of where I live now.

In the “fun” category, I’d score an electric scooter for fun, buy this new Nikon DSLR that I’ve been lusting after for a year now, and donate a sizable chunk to one of my favorite charities too.

And the remainder? Drop it into savings against random future expenses.

Thanks To: Dave Taylor of Dave On Film

33. Friends First, Susan Second!

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had $1M, the first thing I would do is give at least $20K each to my five close friends who have been out of work (or are in real estate) and struggling for months. Then I’d buy a smaller house with no stairs, take a long-overdue vacation and save the rest for retirement.

Thanks To: Susan Hawkins of Favor Affair

34. Help Others Thrive

What I Would Do With A Million: I would travel the country and give free financial workshops to others.

Thanks To: Danny Kofke of How To Survive (and perhaps thrive) On A Teacher’s Salary

36. A Totally Sweet Party

What I Would Do With A Million: I would throw a kickass party to celebrate my wicked success!
There would be celeb guest singers, fun people like Neil Diamond, Huey Lewis, and Bon Jovi; awesome food; a crazy venue like Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Bowl, or Coney Island; great goodie bags, and an overall rockin’ theme!
I would invite everyone who’s ever helped me, supported me, purchased from me, or talked to me about business…not to mention a few reporters and big names.
This is a party people will talk about and write about for years to come, the kind of party all others are compared to.

Thanks To: Jenny Cheifetz of The Sugar Mommy LLC

37. Get The House(not The Mortgage) & Be Free To Serve

What I Would Do With A Million: With a portion of the million in cash I would buy a home outright. No mortgage to speak of. If life throws unexpected financial curve balls (and it does), there is tremendous power in knowing that the roof over my head is covered and won’t go away. That is, as long as I keep paying the tax man!

With a sense of security (roof over my head), then it would be all about investing in and support entrepreneurs. Because entrepreneurs rule!!!!

Thanks To: Mike Michalowicz of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

38. Cooking Singing Kicked Up!!!!

What I Would Do With A Million: After the most awesome six month holiday in Europe, Asia and Australia, I would set up a full “eatertainment” production house. It would house a killer kitchen to shoot video in and do tastings and classes, a recording studio, a video recording & editing suite and a photography & graphic suite. Everything would be networked together so it would be super easy to do editing and pump out content for clients and my online site. I would also have a fully set up performance space to put on live shows and events. And of course I’d do charitable giving, as usual, through it…

Thanks To: Jackie Gordon of Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

39. 30 People- 30 Different Ways

What I Would Do With A Million: I would look for 30 people in 30 different states.$25k to each to find a way to solve a problem with the thought in mind “If you teach a man to fish” Catch? It has to be related to kids. The other $250? Well,I need to fish too!!

Thanks To: RACHEL GAFFNEY of Rachel Gaffney’s Authentic Irish Goods

41. Pay It Forward

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had a Million dollars I’d give $10,000 to 100 world changing entrepreneurial ideas such as University of the People.

The one stipulation would be that when they had recouped the investment they pay it forward. I think that could bring about phenomenal change in the world.

Thanks To: David Wiggs of Hitch

42. Expand Business And Invest In Others

What I Would Do With A Million: My business is doing Financial Planning for families with special needs. With an extra million to burn I would expand by business and invest in like minded companies to provide a full service Life Care Planning Company. I would probably design it in a form of an ESOP so each person has partnership interest. Not that I want to give away the farm but my thought would be to bring together aready existing business. We wold offer consulting to non profits for charitable giving, housing opporunities (like section 8), therapies, legal advice, camps, and an advocacy section for state and federal government. I can go on and on about possibilities. All I know is there is a need.

Thanks To: Gwen Faulkner of Faulkner Financial. LLC

43. Open A Bar

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had a million dollars I would open a bar, with live music performances every evening. With a smaller part of the money I would buy equipment(computers, printers, furniture…) for a web design studio.

Thanks To: Marinescu Alexandru of Smar2 Studios

44. Empowering Communities To Build Sustainable Businesses For A Better World

What I Would Do With A Million: I would set up a foundation to give grants to social entrepreneurs doing important work in economically disadvantaged communities or with disenfranchised populations. The funding proposal would have to include many things, but in particular:
1) projected impact in target population – real numbers – related to economic empowerment (ie real capacity building, not just assistance)
2) how target population would be included in the planning, execution and evaluation of projects (essential for success and sustainability)
3) how project would be built to be sustainable (ie does not die when funding ends-community equipped to carry on with self-sustaining, profit generating project without further assistance)
4) how best practices and successes would be documented so that community can teach its youth to carry on the project and other communities can benefit from their learning.
The bonus would be somehow using cost effective (likely mobile) technology or 2.0 tools to facilitate change. I’m still working on that last bit because there are so many possibilities, but I think you get the point…I can talk about this for hours so I’ll leave it there. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Many thanks!

