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GUEST POST – Is Your Business Idea Good Enough? by Evan Carmichael

Think you have the next great business plan? Here’s how to know if your business idea is good enough. Read More

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Do Everything You Can To Do As Little As Possible

It’s about time I answer a reoccurring question. People ask it in various ways but it boils down to: How can Obsidian (my affiliate company that partners with young first time entrepreneurs) be so stupid as to only partner with a very select group of people? Isn’t it dumb to only focus on entrepreneurs between 18 and 26, are early stage, don’t need immediate funding and are located in the northeast US? Clearly Obsidian is missing out on millions of extraordinary opportunities. Obsidian just doesn’t get it. Read More

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Be a Public Performer, Not a Public Speaker

There is a common thread that made them great, and I am trying to become proficient at it. To enhance your progress as a successful first time entrepreneur, you need to also put effort into mastering public speaking. There is no stuttering question about it. Read More

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