86 Fast Healthy Snacks For Entreprenuers On The Run

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

You gotta eat. I get that.  The thing is you don’t need to eat crap.  So the next time you are racing around, doing all the things that Toilet Paper Entrepreneurs do, skip the burger and french fries.  Instead try one of these delicious, healthy alternatives.  All fast, cheap and good for you (unlike that burger your munching on):

1. Avocado Taco!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: An avocado is a wonder food for the fast and furious life for two distinct reasons. First, it provides “staying power” – healthy monounsaturated fats with some sustaining protein and no significant sugar or simple carbs, so you won’t be hungry quickly after eating it.

Second, it can be eaten quite simply and rapidly without utensils by digging into it with a clean fingernail, cutting a ridge all the way across 360 degrees. The two halves can be eaten like a taco by squishing up the avocado meat.

Thanks To: Deanna Minich of Food and Spirit Consulting

2. I’m Really Nuts For Nuts

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Some days I live on nuts and dried fruit. I keep a baggie of mixed nuts (preferably raw or lightly salted to avoid the added fat of roasted nuts) in my car. If I’m feeling frisky on the weekends, I’ll roast the nuts myself in the oven on low heat with a light spray of olive oil or canola oil, to enhance their flavor. I also try to use dried fruits that don’t have added sugar, so I’m not getting a false energy high.

Thanks To: Carrie Rathbun Hawks of Rathbun Public Relations

3. Gotta Eat Them Burgers!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Morningstar Veggie Burgers! They cook in 2:15 minutes in the microwave are high in protein and low in fat! A business owner’s must!!

Thanks To: Tina Hill of kidzsack

4. Green Smoothies ~ Healthy Fast Food!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: It’s hard to eat salads or vegetables on the run, but everyone can drink a green smoothie! Green smoothies are nutritious and delicious.

Blend together 2 cups fresh leafy greens (spinach, kale or chard), 1/2 bunch cilantro, 1 chopped apple, 1/2 chopped cucumber, 1 – 2 chopped celery stalks, juice of one lemon, and
2 cups coconut water (or regular water with a touch of honey). Yum!

Thanks To: Kathy Lee of Organic & Natural Enterprise (ONE) Group

5. Hunter Gatherer Diet

Fast Healthy Food Tip: We’ve always been hunter gatherers and now more than ever. Take a bag or a bowl and fill it with dried fruits and nuts. Protein, carbs and fat, a balanced meal!

Thanks To: Joshua Auerbach of The Black and White Cookie Company

6. For The Carb-wary…

Fast Healthy Food Tip: As Austin Powers’ nemesis, Fat Bastard, said, “Carbs are the enemy!”. And, no, you don’t have to be a dyed-in-the-bacon Atkins freak to realize convenience eating is a mine-field of white flour and sugar to be navigated with care.
So, you might have a “Big Diner Breakfast” – maybe a western omelet (no potatoes). And don’t sweat the cholesterol – if you eat whole eggs, they’ve got their own natural carb neutralizers built in.
Chicken Ceasar Salad for lunch or dinner, healthy snacks and water in-between.

Thanks To: Anthony Rotolo of Rocket Ride Books

7. Healthy & Filling Snack

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I’m a professional organizer and often on the run between client sessions. The snack I always have with me is: roasted almonds mixed with dried fruit. It’s filling and gives me energy.

Thanks To: Zele Avradopoulos of ZOrganize

8. End The Day With A Cold One!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: As entrepreneurs we are always on the go, always thinking, always busy. Food? I can barely wait 2 minutes to warm up a hot pocket…but come evening, I slow way down to enjoy a cold beer and appreciate life and what I have.

Then do it all over again the next day!

Thanks To: Rod Call of Snoloha

9. Granola Bars & Peanut Butter On Banana

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I keep chocolate chip granola bars in my car, handbag, briefcase, gym bag, desk drawer and diaper bag! They are quick, easy, not messy, low in calories and they stop that grumbling in my tummy ’cause I’m so busy sometimes I forget to eat!

When I roll out of bed at 5:00am five short hours after going to sleep, sometimes the last thing on earth I feel like doing is eating. But on the mornings that I go to the gym, I force myself to have a banana with peanut butter for the quick energy.

Thanks To: Josephine Geraci of My Mom Knows Best, Inc.

10. Drink Fruit In A Bottle!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: My favourite easy yet healthy food on the go has to be fruit smoothies: plenty of lovely nutrients in an easy to transport (and drink out of) bottle or carton. Plus if they have bananas in, they keep you full for a while! [If you're a juicing freak like me, you can prepare in the morning and carry around in a thermos flask, for 100% homemade gorgeous goodness...]

Thanks To: Noreen Blanluet of beamazingtoday

11. Chillin’ in the Car

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Keep a small cooler in your trunk (which is cooler than your car’s interior) and keep a sandwich, milk, yougurt, boiled egg, or cheese in it. Nuts and dried fruit also make a healthy snack and do not need to be refridgerated. Pack things with protein, fiber, and some fat – they will keep you full longer.

Thanks To: Laura Crooks of You Bloom Wellness

12. Vegetarians/vegans Unite

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I am a raw vegan so I want to shout out a tip for the vegetarians/vegans of the world.

Kale Chips/a bag of Cheesy Kale Chips, “Quite Cheesy” is their name and I buy them at Whole Foods. They are way better than potatoe chips, delicious, nutritious and filling enough for a meal and you can eat them on the go.
They are killer and good for you!

Thanks To: Laura Fenamore of Body Image Mastery, LLC

13. The Tuna Man Cometh!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Chicken of the Sea has these new tuna cups that are great for people on the go. Squeeze a little mayo in there, maybe a dash of soy sauce … Pick your poison! It’s hard to find a good dose of protein in on-the-go foods. This is a good one, as long as you like fish.