Thanks To: Megan Fitzgerald of Career By Choice

46. Cover The Last Mile With High Impact Philanthropy

What I Would Do With A Million: The downturn has produced much hardship for those directly impacted—individuals and families who have lost homes, jobs, and access to basic necessities. Targeting programs, assessing the cost/benefit of actions before spending the funds, and directly supporting the community organizations engaged in alleviating and preventing the human costs of the economic meltdown, are all ways to allocate a gift of $1 million dollars. For example, a 2008 estimate of community health center programs’ impact on local economies found that for every $1 million invested in health centers, a $6 million rate of return can be expected, while providing needed care for an additional 8,400 patients.

Transform good intentions into meaningful impact by learning about the issues that are most in need of attention, what practices and models offer the best promise for impact, and what costs are involved to determine where dollars can be used most efficiently.

Thanks To: CHIP Team of Center for High Impact Philanthropy

47. Smart, Safe, And Sustainable

What I Would Do With A Million: Step 1: Wipe out any debt, be it school, credit, or tax-related.

Step 2: Pay myself: there’s nothing wrong with securing some cold, hard cash for the rainy days that inevitably lay ahead.

Step 3: Plan and develop a strategy in order to invest in a sustainable endeavor that I am passionate about and that could possibly be handed down to future generations.

Thanks To: Autumn Walden of Signon2nine

48. Pet Food Banks To The Rescue!

What I Would Do With A Million: I would donate to a Pet Food Bank(s) that provides pet owners the necessary food and supplies that will allow them to keep their pets and not risk losing them due to the recession when they need their love and companionship the most. Pets are worth a million!

Thanks To: Bernadette Boas of The Boas Group

49. Travel The World!

What I Would Do With A Million: I would take a trip around the world. Perhaps a cruise or a tour, including opportunities to “get off the bus” and go it on my own. Maybe take the grandkids with me.

Thanks To: Ann Middleman of ADM Marketing & Research Consulting

51. Canada Or Bust!

What I Would Do With A Million: Actually, that’s not as much money as it used to be. I would bank it to qualify for Canadian citizenship (it would be a guarantee of getting permission to stay in the country). Once I had citizenship, I would invest the money to fund my retirement (I expect to live to a very ripe old age). Not very exciting, I suppose, but a necessary evil in these days and times.

Thanks To: Phyllis Harber-Murphy of More Than 9 2 5 Virtual Assistance

52. Save Genealogy Records

What I Would Do With A Million: I would use a million dollars to help save, digitize, and store genealogy records from around the world.

Thanks To: Janice Sellers of Sellers Genealogy Services

53. Burn The Money

What I Would Do With A Million: I’d follow Seth Godin’s marketing idea and pile half a million in a parking lot, and burn it; spending the other half on providing everything necessary to get the word out (through press, a celebrity, etc). Will definitely create some buzz.

Thanks To: Geno Prussakov of AM Navigator LLC

54. C’s The Day

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had a million dollars I would C’s the Day by investing in my Community through my Church, Children and local Companies.

Thanks To: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises

56. Viral Entrepreneurial Education

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had one million dollars, I’d give it to Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO), a nonprofit organization that has provided entrepreneurial education for over 40 years to people in areas of NYC that are economically underserved (e.g.- South Bronx). Currently, WIBO is taught entirely in classrooms by volunteer instructors – I’d want my million dollars used to put together an online version of this wonderful program that covers all aspects of starting your own business so that people outside of NYC could also benefit from it.

Thanks To: Scott Swanay of Fantasy Football Sherpa

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  • http://www.careerbychoice.com Megan Fitzgerald

    Thanks for including my story Mike – and great post!

    It’s wonderful to see so many people wanting to make a difference in the world!

    All the best,
    Megan Fitzgerald
    (#44 above)

  • http://www.expatriateviews.com Mike Kobik

    I would put half into my Kiva fund (www.Kiva.org to help micro businesses worldwide). The other half I’d use to help my family and friends.

  • Ingrid

    I’d split it in half & put it in my childrens bank account to secure their future. The other half I would split again & give 1 part to my parents so they won’t have to continue working as hard & mother can get the best care their is for her eyesight & diabetes. the other half to help fight hunger.

  • http://inVisionProjects.com Marshall

    Good lord there is a much larger women presence in the TPE community compared to men.

    Not complaining! Just an observation :-)

  • http://www.tjbyrne.com Tom J. Byrne

    This looks really interesting and yes, it’s strange that there are so few men. Perhaps a lot of men don’t have as much imagination practice.

    Some great ideas being presented though.

    Well done.


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  • http://coachingcommons.org Ruth Ann Harnisch

    A million dollars! It sounds like so very much money, but in a coldly practical sense, a million wouldn’t begin to cover the cost of many of these dreams.
    And of course, the first real-world question is: What would you do with a million TAX-FREE dollars?

