Where To Learn Entrepreneurship Online

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

Talk about brain dumps… if you are looking to learn all about entrepreneurship this is the place to start. The TPE community shared this amazing list of resources that you can find online to learn everything there ever was to learn about being an entrepreneur…

1. Read It All!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: I get a lot of information from Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com for general business news and advise. I subscribe to three business specific periodicals: Travel Weekly, the Intrepid Traveler, and Recommend. I follow a couple of online coaches, Gina Parris and Sarah from Enteprenette. I subscribe to Identity Magazine for the latest on women’s issues. And, of course, I follow that Mike guy, the TPE master, listening to every video, reading every blog, participating in every open mike call. :)

Thanks To: Sandy Wheeler of Sandy Wheeler Travel Specialties

2. Govt. Resources + Keywords

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Search using keywords like “start up” or “home business”. Look for govt. resources like sba.gov (Small Business Assn.) Check out IRS info for forming a corporation – LLC or C corp or S corp. Next look at online bookstores for these key skills: how to get organized, how to sell, how to use the internet, how to market, how to do internet marketing, etc.
The Dummies book series will solve most of these for you, like Organizing For Dummies.
I even learned excel from a dummies book.

Thanks To: Eileen Roth of Everything in its Place

3. Internet Savvy Entrepreneur

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Webinars are popular for internet learning. To be business savvy and excel, entrepreneurs need the following skill-sets in today’s environment: business planning, sales, marketing-communication and social media know-how. You can take classes on an individual basis and attempt to learn and implement everything on your own, or, you will be more likely to succeed if you find an educational as well as collaborative community to support your learning. WhisperingEnergy.com is such a community.

Thanks To: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale, LLC

4. Moms, Check These Out!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: There are a few websites that I am constantly referring people to, they are each great and focus on helping moms improve their businesses:

Thanks To: Heather Ledeboer of Mom 4 Life

5. Your Cat Is Insane

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: If you’ve seen a cat after a dose of cat nip you know how an entrepreneur feels when they are fed the fuel for ideas. Inc Magazine, FastCompany Magazine, Radio Lab podcast, Blogs from Seth Godin and Tim Ferris, and video from Kevin Rose and Robert Scoble are that fuel for me. Exposing myself to these sources, I came to realize that I needed to write NEW ideas down and file them. Use the power of focus and the left-over creative juices to solve the problem(s) at hand.

Thanks To: Aaron Jones of AJones Co.

6. Learn From Those In Your Shoes

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: There is nothing like learning from those that have been in the same place you’re at. I absolutely love to read about entrepreneurs and their stories of how they got where they are now. It’s inspiring to read about how they overcame the obstacles they faced and what they did to keep pushing forward. You can learn ALOT from these people. Some are even willing (especially Mike Michalowicz) to take the time and reach out to you and offer any advice they can. Learn from those who have been there..

Thanks To: Ashley Bodi of BusinessBeware.Biz

7. Cherry-pick Worthwhile Fruit!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: There’s a huge orchard just waiting for those willing to get their hands a little messy. I’m talking about the many great FREE educational programs offered by today’s savvy marketers. If you’re willing to cherry-pick through all the pitches and extra offers, you can end up with many baskets filled with worthwhile tips and tools for marketing and managing your business.

Thanks To: Gloria Justice of Smith Justice Group

8. Just Do It!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: If you want to learn about entrepreneurship, there’s lots of information available on the web – probably more than you’ll ever need. The key is to find info. that’s relevant to the type of business you’re in, and to not spend so much time “studying” that there’s no time left for “implementing”. Don’t be afraid to get out there and experiment and take some risks – I find that human beings learn more by getting out there and “doing it”, than overloading themselves with too much advice.

Thanks To: Susan Martin of Business Sanity

9. 1st Things 1st Rule

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: If u are seeking to learn & grow a business with the desire of wasting less time & money u should follow the 1st things 1st rule! While developing your service or product learn everything u can about the branding process. Doing this before developing any type of marketing material will save u from have to completely redo everything! Even a b-plan is more compelling if ur branded correctly so seek out real brander like www.dare2Bdifferent.net while learning a little about all aspects of business!

