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Where To Learn Entrepreneurship Online

Talk about brain dumps… if you are looking to learn all about entrepreneurship this is the place to start. The TPE community shared this amazing list of resources that you can find online to learn everything there ever was to learn about being an entrepreneur… Read More

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Why Jamaica Can (And Will) Lead the World in Next Generation Entrepreneurialism

Yes, Jamaica. You know the Jamaica I am talking about. The beautiful resorts, the amazing Dunn’s River Falls and the world famous “No problem, Mon!” white glove service. If you have visited Jamaica, via a flight to Montego Bay, that may be all you have ever seen, besides the few communities during your mad dash bus drive from the airport to your caged in resort. I have come as a tourist. I have done that. And I have relished the sliver of beauty I was exposed to.

My visit this September was not for vacation. It was to inspire people and show them the path of entrepreneurialism. Alas, they inspired me and have shown me the path. Read More

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