How To Become An Instant Industry Authority

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

The 3 Ways To Become An Instant Industry Authority!

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  • Mark Biemans

    Step 1… Hi Mike, still watching your video.. I’ll come back to you soon. (Oprah, here we come..) Mark Biemans

    • Anonymous

      I hope you like it, Mark.

    • Anonymous

      Hope you liked it Mark!

  • Mark Biemans

    Hi Mike, I made a mistake (sh.. happens, haha) Anywho thanks for this video. It’s great as usual. I’ll work on step 2 but this message was step 1 and 3 together, wazzendid? I can recommend everybody to buy Mike’s TPE-book. It sure helped me to get things going. No, no commissions making on that last re mark.

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Thanks for the plug Mark.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This was an interesting email conversation I just had about this training and wanted to share it:

    Hi Mike,

    Just watched your “3 Steps to Becoming an Instant Industry Expert” and got a lot out of it – thanks!

    do have one question on your third trait “humility”.  I love the idea
    in theory (and try to practice it myself), but I’ve also been told in
    the past that self-deprecating humor often creates an image of someone
    who doubts themselves/lacks self-confidence, which is exactly the
    opposite of what you were suggesting in your video.

    How would you reconcile these two points of view?

    Humbly yours,

    I am happy you checked it out Scott and got value out of it.

    In regards to your question, I think the key is to poke fun at our
    mistakes, but NOT get down on ourselves.  I think we need to all show
    that we are “just” human.  To do that we show how we are the same.  I
    think some people use self-deprecating humor by actually putting
    themselves down “below” others. Kinda “I am a huge pathetic loser”

    I think that is a mistake. The goal is to show that we are equal – not better and not worse. 

    Many experts position themselves as “better” then others… that is a
    mistake too. At the end of the day, no one is better, no one is worse. 
    Self deprecating humor, done right, makes it clear we are all the same.

    Mike Michalowicz (mi-CAL-o-wits)
    Author, guy, thingy of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

  • Mark Biemans

    It’s my pleasure, because…you are one of the best teachers with the most practical lessons.

  • Kevin

    What a great to grow business without having to invest major marketing dollars. Im definitely going to look at investing in this book.

    • Anonymous

      You got me a little confused!?!? Not sure of the book you are talking about… BUT hope you got tons of value out of the video.

  • Bonnie

    Mike, do you consider Facebook and LinkedIn and other such social media outlets as places for hanging out as you state in #1 Frequency?

    • Anonymous

      Bonnie… GREAT question. The answer is yes. I would have them replace a networking group for me. The key is to be their consistently just like any other networking environment.

  • Rian Malan

    Mike, what I like about you is that you take old knowledge and package it in your unique way. Just like Stephen Covey did with his 7 habits…I liked this. What it is all about is answering prospective customers’ / clients’ three basic questions before they buy:1. Who are you? = Frequency = Create awareness2. What’s in it for me? = Justifier = Benefits to the customer / client3. Why you? = Ooooops =  You missed out on this. What about adding it to your sales pitch? Or was it included in the “Justifier”?You added humility, that is a nice touch. Go for it Mike. I like your style

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Rian. I agree… I don’t have anything new in knowledge. Everything I know I have learned. What I like to do is communicate it in a new way (my way). It is the same tried and true methods, and when it comes to human behavior I don’t think it will ever change.

  • Manuel Kuhs

    Hey Mike, love your stuff! However, just signed up as instructed in the video but can’t seem to find the actual 3 ways to become an instant industry expert… I’m probably going blind.