Thanks To: Ryan Paugh of Brazen Careerist

14. Success Starts With Great Health

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I love MonaVie gel packs. 1 pack is equivalent to 4 servings of whole & organic fruit 1/2 of the RDA. It’s important to keep your body fueled with antioxidants for optimal health. Achieve ultimate success by looking great & feeling great!

Thanks To: Ungenita Prevost of Ungenita Beauty

15. Roadtrip Goodies That Are Good For You

Fast Healthy Food Tip: As you travel to share your “big idea” here’s a simple idea – take time to avoid take out to keep you from tiring out.

Instead, keep a mini-cooler with you or request a fridge at your hotel & stock it with fruit yogurts, fresh fruits, sliced cheeses, lettuce, mini tomatoes, some hummus & other veggies plus a small dressing, a small loaf of multi-grain bread (I prefer Arnold’s brand), any box of tea or healthy low cal nutritional waters. Start your day with the fresh fruits & make cheese or hummus/veggie sandwiches (drizzle with dressing for flavor) to keep energy up as you start the day and then have a salad later. Brew tea (using microwaved hot water at a hotel if needed) and keep a portable carafe filled with hot or iced tea to refresh you all day. I recommend adding our Enchanting Chai or other flavor of Catalyst Tea Enhancers while you brew your tea for a little relaxing aromatherapy and nice boost of antioxidants as you drink tea. Remember food fuels your mind & body, so fill up wisely.

Thanks To: Kaushika Patel of Catalyst Tea & Gift Boutique

16. Healthy Eating On The Road

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Whatever you do, don’t go to fast food restaurants, as most stuff is of high fat content. Try to avoid excess sugar and high carbohydrate foods. They may give you energy at first, but you crash sooner. A bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit is the best for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, go for full-service restaurants that offer more choices.

Thanks To: Harry Husted of Creating Words

17. “Real” Food Saves the Day

Fast Healthy Food Tip: When I travel, I have my go-to foods. They include apples, trail mix, Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers, real fruit bars such as Clif Nectar or Lara, dried seaweed such as nori or sea palm fronds,and water. If I can get vegetables, it’s even better, but this short list has helped me make it through long drives and being delayed and/or stuck in airports. My motto is, “Stick with real food.”

Thanks To: Jill Nussinow of The Veggie Queen

18. Pack Your Snack

Fast Healthy Food Tip: When I get hungry, which is honestly quite often, I simply can’t function. So when I’m on the go I always try and pack some snacks to save cost, stay healthy and tide me over until my next meal. Some favorites snacks I love to throw in a baggie are cut up apples, trail mix, or baby carrots. Simple, scrumptious and satisfying.

Thanks To: Kirsten Mahoney of Insight Out Life Coaching

19. Karate World Champion’s Road Lunch

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Whenever I work on the road, I NEVER have to give up eating healthy. Example of healthy fast food restaurant is a grilled (not battered) chicken sandwich or wrap or salad with a milk plus an extra piece of fruit that you grabbed from the breakfast buffet at the hotel. Easy, quick and healthy.

Thanks To: Clint Cora of Clint Cora Karate World Champion Motivational Speaker

20. Snack On Fruit & Nuts

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Fruits by far make the best snacks for business owners on the run.

Apples, pears, peaches, bananas, grapes… These fruits require no prep work, don’t need to be stored in a fridge, readily available, little to no waste, healthy + you can eat it while driving. What more do you want? The same can also be applied with nuts.

Thanks To: Matt Thomson of Kingpin Office Chairs

21. Shake! Shake! Shake! Your Protein

Fast Healthy Food Tip: A healthy meal replacement, when time is of the essence, is a protein shake. Protein shakes comes in a variety of flavors, and fruit can be added to make it more appealing. All you need is a shaker bottle, water, and the shake mix to shake up a quick, healthy meal. My favorite flavor is Dutch chocolate.

Thanks To: LaNorma Huggins-Hopes of Signature Designs by LaNorma. LLC

22. Find Your Fiber Friend

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Always carry a piece of fruit with you. Fruit has fiber that helps keep your colon clean. An apple a day will keep the doctor away so you can focus on business instead of sickness.

Thanks To: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises

23. Eat It Now!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: My favorite fast healthy food is the NOW Bar…a delicious healthy meal you can eat while driving and multitasking. It’s the brainchild of super athlete/humanitarian/TV star Phil Keoghan, the “Amazing Race” host. NOW stands for No Opportunity Wasted and is available at GNC stores. Should be called YUM Bar!

Thanks To: Nancy Irwin of Dr. Nancy Irwin, Psychotherapy/Clinical Hypnosis

24. Working For Peanuts

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Don’t get stuck in an airport or at your desk grabbing chips, and a coke. With a little planning you can pack a bag of dried nuts or fruit for a healthy snack. Grab a bottled water and you have protein, vitamins and hydration that will stick with you while you work.

Thanks To: Lyn Hoyt of Berkeley Tandem, Inc

25. Learn To Love Trader Joe’s

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Trader Joe’s is full of healthy, organic food that is absolutely delicious! They have ready to eat meals (just microwave and you’re done), as well as quick skillet or oven meals and they are extremely inexpensive, most things are half the price of big chain grocery stores! As small as Trader Joe’s stores are, there is an amazing selection of tasty food!

Thanks To: Lauren Krause of Creative Curio

26. The Bar, Bar None

Fast Healthy Food Tip: So obvious and yet so often obviated: Keep a box of power bars in your car, briefcase, or bag. Eat one when whenever you have to miss a meal or when your food cravings overpower you. There’s power in them ‘thar bars–power to boost your energy and keep you healthy at the same time.

