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Get Others To Be Innovative

Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan teacher you how to get others to be innovative… Read More

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How To Motivate Your Employees

People who feel like they have nothing to be motivated about are typically protecting themselves from feeling failure. They don’t believe in themselves and that presents as being demotivated or unmotivated. Start motivating people simply by… Read More

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Ways To Motivate Any Employee

Studies are clear — employees are motivated when they understand the company’s vision and their part in getting there. So, this means that leadership carries the burden to make sure that the vision is clearly articulated and a strategy is in place to get… Read More

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Characteristics Of Great Entrepreneurs

Great entrepreneurs have a lot in common that makes them successful over others. They have tremendous people skills, motivation and perseverance to keep going. They also hold a many number of traits, that help to gain respect from others and make them the leaders they have to be in order to be a success……

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The Most Unique Ways To Keep Employees Motivated

What are the best ways to keep your employees motivated? It’s easier than you think… Read More

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How To Scout Out Your Competition

Knowing exactly what your competition is doing is key to being ahead of the curve. Here are some great ways to sneak up on your competition without sticking your nose out. Read More

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Most Inspiring Quotes Of All Time

Every entrepreneur has their hard days. What is the single most inspiring quote you can think of, to help motivate and rejuvenate? Check out this list and see what quotes other entrepreneurs use. Read More

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VIDEO: Interview With Sean Stephenson Author Of "Get Off Your But"

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How To Keep Employees Motivated

Happy Employee

Do you want the best efforts from your employees all the time? The obvious answer is yes, but it isn’t obvious how you make it happen. Funny enough money is rarely a significant motivator. More often it is something else; something unexpected. Here are 15 tips from the TPE community on how to keep your employees motivated: Read More

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