Thanks To: John R Hobbs of John Hobbs International

10. Listen To Free Teleclasses

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: I love to listen to all of those FREE Teleclasses that are posted on Facebook and in my email. Many are just shameless promotions for the upsell program but if you stick with them you can get great info that you can apply to your business.

Many of the presenters will give lots of great information assuming that you won’t apply it and hire them instead. I say take what you’ve learned and test it in your business.

Thanks To: Matthew Walters of Matthew Walters, C.Ht.

11. Score

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: SCORE.org is a great resource. So is the blog page of Kevin Nation at KevinNations.Com, especially the video he currently has up called “5 Things you Absolutely Must Transform”. It has saved me years of wasting too much money on my fears.

Thanks To: Kundan Chhabra of Kundan Chhabra

12. Use Your Head To Get Ahead!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: In one sense, it is difficult to learn entrepreneurship. But, by using some strategies, finding new ways to polish your skills is not beyond your abilities. First, list all your contacts, from hot-not(in terms of ability to help). Use your connections to help you stay in the loop with seminars, etc. Next, look up your professional mentors; they often offer workshops or coaching. Third, keep up your memberships in professional organizations which often offer continuing education. Good luck!

Thanks To: Doula Angelita of ResurgamBirthingWell8899

13. Cream Always Floats To The Top

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: There are tons of online resources for entrepreneurs, your first goal is to work out what you’re actually in need of i.e. financial skills, marketing, IT etc. Then use sites like twitter, facebook etc. to find out what people are talking about and seek out what your interested in i.e. creating a marketing plan. Then find the content that is getting shared the most, which is most likely the best, then read it and share it with others, remember the cream always floats to the top!

Thanks To: Gus Murray of Startup Company

14. Focus On Needs, Read & Learn

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: The internet provides a wealth of information, that you can retrieve within moments. The method in which I found everything I needed to know about starting a business was to critically search every article, blog or news article about each specific area of business. Google is king. Read as much as you can, and focus on the topics that are relevant. Not all information is accurate, however, after reading enough articles, you will be able to discern fact from fiction. Search and read, every day.

Thanks To: Mark Hall of Input Ladder

15. Start Young

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Let’s start young. One of the best places is Sparkseed (sparkseed.org), investing in college-age entrepreneurs creating a business or nonprofit, that has a social cause. They have competitions, provide seed funding & other resources. Unreasonable Institute (unreasonableinstitute.org) supports young social entrepreneurs with mentorships, classes, tools and an institute gathering. Other key ones: MassChallenge, Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship, Global Social Venture Competition

Thanks To: Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving

16. A Community Of Educators

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Social media is revolutionizing how to obtain practical, concrete and real action tips and advice on entrepreneurship. I’ve learned some the best business lessons from women entrepreneurs who blog and are actively engaging on twitter. All you have to do is reach out to them and ask. You’ll find that they are the most generous and supportive women you’ll meet. One worth mentioning is Heather Allard of themogulmom.com. Her blog is a treasure trove of sound business tips.

Thanks To: Ros Guerrero of FICKLETS

17. Educating A Mom-entrepreneur!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Educating yourself can help ease the anxiety of entrepreneurship! When I first started Announcements Galore, I found a ton of help online from places like Entrepreneur.com and SBA.gov. Since I’m a mom, I also found networks like The Mom Entrepreneur helpful. However, I felt there was something lacking when it came to marketing help for mom business owners. So, that’s why I started Market Mommy.

Thanks To: Dawn Berryman of Market Mommy

18. Wow – Learning Via Internet!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Being a reflexologist, the love of my profession is when I am touching a client’s foot and helping them with their health, lack of stress, etc.

The NOT so favorite part of my business is the technical, marketing, financials, etc. I have met & have learned SO MUCH from meeting other business owners who love doing what I don’t like. I learn from webinars, teleseminars, live events, on line courses, business & speaking coaches and mastermind groups. All of these have improved my biz!