Thanks To: Marlene Caroselli of Principled Persuasion

27. Healthy Soup in 10 Minutes

Fast Healthy Food Tip: In a small pot, whisk together about a cup of vegetable juice (preferably low sodium) with 2 tbsp prepared hummus. Freely stir in drained, rinsed, canned beans of choice and frozen vegetables. Simmer until veggies are cooked, usually no more than 8 minutes.

Thanks To: Aurelie Pare of The Healthaliciously Good Cookbook

28. Perfect Protein Shake

Fast Healthy Food Tip: To make the Perfect Protein Shake: Mix almond milk or water with 2 Tablespoons whey protein powder, 1 Tablespoon each: ground flax seeds & Wheat Germ, 1 teaspoon each: Nutritional yeast, Super greens, Molasses, Flax oil & Cod liver oil. Dash Cinnamon. 1 cup mixed Berries or 1 Tablespoon organic cocoa depending on your flavor preference. Provides 350 cals, 25g protein, 45g carbs, 14g fiber & 50-300% of every nutrient as well as optimal levels of Heart Healthy Omega-3 Fats. Pour into stainless steel water bottle or thermos for a quick meal on-the-go. Can easily be made one day ahead.

Thanks To: Elizabeth Brown of The Kitchen Vixen

29. Bar None

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I live on Kashi peanut butter bars, especially on the road. I keep some in my suitcase, gym bag and computer bag. They’re a light way to balance out the dinners that are a requisite part of my trips.

Thanks To: Katherine Rosenberg of KBR Living

30. On the Go “Lunch”

Fast Healthy Food Tip: It’s not a full course meal, but instead of skipping lunch (which I often do), I keep bags of nuts and raisins handy to grab-n-go. Since it is protein and fruit, I don’t feel as guilty for not sitting down and eating a “regular” lunch.

Thanks To: Deborah Volk of More Than Paper…

31. My Oatmeal Jones

Fast Healthy Food Tip: My favorite snack on the run by far is Nature Valley Oatmeal and Honey bar. The crunch satisfies my snack crave, the honey and other sweeteners satisfy my sweet tooth without spiking my sugar level to act like a rat in a maze, LOL, and the Oats fill me up perfectly for at least an 1.5 hours until I can get a meal in my tummy. I have a wheat allergy, not Celiac, so I am grateful that these can be found in Bodega stores and all the news stands as I run around NY. I tend to keep them in my bag since they are healthy!

Thanks To: Chef Cheryll of You Choose I Cook

32. Quick, Easy to Implement Meals on the Go

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Meal replacement shakes or bars provide a convenient, easy to use and carry options. Choose shakes in either in the form of ready-to-drink, pre-made cans or bottles or powder that can simply by mixed in a shaker bottle. Utilizing the powder forms allows an individual to pack or carry multiple meals anywhere they go. Simply through a few packets in your purse of briefcase each morning and your ready for the day. Stick with a reputable brand!

Thanks To: Jason Horsley of eFitness for Life

33. Chocolate Life Saver!!!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Like an Aztec warrior in battle, I keep 70% or higher bitter-sweet dark chocolate buttons in my bag. It’s great for your heath since it’s full of antioxidants, it gives you energy, it releases serotonin, which puts a smile on your mug, it curbs your appetite and promotes mental alertness!

Thanks To: Jackie Gordon of Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

34. Go Green for Breakfast

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I’m constantly running from meeting to meeting and have found green smoothies to be a real life-saver. Yesterday, I made one with apples, blueberries, lettuce and flax seed. I keep a pitcher of it in the fridge and refill my Nalgene or SIG bottle each day. It sounds weird, but don’t knock it ’till you try it!

Thanks To: Angela Mattson of Mattson Business Services, Inc.

35. PB&B: The Ultimate Snack Sandwich

Fast Healthy Food Tip: A peanut butter and banana sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread: Why? It doesn’t have to be refrigerated, the healthy fats will keep you full, the protein will leave you satisfied and the high fiber carbs in the bread and banana will fuel your activity for about 3 hours!

Thanks To: Danielle Omar of Danielle Omar, MS, RD

36. Prevent the sugar crash

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Stay away from refined sugars – you’ll crash sooner and be going back for more.

Thanks To: Jonathan Miller of Element Bars

37. Veggies On The Go

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I cut up veggies and place them in snack sized bags every Sunday night with a little packet of dressing so I can grab one on-the-go and eat it in my car, or between appointments, or just sitting at my desk. I usually pair it with a yogurt and Oatmeal on-the-go bar for a balanced lunch that I really enjoy!

Thanks To: Tasha Moody of Simply Staged

38. Road Food; Good Food!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: On an average weekend (my “workweek”) I can log hundreds of miles in the car so I always take food with me. I take an hour or so one day a week, and package up 100 calorie portions of cheese, nuts, fruit, sliced carrots and cukes, hard boiled eggs, rolled up sliced cold cuts (you can tell I do Atkins, lol), and when I leave the house in the morning, I throw a bunch in a little cooler with a few waters (some frozen, to use as “ice”) and some cold. I’m set for the day. Not eating big meals is better for your metabolism, and not eating fat and sodium soaked fast food is better for your budget and your behind, lol…….

Thanks To: Celia Milton of Celia Milton, Celebrant

39. Quick healthy nutritious snack

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Almonds are a quick nutritious snack that will satisfy your hunger. Check out the serving size on the container and count out one serving of almonds. Put them in a little baggie and you’re set.

