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What To Do When You Can’t Afford To Pay

Being caught in a situation where you can’t pay in business is not fun. Let’s face it, it is a very real possibility. check out this list of tips from our community on what to do if you are ever in that situation. Read More

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Improving Your Collections

ASK your customer what is preventing them from paying you promptly (e.g., problem with invoice/product, financial woes, did not receive shipment) rather than assuming you already know the reason. Have several strategies planned for each possible non-payment reason so that you are more likely to be able to negotiate a reasonable solution with them. (E.g., if financial woes are the problem, you may be willing to offer a payment plan or a discount for immediate payment.) Read More

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23 Ways How To Improve Collections


I don’t care if the economy is rip-snorting strong (which clearly it ain’t)… collections are always an issue. Here are 23 tips contributed by members of the TPE community on how to get your collections up to snuff, and get the money you deserve in your pocket now! Read More

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