Thanks To: Pattie Meyers of Balanced Sole Reflexology

19. Monkey See Monkey Do

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: It’s said that imitation is the best form of flattery and….monkeys have it mastered. Just observe them for a bit and see what I mean. In learning a new skill or when unraveling a challenging issue, I’m in monkey mode while researching solutions from the Internet:

1) Search for relevant credible experts that I connect or feel a synergy with.
2) Key in on a handful of immediately implementable tips.
3) Implement and track results.
4) Refine and repeat.

Thanks To: Sunni Patterson of EXOTIC elegance

20. Rss Makes It Easy

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: The one trick that has made compiling all those tips and articles about business so much easier for me is to use an RSS Reader. For those of you who don’t know, RSS basically dials down a website into simple, e-mail like pieces. That way, I don’t have to go and visit 300 sites looking for info. I can just scroll through them all quickly and decide what I want to read about. Every time I find a new website I may like, I subscribe to their feed and start reading whenever I see something good.

Thanks To: Adam Weitz of New Harbor

21. Sync With A Leader

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: I look for inspiration, an item here, an item there – something that resonates with my being. And I find it at http://cathcart.com/. In 2003 I heard Jim Cathcart speak (and have his book on relationship selling). I’ve been a devotee since!
His web site articles have tidbits such as speaker Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE (http://cathcart.com/2010/01/fripp/)
reminder on making presentations:
“Focus on what the audience will get, not on what you will tell them.”

Thanks To: Harry O. Rakfeldt of AMSOIL Synthetics – Direct Dealer

22. Go Back To High School!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: No, not literally! However there is so much information on the internet that no matter what term you google – mompreneur, start-up business, women inventor – you’re bound to be overloaded. Get comfortable, grab a glass of wine, and start taking notes. Not all that info will pertain to you. As you’re plowing through, jot down what’s pertinent to your endeavor. Not only will it help keep you focused but it will also give you a record of where you’ve been, eliminating needless backtracking.

Thanks To: Julie McWherter of prettySMART!/Azula

23. Teaching By Tweeting

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: You can learn a tremendous amount from particpating in the business related chats on Twitter. There are regularly scheduled chats with certain tags such as #pr, #editorchat, #smallbusiness and #sba to learn from seasoned pros. It allows you to ask questions from the experts and gain their valuable feedback.

Follow social media experts and business experts as they share their tips and tricks in 140 characters or less.

Thanks To: Lois Whittaker of Cushie Pushie Company

24. Find Your Tribe

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: As a woman entrepreneur and a mom, I find it very important to find my tribe and be with like-minded women when ever possible. I have played a roll as a leader in all of these on-line women’s groups and my suggestion is to find your tribe and be with the ones who inspire and encourage you to grow. It is hard enough to be a solopreneur so reach out to the group that speaks your language and makes you a better you. Savorthesuccess.com, Smarty.com and Ladieswholaunch have all upped my game.

Thanks To: Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette

25. Learning The Old Fashion Way

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Social media has opened a world of resources with so many experienced and knowledgeable people that can provide excellent relevant information.

I personally have found answers to complex marketing, sales and technical information that pertain directly to my business and its operations.

Use it, share the resources and we all win!
Be nice and eat your spinach..

Thanks To: Jerry Pollio of CMT Creative Marketing

26. Learning From Those Who Did!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Learning entrepreneurship is a tricky thing: there are so many ebooks and ecourses. There is too much that isn’t worthwhile. My preference is to learn from people who are entrepreneurs. I meet them by networking online. Not just Twitter and the like. Places (and there are some) where you can engage in real conversations with people. Then, once I verify their credentials, it’s a matter of following their newsletters, attending their teleclasses, and possibly investing in a product they offer.

Thanks To: Patricia Weber of Business Coach for Introverts

27. Free Stuff!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: When I first started my business I was an online seminar JUNKIE! I took every class that was on offer about starting a coaching business. I took classes about managing online marketing, making effective presentations, using authentic sales techniques, maximizing social networking–you name it and I took it. They were ALL FREE and they all added some value that was worth my participation at the time.