Thanks To: Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear of Linda S. Jassmond, LLC

40. Powerhouse Protein Snacks

Fast Healthy Food Tip: As a busy entrepreneur, I always keep my frig stocked with fresh, pre-cut vegetables like celery and carrot sticks and ready-to-eat fruit like green apples. These combine beautifully with protein-carb-fat powerhouses such as creamy hummus and natural peanut butter for a balanced, all natural, high-quality snack that can hold you over when deadlines loom.

Thanks To: Liz Caskey of Liz Caskey Culinary & Wine Experiences


Fast Healthy Food Tip: Always carry in your purse or car a few healthy packaged snacks that won’t go bad. Some great snacks that we provide to our clients’ are; mixed raw nuts, all natural fruit bars, and even healthy high fibre granola bars. Seriously try it and I guarantee you’ll lose weight!

Thanks To: Rebecca Malen of Nutrition in Motion Ltd.

42. Great-Tasting, Healthy and Fast

Fast Healthy Food Tip: ZenSoy Organic Puddings are a great-tasting, certified organic and healthy snack – perfect for business owners on the go. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Swirl and Banana, these parent-approved puddings are low in fat and sodium and provide a great source of calcium, vitamins B12, B2 and D. ZenSoy is sold in single-serve containers for easy transportation.

Thanks To: Cyrus Schwartz of ZenSoy

43. Superfood To Keep In Purse

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I keep almonds in my purse at all times for emergency snacking. Filled to the brim with vitamin E, 20% protein and a decent source of fiber, they’re the perfect snack. I get mine at Trader Joe’s where they have them in individual packets. Great stuff!

Thanks To: Leanne Ely of SavingDinner.com

44. Plan To Succeed

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Take some healthy snacks with you in a bag or a cooler. They can be some fruit or vegetables or a healthy sandwich. Something that you can grab and eat easily before you pull into that fastfood restaurant.

Thanks To: Manny Davila of Balanced Bodu Health N’ Fitness

45. Let your grocer to the prep work!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Just like a restaurant chef has their own prep crew, let your grocer do the time-consuming prep work for you!

Curry sauce takes all day to simmer from scratch, but use a ready-made sauce, add your own fresh vegetables, and you’ll have dinner ready in 10 minutes (Many grocers have even frozen rice – white or brown- that you can heat in minutes and serve alongside!).

Sweet potatoes were voted the #1 healthiest vegetable but who likes the peeling and chopping?– Instead, you can buy sweet potato spears (peeled and cut!) that you can pop right into the oven for baked sweet potato fries.

Thanks To: Deana Gunn of Cooking with Trader Joe’s

46. Instant Avocado Dip

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Mash a ripe avocado with a fork and season with lime or lemon juice, salt and (if you like it spicy) a dash of hot pepper sauce. Use as a dip for raw veggies or crackers.

Thanks To: Diana Yin of Avocados from Mexico

47. Don’t Forget The Cereal

Fast Healthy Food Tip: My tip is to pack good, healthy, adult cereal, not kid’s cereal laden with sugar, but something that has lots of fiber and some protein to make you feel full. It is a convenient meal because every gas station sells milk (useful if you are travelling) or if you are stuck in the office, you can keep a quart in the refrigerator. Also, you can add dried fruit and nuts to the cereal, making it more substantial and even more filling.

Thanks To: Chris Perrin of Common Dialogue Enterprises, Inc.

48. Personal Trail Mix

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Simply mix equal parts each of the following:
- Almonds
- Walnuts
- Dried cranberries (Craisins)
- Raisins
- Seeds (pine nuts, sunflower, squash or pumpkin)
Mix them and carry them in zip-lock baggies. Simple, healthful, tasty tide-you-over snacks so you don’t stop in at some unhealthy fast food restaurant.

Thanks To: Russ Klettke of Russ Klettke Communications Strategy + Content

49. Juicy Tip For Healthy Fast Food

Fast Healthy Food Tip: For a quick energetic boost, grab a Naked or Odwalla Juice. They come in different potions: green super-food, protein and anti-oxidants blends. It’s a tasty, healthy and filling meal in a bottle. Just grab, go and enjoy!

Thanks To: Michele Harris of Smarti Solutions

50. Convenient, Tasty Blueberries Sweeten Everything!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Buy a pack of blueberries at your local grocery and split it up into plastic baggies. Keep them in the fridge for easy access on the go. They’re great to eat alone or in yogurt, granola, etc. As a Superfood, blueberries are great for a tasty immunity boost!

Thanks To: Dr. Eric Plasker of The 100 Year Lifestyle

51. The Power of Nuts

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I’m a wellness coach and coach for solo business owners, and I recommend that small business owners refuel throughout the day with healthy snacks like these:

* A handful of walnuts that you can pack in a sandwich bag
* A few Celery sticks stuffed with peanut butter

The combination of fat and protein helps people feel full and satisfied.

Thanks To: Ellen Brown of Wellness Journeys: A Holistic Approach to Coaching

52. Easy, Effective, Delicious, Nutritious, Lean

Fast Healthy Food Tip: To maintain a fast metabolism and lean physique, you must eat food that will work FOR your body and not AGAINST it. Nutrition accounts for 75% of the results you see from a health and fitness program. Eating smaller portioned meals packed with lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables every few hours delivers way better results than starving your body. Plus, you get to eat a lot – who doesn’t love that!

Thanks To: Jenny DiDonato of Made Fit TV

53. Fiber Bars Keep You Moving

Fast Healthy Food Tip: High fiber bars are my favorite thing to carry. Easy to eat on the plane, better than those high fat continental breakfast muffins and keeps me awake during the day.

