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The Best Tips For Selling Overseas

Want more customers? Go global. Don’t know what to do in order to go international, start here. Read More

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The One Thing You Were Not Prepared For As An Entrepreneur

Let’s be real, you can’t prepare for everything in business. So what is the one thing that really caught you off guard? Read More

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VIDEO: Interview With Melanie Notkin Founder Of Savvy Auntie

In this video Mike Michalowicz interviews Melanie Notkin, founder of SavvyAuntie.com. Melanie discusses managing a start-up business and what a PANK woman is. Read More

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My First 6 Months As An Entrepreneur by Jorge Morales

The first few months of being an entrepreneur can be a crazy time. Here’s An insightful look into a start-up ventures first six months by Jorge Morales, founder of www.ecudoctors.com. Read More

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Sales Questions To Ask Prospects And Clients

Asking the right sales questions to prospective clients is not only important but ESSENTIAL in keeping them happy, and gaining new prospects. Here is a list of the best sales questions you should be asking. Read More

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Deciding When To Make Your First Hire

Knowing when it is time to give the business a helping hand by hiring a new employee is crucial to growth. Here are some ways to tell when it is a good time to hire your first employee. Read More

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99 Ways To Build A Successful Husband And Wife Business Partnership

Ever hear the term “married to the business”? What if your married to your business partner? Here are 99 tips to make the partnership and business succeed without killing your marriage. Read More

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Smooth Transition From Career To Entrepreneur

Taking the leap from a secure career to business owner can be a rocky and rough path. Here are the proper tips to make your transition smooth as butter. Read More

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VIDEO: Changing Your Business Name

Changing a business name after your established can be tricky. In this video Mike tells you when and when not to go for it. Read More

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VIDEO:MSNBC Your Business With Mike Michalowicz

In this Q&A segment of MSNBC’s Your business with JJ Ramberg, Mike discusses taxes with LLC’s, health insurance, and bad partnerships. Read More

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