Thanks To: Kirsten Mahoney of Insight Out Life Coaching

28. Get Taught By Twitter

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Let Twitter be your information resource center by clicking through on links to blog posts, articles, teleseminars, webinars, ebooks, books, marketing and accounting info, and any other information that can help an entrepreneur. Read and listen to the free material first. Then choose wisely which products and services you pay for. You can write your business plan while learning from Twitter.

Thanks To: Phyllis Zimbler Miller of Miller Mosaic Power Marketing

29. Verify Competence

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: There are many people giving business advice on the Internet. My advice is to make sure the people you listen to have a proven track record and a history you can verify.

Thanks To: John Schulte of National Mail Order Association

30. Take The Time!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Pause and take the time. There is more advice and information available to you today than there has ever been. The problem is, everything in our world says it is better to run fast (and not necessarily in the right direction) versus slow down just a little to get it right from the start. All you have to do is carve out the time. Plan on 30 minutes per day for several days & ask others, Google it… If your future depends on it, it is worth your focus and attention. Eliminate the other clutter.

Thanks To: Holly Green of The Human Factor, Inc.

31. Look No Further Than Tpe…

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is the best place to start your education regarding entrepreneurship on the Internet. If you need more, you can simply use your favorite search engine to find millions of listings of sites that can help you with the subject.

Thanks To: JR Rodrigues of Job Hunt Express

32. Miles Away In Your Backyard

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Doing business online takes away the footwork of yesteryear. Frequenting social networks provides for the development of a national warm market. With the internet, my audience grows daily and I can track where the traffic comes from most. I can even monitor what actions contributed to the most sales. And more than anything, marketing and promotion turns out to be free! With the internet I am able to make sales in states that would otherwise be inaccessible to me. VIRTUAL SUCCESS IS REAL!

Thanks To: Asadah Kirkland of Beating Black Kids – The Book

33. Three “must Visit” Sites

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: When I need a little shot of inspiration, there are two sites that recharge my battery. The first is www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com and the second is www.entrepreneur.com. Ok, I admit I am sucking up, but these are my two “go to” sites for practical info.

If I am looking for motivation it is www.motivation123.com . Very encouraging!

Thanks To: Carl Forsell of Connections Planet

34. Follow Real Expertise

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Too many “gurus” on the internet are only entrepreneurs in a circular sense: they make money telling you how to make money. Outside of their faked success (writing the how-to before USING it) they haven’t been successful.

Before I ever take advice about how to improve my business, I make sure the source is an actual expert at what they are teaching. I make sure they have already achieved success with their touted methods. Otherwise their advice isn’t worth my time or money.

Thanks To: Alison Moore Smith of Start Blogging in 1 Week

35. Social Media Info Abounds

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: When I decided to get into the social media game, I did google searches and found tons of great info. Just today, I learned how to maximize YouTube to bring folks to my website. Good info at no cost. Can’t beat it!

Thanks To: Ann Ronan of Authentic Life Institute

36. What Are Others Doing?

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Start with your Entrepreneurial friends. Referrals are always a great place start. I am sure you are connected with other entrepreneurs online via social networks…see what trainings,website,article or resources they are using.Ask them what has worked, that is always a good place to start!

Thanks To: Cheryl Hill of Diva In Direct Sales

37. Twitter Your Way To The Top

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: There are is an insane amount of free information out there for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. I have found that following leaders in business on Twitter, big and small, has given me the best, most wide range of resources that I trust there is. They will talk about their own experiences, tweet out resources, retweet others they respect and so on. Engage in the conversation. Ask questions and you will find more answers! Don’t allow for this to become a time waste though. Take action!

Thanks To: Jennifer Donogh of Ovaleye Web Solutions

38. Filter Stuff And You Are On.

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Yep, the information available on the internet is outrageously awesome, so what you need to make sure is that you always have a plan of consuming it.

The entrepreneurship learning goes like this –
- Get inspired from the real achievers.
- Analyze all things special about their work.
- Push yourself to implement what you have learnt.
- Keep on doing this again n again…

COOL tip, don’t grasp the same stuff every single day of the week, try to differentiate.