Mike -if that title is too gross ;) Here’s another. Fiber Bars:Portable and healthy

Thanks To: Ann Ronan of Authentic Life Institute

54. 4 Great “On the Go” Power Foods

Fast Healthy Food Tip: 1. Fresh fruit (e.g. bananas, apples, grapes) – all mega good for you and easy to carry

2. Granola bars/Luna Bars – especially great for women

3. Power juice drinks (tons of them on the market)

4. Cereal – a box of Cheerios is easy to eat on the go and healthy too

Thanks To: Karin Wilson Edmonds of YardEdge Jamaica

55. Go Nuts

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Always keep a bag of unsalted, assorted nuts on hand. Nuts are a high-protein, nutritious food that quickly fills you up. As an added bonus, they are not used by mouth bacteria to produce acid and therefore decrease your cavity-risk.

Thanks To: Sandy Venditti of Author of “Pearls of Wisdom”

56. Nuts and Seeds

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Carry a small baggie of nuts and seeds (almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, for instance) with you wherever you go. Whenever you get hungry between meetings, running errands or travelling, you’ll always have something easy, healthy and nutritious to snack on.

Thanks To: Anne Dimon of Travel to Wellness Inc.

57. Fresh Fruit, Nut And Protein Punch

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Before going to bed, whip up a 3-egg omelet, with 2 whites and one yolk. Grab a pre-packaged bag of nuts such as almonds, and one piece of fresh fruit such as an apple or banana. This way you’re consuming about 400 calories, getting healthy fats from the nuts, tons of protein from the eggs, simple and complex carbohydrates, fiber and tons of vitamins and minerals from the fruit. If you’re still hungry, hit up a juice bar for a fresh-pressed concoction without TOO many calories. You should be full for HOURS.

Thanks To: Dorothy Lyons of Nutrition in Motion, Ltd.

58. Nuts Get You Cracking

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Raw nuts and seeds are a great source of protein, good fats and healthy carbohydrates to give you energy, stabilize your blood sugars and get you through to the next opportunity to enjoy a healthy meal. Best choices are raw, unsalted nuts like almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamia nuts which when you mix them altogether in a well-sealed glass container and sprinkle some sea or mineral salt is a much healthier alternative to nuts salted with table salt. Carry nuts with you at all times in your car, purse, computer bag or backpack for a quick snack that keeps you going.

Thanks To: Siobhan Shaw of LifeSuccess Wellness

59. Chocolate Makes Oats Even Better

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I keep a Fiber One bar, the oats & chocolate flavor, in my purse. I break open in case of lunch or energy emergencies. They are fairly healthy, tasty, not too expensive and better than a regular candy bar – which I would be inclined to eat if it were not for these.

Thanks To: Kelly Wilson of Victorious Living

60. Uber Healthy Yogurt on the Run!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Don’t buy those sugar-filled “fruit” yogurts or the expensive parfaits from cafes — make your own!
Get a large container of fat-free plain yogurt and portion it out into smaller reusable containers. Then add any combination of:
- honey
- ground flax seed
- low-fat granola
- chopped walnuts or other nuts
- chocolate chips
- fruit (dried goji berries, raisins, fresh bananas, strawberries, blueberries, etc.)

This is a great combination of filling fiber and healthy protein, it can be made ahead of time, and it’s very portable! I mix in my own ingredients over the weekend, throw a few containers in the fridge, and have it ready to grab and go anytime!

Thanks To: Lily Chern of Pure Chocolate Living

61. Self-Care vs. Emails…Hmmm…

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Don’t sacrifice your health for a few more e-mails… Get out your green tea, water bottle, protein bar, raw nuts, & fruit to keep you going! Stock up on these things so they’re always readily available for you.

Thanks To: Krista Dunk of Koinonia Business Women

62. Veggies & Peanut Butter

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Carry baggie with veggies and travel-size containers of peanut butter. You get a crunch fix and some protein for energy and overall health maintenance. (HINT – if you can find low sugar or natural peanut butter, you double the benefit!)

Thanks To: Gail Sideman of PUBLISIDE

63. Quick, Healthy Eating

Fast Healthy Food Tip: A smoothie a day–add a banana, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 cup milk (low fat, soy, almond, rice) and 2 Tablespoons nut butter to your blender. Whir 60 seconds and pour into a travel mug. Enjoy on your way to work!

Thanks To: Jill Houk of Centered Chef Food Studios

64. This Factory Keeps You in Business!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Being a small business owner can keep you on your toes and this treat will help you stay there!

Smoothie Factory (not a client although I promote them ALL the time!)
My Favorite: Just Peachy
Add any vitamins/protein or boost you can think of and this fast food smoothie is healthy and a sure way to keep your energy up without crashing later in the day. And be sure to get a punch card!

Thanks To: Amy Kauffman of BlueBird Public Relations

65. Instant Nutrition – Spicy Peanut Pasta

Fast Healthy Food Tip: For a nearly instant meal that’s high in nutrition and low on prep, get out your blender and blend 1 cup of peanut butter, 3/4 cup water, 1/4 cup each of soy sauce and rice vinegar, a Tbs of sesame oil and either chili sauce and grated ginger or an Asian chili paste seasoning to taste until smooth. Sample the sauce and adjust seasonings, vinegar and soy sauce to taste. Toss with pasta that has been cooked with fresh or frozen veggies (shapes like spirals and raddiatore that hold sauce are best). Sauce can also be made ahead of time and refrigerated, so you can just heat the sauce, boil the pasta and go.