  • http://librafitnessaustin.com/ Chris Heidel

    Lot’s of great responses here! I’d create scholarships for entrepreneurs to use to pay their personal bills for one full year so that they could focus on growing their business. After that, I would pay their private health insurance until they were profitable enough to pay it on their own. I think these two issues keep would-be entrepreneurs from pursing their dreams.

  • Mike Michalowicz

    @Ruth – great point. I guess we need to be real world… where NOTHING is tax free.

    - Mike

  • http://coachingcommons.org Ruth Ann Harnisch

    You know, Mike, I love “imagine this” games where the real world rules don’t apply, but I see among your respondents people who are already in the process of attracting their real million.
    I believe people really can jumpstart their way to a real-world million by imagining it realistically.
    I’ve been broke and I’ve been bankrupt (two different conditions entirely), and if you Google me you’ll see that my conditions have improved. I not only know what a million dollars can and cannot buy, I have had the extraordinary privilege of giving several million dollar gifts to nonprofits.
    The first step to having a real million is to understand how much a million dollars is in purchasing power. Anyone who thinks a million is enough for them to be “set for life” has no idea what a catastrophic illness or accident can cost.
    That’s why there are so many stories of lottery winners gone bust, and people like MC Hammer with tens of millions down the drain – because people really don’t have a realistic concept of what money is for, what money can buy, how money WORKS.
    I love your imagination game – and I love that there are people playing it who are on their way to having a million in “discretionary” spending for which this game is a blueprint.

  • http://www.moneytopaybills.com Imee

    I’d definitely pay it forward too. A million bucks is a lot, and it could help not just me and my family’s financial problems, but also many others as well.

  • ToTeachorNottoTeach

    If I had a million dollars, I would pay off my school loans, buy a house, rebuild my parents house, help my parents w/family tuition, then go on a shopping spree and donate the rest to foundation with unknown cures for diseases.

  • http://none Rose

    If i won a million id give it to my partner and say “see ya later have fun”Hes always sure he will win the lotto however i have my lotto in our 4 perfect kids so lets see how that plays out x x x

  • http://svbcfamily.com Pastor Andy Combs

    I work at Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy. We are now in our like 33rd year of ministry. I have grown up there! Its a church and a school that means alot to its community. This past year we were embezzled against over 350 thousand dollars. http://www.nvdaily.com/news/2009/03/officials-woman-stole-from-church.html
    As you can imagine this has caused some major issues with our ministries in this economy. God is good, and I know there is a miracle out there just waiting to go to SVCA and SVBC. A million dollars would be a great start, and I would love to build a new gym or upgrade the one we have. ALL of the money would go to my church an school. chubbyjordan23@hotmail.com
    540 869 4600

  • Elio Zepeda

    a million dollars can be a lot or a little,depending on how big your dreams are.
    i thing i would just buy a 2 year certificate of deposit at 3% interest it should yield me about $3000.00 a month combine that with our income from work and we would be doing pretty good.
    i would probably go back to school and take my family on a little vacation more often.

    • http://www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com Mike Michalowicz

      @Elio – I like the conservative approach. A lot can be done with $3k/month.

  • AKing

    1) I would donate 10% to churches, charities, etc.,,2) Pay off my debts,,3) Buy my dream home,,  4)  Buy me a car and a truck,, 5) Open my own business,, 6) Give money to my kids & grandkids 7) Save the rest

    • Mike Michalowicz

      I like it!

  • Sam

    100k- Pay off my parent’s debt (house, car, and boat) – Fix the boat.. 
    75k- (3)Siblings at 25k each
      50k- Taxes on gifts
      50k- Education
      50k- Annual Vacation Travel (5k per year X 10yrs)
    425k- Savings and Securities (no touchy for 10 yrs)
    250k- Living Expenses (25k per year X 10 yrs) It’s not a lot but I plan to get a sweet job after having
                                                                        been educated. Besides, it’s plenty for a single guy
                                                                        who refuses to snort it all away. Of course, I think
                                                                        it would be cool to help random people out with 25.00
                                                                        here and 25.00 there. Not giving to a single group. I
                                                                        wouldn’t deprive myself of personal giving.

    • Anonymous

      I like that you are planning the vacations. That is great!

      A million bucks doesn’t go as far as a million bucks used to.

  • Nikki

    If I had a million dollars I’d start a “diaper pantry” to help with the massive expense of raising babies! Poverty-stricken families might qualify for programs like WIC or food stamps, but there’s nothing to cover the expense of diapers, whether those are diapers for infants or adult diapers for the disabled…and it gets REALLY expensive! It’s something that I’ve tried for years to gain support for in my own community and with local churches, but EVERYONE balks at the cost of donating even one pack of diapers; its just more economical for them to donate food or small toiletry items as theses items are less costly… which is EXACTLY why a diaper pantry makes so much sense! If people can’t afford to donate diapers then how do we think impoverished people can afford to buy them for their babies, toddlers, and disabled loved ones?