Thanks To: Akash Sharma of Revenue Strategy Solutions Ltd.

39. How-to Do It Strikes Again

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Any time I need help running my business, I always turn to guides, especially step-by-step or the how-to type. To me, when I read a step-by-step or how-to guide, it helps me because I can follow along as the steps are explained.

I have talked to a few people, who started their own businesses, and they said that following a step-by-step or how-to guide was the best way to learn. I concur with that.

If you do not know how to get the above type of guides, don’t worry.

Thanks To: Harry Husted of Creating Words

40. The Tpe Blog Is Great For Entrepreneurship

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: I learn a lot about Entrepreneurship by reading all the answers to the questions on the TPE Blog as the people who answer the blogs bring forth great knowledge and wisdom and are also great people to get to know. So developing relationships with other TPE partners you can then develop and relationship and share resources, Also Mike’s book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur has lots of great information on a variety of things. So keep SHOWING UP on the TPE blog and you will soar and learn great thing

Thanks To: Robbie Motter of Robbie MotterdbaContacts Unlimited

41. Learn From Pros

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: The most valuable lessons are from the people who already have been in the business for sometime. I find that toiletpaperentreprenur.com has a candid community of business owners who are honest to share their business experiences. For women business owners webinars and resources from makemineamillion.org are very helpful. I also find valuable advice from websites like entrepreneur.com and fastcompany.com.

Thanks To: Malini Hoover of iaam.com

42. Internet Marketing Eduation

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: For me, the best education I have found on the Internet for entrepreneurship and marketing has been from two paid educational services. The first resource is Perry Marshall for mastering how to use Google AdWords to market your business product and/or services. The second resource is StomperNet for how to perform search engine optimization and Internet marketing. My ROI for both of these paid educational services has been over 1000%.

Thanks To: Peter Geisheker of The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm

43. Where Else???

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: You go to the The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur of course! Yeah Mike!
Learning to be an entrepreneur is like learning to play the guitar, you can take lessons and teach yourself,but I think you have to have a umbilical connection & drive to understand what it’s all about. There is a plethora of sites we can learn from, I personally find that marketing sites lead to entrepreneur related personalities. Of course Social Media has tied like minded people together, so search your business of interest

Thanks To: Greggq Mulgrew of Card-Logic

44. Itunes, Igoogle, Twitter

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: As an armchair surfer, I can get carried away on the internet ocean, but there are 3 things I consistently turn to:
(1) iTunes podcasts and university. Rich deposit of substantial teaching. Sometimes I focus & take notes, sometimes I run talks in the background.
(2) iGoogle helps me follow my favourite, trusted bloggers.
(3) Twitter similarly helps me get information from trusted friends and acquaintances, and it’s pre-sorted!

Thanks To: Colleen Taylor of Siretona Creative

45. Their Marketing Is Your Gift

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Hard times for consultants and coaches mean good times for YOUR entrepreneurship education. In order to build their own businesses through something we call “educational marketing” experts all over the world are giving away a wealth of information. Take advantage of it. Sign up for free newsletters–they often contain short and usable tips. Listen to free teleconference calls and webinars. Download copies of ebooks and white papers.

Thanks To: Karen Southall Watts of Karen Southall Watts (ask_karen)

46. Just What The Doctor Ordered

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Understanding business speak, definitions of specific operations and having access to a variety of free templates is a must for any busy entrepreneur. This site – http://www.businessballs.com – is just what the doctor. With over 10 years of experience in finding valuable resources for my clients and for myself, businesballs.com is probably one of the best if not the best for thoroughness to overall simplicity.

Thanks To: Leanne Hoagland-Smith of ADVANCED SYSTEMS

47. Ask A Lot Of Questions!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Get recommendations from those you trust, and then be willing to ask a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid to take someone up on their offer for a free consultation, or introductory phone call. It’s important that you actually resonate with the person that you are choosing to mentor you. And if you do chose someone and later find out it’s not a match, don’t hesitate to ask for a refund and move on. It’s so important to find a mentor that you really like, and one who likes you as well.