Thanks To: Soni Pitts of My Life Compass

66. Be Successful, Be Fit – No Excuses!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Quick meal on the go – easy to pack (zip-bag), easy to carry, easy to eat – not messy – VERY nutrient dense:

- 8 baby carrots (they come prewashed & peeled)
- 2 oz roasted almonds
- 1 apple, any variety
- (optional) 1 small cappucino made w/ skim milk

**Boost your energy, burn body fat – and still build your biz!**

Thanks To: Joey Atlas of Joey Atlas Fitness

67. Power Smoothie to Power your Day

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Blend this up in a couple of minutes and pour it into a couple of stainless-steel thermoses. It will sustain you all day — until you can get to a proper meal at night!

Peg’s Power Green Smoothie

3-4 romaine lettuce leaves (for minerals and fiber)
2 bananas (for potassium)
2 cups frozen berries, like blueberries (any kind will do; loaded with anti-aging antioxidants)
2 cups water
2 scoops protein powder (optional; look for rice or whey without added carbs)

Thanks To: Peggy Hall of Peggy Hall Wellness

68. Busy Meets Healthy

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Keep small containers of healthy snacks near your desk, and on the counter top at home. Keep them filled with dried fruits, unsalted nuts, unsalted pretzels, and dried cheerios. Next time you have a craving for a 1,000 calorie snack high-fat high-calorie snack, simply stick your hand into the jugs and have a healthier, lower calorie choice!

Thanks To: Jeff Hopeck of HealthyHabitsBlog.com

69. One on Every Corner

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I replace a whole meal with an Orange-Mango-Banana Vivanno blend from Starbucks. In 250 calories it provides 16 grams of protein (about a third of my daily requirement), with a substantial amount of vitamin C and calcium. The protein and fiber (about a quarter of a daily requirement) keep me from feeling hungry for a few hours. It tastes good, and unlike most fast food, I don’t spill things on my clothes if I have it in the car. For me, it’s a reasonable meal replacement for times when a quick stop at ‘Bucks is all I have time for.

Thanks To: Margaret Lukens of New Leaf + Company LLC

70. All Natural Cookies!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: All natural cookies, such as Brent and Sam’s oatmeal raisin pecan, or chocolate chip pecan. The oil is healthy, nuts provide protein, sugar gives energy, and whole grains keep appetite at bay. Having delicious, natural cookies for meals, instead of in addition to meals, assures that calories are accounted for and can be eaten guilt free!

This was taken from a list of “healthy junk foods” in my book called, “Your Final Diet.”


Dr. Abby!

Abby Aronowitz, Ph.D.
Author of Your Final Diet
Expert Blogger for Diet.com – “Where Science Meets Sin”

Thanks To: Dr. Abby Aronowitz of DAA, Inc.

71. Drink more

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Replace one of your daily snacks with a bottle of water or a cup of tea; I often confuse thirst for hunger, so having a BIG glass of water (not those puny paper cups) fills me up for a long while and means I don’t have to take time out to hunt for a snack.

Thanks To: Eliot Sykes of Missed Connections

72. Take a tip from a hiker

Fast Healthy Food Tip: When trying to decide what to eat on the run, take a tip from those who are constantly on the move: hikers. Hikers eat raw trail mix all the time to stay healthy and energized. As a busy person myself, I, too, have been snacking on trail mix for years. It’s perfect for traveling and is natural, organic and loaded with protein and healthy oils. The ones with walnuts and almonds are the best.

Thanks To: Brian Rouff of Imagine Marketing

73. Smart Foods for Busy People

Fast Healthy Food Tip: A little planning can go a long way to help busy people eat healthy. The best power foods are those that are close to nature without artificial ingredients. Always keep these basics at home and in the office for quick and easy snacks: whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter, honey and fresh fruit. A clean, whole foods energy bar like a Pure Bar or LARABAR are also good for keeping with you in case you need some quick energy on the go!

Thanks To: Mitzi Dulan of Mitzi Dulan, LLC

74. Prepackaged Satisfaction

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Try a mozzarella cheese stick (string cheese) for a fast snack. They are low in fat, high in protein, full of calcium and very convenient. They are good all by themselves or paired with whole grain crackers or a piece of fruit. Cheese sticks travel well, try it for yourself.

Thanks To: Sandra Meyerowitz of Nutrition Works

75. Prepare Healthy On-the-Go Snacks in Minutes

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Create your own fast and healthy food-to-go by purchasing large bags of walnuts, peanuts, carob or chocolate chips, pecans, almonds, cashews, and raisins (or other dried fruit). Combine everything in a giant mixing bowl and then spoon into snack-sized plastic bags and seal. You can make 50 or 60 of these snack packs in 30 minutes or less and then enjoy them throughout your busy week. Whether you toss them in a purse, briefcase, or computer bag, you’ll always have easy-to-eat, mess-free, yet healthy food right at your fingertips!

Thanks To: Tara Kachaturoff of Teleseminar Strategist

76. Fast, Flavorful – and almost sexy

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Sweet, Crunchy, Salty, Chewy – and practically sexy! Cut up one crisp apple into small pieces into a small container and top with a healthy tablespoon of chunky peanutbutter and a few dried cherries. Bring a spoon.
When you want that snack – this satisifes in many ways – and it’s totally healthful.

Thanks To: Mary Ellen Psaltis of The Possibilities Group, LLC

77. The Elvis Bagel

Fast Healthy Food Tip: The Elvis Bagel is perfect for small business owners on the run as it provides a boost of energy to keep going.

The bagel is comprised of peanut butter and banana slices. A fast, healthy and tasty treat.

Elvis style!

