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If You Don’t Have Time To Read The Pumpkin Plan, Here Are Excerpts

This may come as a total shock to you, but The New York Times: Sunday Book Review is NOT running a review of my new book, The Pumpkin Plan. You probably won’t read about it O Magazine or People, and Tim Ferris isn’t pimping me out anytime soon. So until major reviewers come knocking, I’m writing my own review. Read More

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How To Get Into Training Events For Free

Mike Michalowicz, host of On A Roll, shares a unique strategy that you can use to get into educational events and training conferences for free by simply volunteering… Read More

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How To Become An Instant Industry Authority

Welcome to my brand new free training. I finalized this puppy over the (snowy) weekend. I feel it is some of the most important knowledge an entrepreneur can use to lead their industry. In fact, the methods I share in this video are the exact methods I used for all three of my companies. Enjoy!

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How To Get Free PR

I’ve been able to generate great PR in the past by simply developing relationships with people in media: newspaper columnists, reporters etc. I help them when I hear of things they write about and they contact me when they are writing… Read More

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Free! Still One of the Most Influential Marketing Words

Giving away “free” anything can be great for your sales, but watch you don’t fall into the trap. Mike explains how using “free” marketing is still a powerful technique in marketing, but it comes with some rules to follow in order for it to be a success. Read More

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