Thanks To: Sally Shields of The Daughter-in-Law Rules

48. Keyword Search Is The Journey

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: My friends tell me I am the queen of search and research. I can find anything using internet keyword search. “How to” and “review” have filled in the blanks for much of my entrepreneur journey. Visiting forums of same topic discussions can also have you learning from others people’s mistakes. Ask and you shall receive……………..

Thanks To: Carolyn Bartz of LIVING YOUR PASSION

49. Real Life Implementation

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: We train our students online because we truly believe in real world flexibility and implementation. Seminars may offer great information but it is not based in reality and there is no opportunity to implement as you learn. Seminars are filled with great energy and a lot of hype. There are no kids hanging on your leg and no cleaning or cooking or lawn mowing. When you learn online, you must work around your reality and have the opportunity to put your new knowledge to work right then and there.

Thanks To: Savannah Ross of Rich Mom

50. Great Tips For Free Online

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Aside from reading the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, I gain a lot of insight by attending FREE industry webinars. (Free online “seminars.”) I may receive dozens of invitations weekly for costly pr teleseminars, webinars and traditional seminars, but the best advice I receive is from FREE INDUSTRY WEBINARS. (ie: PR Newswire, PRWeb.) You may have to fish for the good ones, but they are extremely helpful. I also highly recommend signing up for industry group discussions on LinkedIn.

Thanks To: Jackie Hennessey of Hennessey PR Consulting

51. Find, Filter, Follow Through

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: In addition to this great TP Entrepreneur Blog, the key is to — Find other valuable resources by filtering through the morass of available info and then follow through. My secret is “Google Alerts”.

I set some on various entrepreneurship topics and the results come to my email every day. If some words are not producing good results, I delete that search and set up others. Once you find the productive ones for you, register to get updates.

Thanks To: Kate Nasser of The People-Skills Coach, CAS, Inc.

52. The Tpe Learning Center

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: When I want to learn about entrepreneurship I tune into the TPE network to see what it has to offer first. I did a search on google the other day for PR Tips and the TPE blog for that subject was still at the #3 position.

Thanks To: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises

53. Talk To Those Who Know!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: I love this topic! It is what Raising CEO Kids is all about – teaching entrepreneurship to our children and raising CEOs! I have interviewed nearly 100 successful young entrepreneurs & many of their parents & have found that most of them have found mentors to talk to ONLINE! Just search Google alerts, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, & sites like THIS ONE or http://under30ceo.com, http://retireat21.com, http://teenentrepreneurblog.com, http://saturdaymorningmastermind.com/ & http://RaisingCEOKids!

Thanks To: Sarah Cook of Raising CEO Kids

54. Baby Steps

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: By simply going through a ton of trial and error, I picked up business skills I never intended to learn in the first place, specifically SEO. The best way to learn entrepreneurship online is to get your sales site up and fix it as you go. Nothing starts off perfect, so take that first step and learn what works and what doesn’t through personal experience. Theory is meaningless.

Thanks To: Anthony Adams of The Hangover Cure

55. Following To Lead

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: Be a follower and you’ll make a better leader. Early in my online career I knew I needed to watch and do what the successful folks in my industry were doing and copy them. I’d click on their links, ask them questions and take every opportunity to pick their brains about what they saw as valuable learning experiences on the internet. As a result my learning library is pretty full of great books, audio files, videos and more – to which I refer almost daily.

Thanks To: Annette Yen of Kids Party Business

56. Uhhhh…duh!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: You learn entrepreneurship on the internet from TPE, of course!

Thanks To: Laura Aridgides of OrganizeNOW

57. Ask, Analyze, Do

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: LinkedIn has groups & discussions. Join entrepreneur groups AND groups related to your customers & end users. Respond to questions in discussions & start your own. Ask others how they started & for advice. Ask potential customers what they seek. Analyze all the information you receive then do what works best for you, your brand and your business.