Thanks To: Missy Diaz of Groovy Vegetarian

78. Graze- Don’t Gorge!

Fast Healthy Food Tip: If you can’t grab a full meal (or 3) a day.. that is fine! Keep smaller stashes of food wherever you are working and ‘graze’ rather than ‘gorge’. A handful of almonds, fiber bar, or a smoothie will keep you from stuffing your face with bad foods!

Thanks To: Bryn Davis of BRYN and DANE’S

79. Prepare Food Ahead Of Time

Fast Healthy Food Tip: I like sandwiches – they’re quick, easy, healthy and delicious. I keep several Zip Lock containers in the fridge with pre-chopped red onion, pre-chopped zucchini, pre-chopped lettuce, pre-cooked, chopped and flavoured chicken, pre-sliced tomatoes… you get the point. When it comes to sandwich making time, I just slice the bread and dip into the containers.

Thanks To: Tom Walker of TSW Interactive

80. Bars – No, Not That Kind

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Although I am a fan of a glass of wine at the end of the day (which could come anywhere from 6 p.m. to whenever for entrepreneurs), during the day, a much better alternative is a Lara Bar. These are tasty food bars that are healthy and energizing and easy-to-carry. Available (sometimes) at Costco and always at Amazon. I have them on regular re-order.

Thanks To: Meggin McIntosh of Emphasis on Excellence, Inc.

81. Green Shake

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Throw into a blender: 1 cup of water, a cup of blueberries (or other fruit), scoop of whey protein powder, piece of ginger root, 2 tablespoons of flax seed and a handful of almonds. Then, fill the rest of the blender with leafy greens, such as chard, kale, romaine lettuce and celery. (You can use any blender, but I prefer a high speed Blendtec or Vitamix.)
I know this sounds yucky, but just try it for a week and you’ll be amazed at how good it tastes and how great you feel.

Thanks To: Ken Burnstein of TechnoDespair

82. Cottage Cheese You’ll Love

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Mix a handful of fresh strawberries and a scoop of Fiber One celear into a bowl of cottage cheese. Mix well, Place in freezer for 10 minutes (optional) and enjoy! You’ve got a filling, high protein, high fiber treat!

Thanks To: Charles Staley of Staley Training Systems

83. Healthy, Quick Foods, Plant Based

Fast Healthy Food Tip: To purchase at a restaurant:
- Baked potatoes w/ kidney beans & veggies & real butter (no fake stuff)
- Rice and Beans – whole black beans not refried (eat lots of different beans azuki are best nutritionally)
- Thai/Indian/Asian – Veggies and brown rice dishes or curry sauces, soba or rice noodles\r\n* Ask for sides: sauteed spinach, roasted potatoes, asparagus…
- Eat 30% of your meal raw (veggies, salad, avocado (super food), cucumbers, carrots, nuts)\r\n* Oatmeal (steelcut) – put everything in it, olive oil (helps w/ the fiber release), ground flax, fresh organic fruit, nuts, cinnamon…
- Put sea salt and olive oil on everything you can
- Add Lemon/lime and or herbs and spices where you can.
- Buy local, fresh, organic whole foods where you can. Go to farmers markets get fruits and veggies and maybe a little fish.

Lastly don’t forget the whole grains, nuts, and seeds(quinoa, spelt, brown rice, polenta, pumpkin, ground flax, Chia…).

Thanks To: Candice Carroll of Leaves of Health

84. Homemade Trail Mix

Fast Healthy Food Tip: The absolute best food to keep handy for road entrepreneurs is homemade trail mix.

Using store bought is not good. Making your own from your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruits is the BEST.

The nuts and seeds have good fats to fill you up while giving you sustained energy. The dried fruits give you a quick burst to jump start your energy.

[NOTE: 1/4 cup of nuts/seeds & a 1/4 cup of dried fruit is the best combination...not too many calories and just enough energy]

Thanks To: Weston Lyon of Weston Lyon’s Secret Society

85. Always Have Good Stuff Around

Fast Healthy Food Tip: get good stuff around you so when you are tempted to munch on something or every cafe has closed because you are working so late, you can only grab the good stuff. Try clif bars, nutrigrain bars, canned juice, vitamin water, etc. You are going to eat whatever is there so do a little planning and make sure what is accessible is good!

Thanks To: Holly Green of The Human Factor, Inc

86. Get To Packing

Fast Healthy Food Tip: Healthy, fast lunch options for people on the go

Get to packing!
So, you haven’t had a packed lunch since around 5th grade when your mom left notes on napkins and you traded your PB&J for ham and cheese. You’re an adult in the business world, and adults in the business world eat out, right? Not necessarily. Most dining choices for lunch lead to expanding waistlines and contracting bank accounts. Both of these reasons are why packing a lunch is worth considering, as well as being a potential time-saver. Instead of going for a whopper and fries, grab that brown bag complete with salad, soup, sandwich, or even that leftover stir fry from dinner last night. Complete your meal with some free, healthy water from the fountain or some skim or 1% lowfat milk. By packing your lunch you are in complete control of the calories you consume, such as lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. You can even double task by eating at your desk (no breaks in this business) or get some added health benefits by taking your lunch along for a walk.

Example of a packed lunch at 600-650 calories:
Turkey sandwich on 100% whole wheat with lettuce and onion (if you insist on tomato, wait until just before eating to put it on the sandwich to avoid the bread getting soggy) and mustard. (around 300 calories, with cheese, 350)
Apple (around 80 calories)
Baked Chips (around 120 calories)
8 oz 1% milk (around 100 calories)

Thanks To: Heather Golubski of Neva Cochran, MS, R.D., L.D.