Thanks To: Harriet Cohen of Training Solutions

58. Changing With The Times

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: The most important lesson I got through the internet was the importance of research. The internet made it unnecessary to have a brick and mortar, it also made it easy for scam artists to offer “The ultimate business opportunity”. Thanks to forums and Twitter, I found some legitimate business leaders that helped me develop a plan that takes into account my talent and the resource of the internet. I am developing relationships instead of just trying to sell something and the journey continues

Thanks To: Roxana Nunez of AvidDiva

59. There’s Nothing Better!

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: I find myself reviewing tons of informational articles regarding being an entrepreneur but nothing beats Entrepreneur.com & its magazine. They supply you with a wealth of information and easy printable post that you can carry in your wallet!

They also feature amazing “How To” guides and if you sign up for a subscription you receive a free e-book!

Follow the EIC on Twitter @EntMagazineAmy

Thanks To: Zanade Mann of Online & Off Marketing and PR

60. Open Course Ware

Where To Learn Entrepreneurship: I would first go to open course ware (www.ocwfinder.com) and type in entrepreneurship. These are academic courses, but most are free and a good place to start. Then buy The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

Thanks To: Jan Schwartz of Education and Training Solutions

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    This was my first visit to your blog and it will be my last. That scrolling post-it that pops up on the right side of the blog advertising your “once-$299-but-now-free!!!” vid is 1) distracting 2) screams “marketing gimmick” and 3) shows that you don’t care about annoying a few readers – repeatedly since it even came back after I closed it once.

    Also, while I’m sure you want to pimp your contributors a thumbnail pic next to each item is overkill when people are reading for information. It makes the blog far too long with too little real content.

    • http://www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com Mike Michalowicz

      Rene – Thanks for the brutally honest critique. I am sorry that I have lost you as a reader (I presume you won’t see this, but maybe it can serve as my response for anyone curious).

      I recognize it can be annoying, just like commercials on TV. And like commercials on TV, I want readers to be aware of additional stuff we do at TPE. You may not know this (most visitors to our site don’t), that I have a book available on Amazon. I additionally have a whole video series, etc.

      So while I am very sorry that advertising for the additional stuff we provide has annoyed you (and I understand), I have yet to find a better way to strike the balance (yes I track the Google statistics) on making people aware of our resources beyond the blog.

      Thanks again for the feedback… and wishing you the best in the future!

  • http://youtube.com/kundanchhabra Kundan

    Hi Mike!

    I don’t really understand why she was so upset. The reason why TV is free is because of the commercials. Likewise, the reason why you get to put up a regular blog with lots of useful content is because of that little ad you have – yes, perhaps only 10% of those readers will actually buy your products such as books, TFM, etc. but those 10% help pay for the 90%. And besides, yes, sometimes it is indeed a little bit distracting and annoying for me too. But all I have to do is close it if I don’t like it, and it works. It is unfortunate that closing it did not work for her. Perhaps a sad technical glitch? And sometimes, I actually click on that ad because it is actually interesting and useful.

    As for the thumbnail pics, I am sure contributors would be less inclined to contribute without that pic. I disagree with the notion that there is very little content. Perhaps only 10% of the information is useful, but that’s always true in life, isn’t? It is our responsibilty to learn how to sift through it, not yours, Mike.

    Much Love,


  • Heather Lopez

    Hey Mike!

    I agree with Kundan. Furthermore I really like the pictures next to each contribution. I read TPE so much that I have come to recognize my favorite contributors. With their pictures I can scan the list very quickly and get to the contributors that I get the most value from!

    I for one am a TPE lifer and love the format. Please don’t change a thing.

    P.S. Some people just don’t “get it”. I think Rene probably couldn’t handle your book either.

  • http://www.BeautifulVisions.us Shelley Horton

    I got a little annoyed by the banner the first time I visited the TPE page, but that is part of who The Awesome Mike Michalowicz is. He has a fredom to be who he is and with all of the FREE adice he gives to his Loyal readers there is no reason that he should not be paid for some of the the services he gives. If Rene was running a business and needed some advice, Mike Michalowicz would be the first on the sene to help her out.. I know first hand how much Mike’s helped on many occasions. Thanks Mike for all you do for those of us who happen to look up to the fact that you care soo much for the little guys starting out.

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