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  • http://twitter.com/mehta1p Pritesh

    Great collection of healthy fast food and alternatives of burgers. Though most of us know almost all of the alternatives of junk foods, somehow when time comes we hardly take that route. We all have fruits, cereal, cottage cheese, avocado in our kitchen but we don’t use them when we are on the run. This is an excellent example of knowledge and implementation in personal life. A blog post can be written on how to remove these barriers in simple ways to keep ourselves healthy.


  • kamal

    kinda long

  • Mike Michalowicz

    @Kamal – Yes it is VERY long. There are many, many alternatives to traditional fast food. Hopefully you can keep coming back to this list over time and find new alternatives.

    @Pritsh – Thanks for the comment, Pritsh.

    - Mike

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  • http://www.meggin.com Meggin McIntosh

    Since I’m sitting in an airport reading this…it’s quite timely….

    Great ideas!


  • http://www.savingdinner.com Leanne Ely

    GREAT stuff Mike…thanks for giving us all the opportunity (I’m #43)! I tweeted it to my thousands of followers! @savingdinner

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  • http://www.groovyvegetarian.com Missy (from Groovy Vegetarian)

    It’s a hunk hunk burnin love. Thank you very much. Missy has left the building.

    p.s. Thanxs for featuring tip #77, Mike. Great list and loads of good tips.


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  • http://www.healingwithjuices.com/ Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

    What an amazing list! I love all these tips! I try to keep mixed nuts in the vehicle so I’ll have ‘em when I need ‘em. I also prepare for being out and about by making up salad and putting it in a re-usable container with a re-usable fork. And there’s nothing like throwing a yummy smoothie or raw juice together and pouring it into a jug to take with you.

    And when I’ve found myself in a situation where I’m starving and don’t have many options, I run in a grocery store and grab a salad or some fruit.

    Great post!
    aka Raw Juice Girl

  • http://www.StartStrongMonday.com Shawn Phillips


    This is a very IMPORTANT issue with entrepreneurs or any busy leader executive–for success begins with you.

    In my book your personal energy management is the #1 Key Result Area… as your energy goes so goes your company, focus, etc…

    I feel a guilty that I didn’t share my own personal Life-Performance Nutrition that I developed specifically for the High Performing man, it’s a premium total Nutriton shake called Full Strength.

    Full Strength has been scientifically proven in peer reviewed science (See the Oklahoma Study) to swap fat for lean muscle mass as well as increase all day energy and focus.

    It’s a balanced protein and energy from extended release carbs and healthy fats shake with probiotics, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and key nutrients to support men’s optimal performance as well as neurotransmitter support for enhanced mental energy.

    It’s nearly perfect once a day nutrition to keep a man focused, energized and going strong.

    I believe in the power of nutrition to shape and change your life and encourage all readers to embrace thier full potential in whatever way best serves.

    To Your Life @ Full Strength,
    Shawn Phillips

    CEO Phillips Performance Nutrition
    Author : Strength for LIFE

    Nice collection.

  • http://www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com Mike Michalowicz

    @LeAnne – my pleasure, thanks for the tip!!!

    @Meggin – At the airport!??!?! That is dangerous food out there! Be careful of the chicken-fried hotdogs covered with grease.

    @Michele – You are the master. I am with you on the nuts in the car, and bringing some food from home… but I rarely have the discipline to stop by a food store for a salad when I am on the run. Shame on me… but a quick Burger King run is still too frequent.

    – Mike

  • http://www.healingwithjuices.com/ Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

    Mike, I don’t feel like a “master” but I guess I’ll accept your compliment since you said it so nicely. ;-)

    Yeah, it’s hard to train ourselves to make the best choice sometimes but I think it’s great when folks at least make the better choice most of the time–so don’t be too hard on yourself….


  • http://www.universalgiving.org Pamela Hawley

    I travel a lot and believe me i have tried it all!! Here is what I would suggest : durable fruit — grapefruit, apples, oranges — tangerines are good and smaller for bags or pre/post meetings. The other good thing is small bags of pretzels, and if you need ‘preservable’ protein — beef jerky. Try to avoid powerbars. They’re not. They are glorified candy bars. :) Bottles of water also keep you hydrated. Stay away/moderate the sodas…very parching.

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    You should check out this site, they really helped me when it came to creating a menu for my restaurant.

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  • http://www.performancefoodcenters.com/ Bill R.

    Thanks for dropping the bomb!

    I loved the list. Yes, it was long but everyone needs reminders. I’m a big fan of juice drinks & smoothies.

    From a meal perspective, maintaining a healthy diet really takes 1) Commitment 2) Planning. It’s work and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I don’t feel like working…

    Regardless, thanks for the kick in the pants.

  • http://www.handsoftimeconcierge.com Carolyn

    Good list, lot’s of things I hadn’t thought of. I will have ever ignore the canned tuna suggestion. Given the levels of mercury, there have been plenty of warnings to restrict intake of tuna not only by kids, but adults as well. So I really don’t consider it to be a healthy choice on a regular basis.

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  • Heather Lopez

    This is a fantastic list. Thanks Mike!

    • http://www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com Mike Michalowicz

      @BING Search Engine Folks – Thanks for visiting the site and checking out this article. I hope you find some great, healthy fast and easy recipes here. Oh, and if you are an entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur of your life… check out the rest of the site!!!

      - Mike

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      Happy you liked it Harry.

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    love these ideas.  I already use some of them, especially the raw nuts & fresh fruit…I will enjoy the new green smoothie recipes.  Thank you

    • Mike Michalowicz

      Thank you Lori.

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    I always have a protein shaker with whey inside portioned, that way I can just grab a cup of cold skim milk somewhere and it’s healthy fast and cheap – Craig (CEO Meant2Say – Revolutionary Missed Connections site!)

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      Thanks for sharing that, Craig! Great tip!

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