How Do I Find A Good Accountant

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1. Cpa’s That Don’t Just Count

How To Pick An Accountant: Accountants are not just bean counters. The are business advisors – or should be.
When searching and choosing the right CPA for your business, go beyond the usual approach. Don’t just ask for referrals. Your accountant should ask you lots of questions about you, your current business goals, your life goals, and be able to tell you what he/she can do to help you grow your business. A CPA should be interested in helping you be a business builder while helping you keep your tax bill in check.

Thanks To: Nancy Fox of The Business Fox

2. Go With A Hub

How To Pick An Accountant: Go with a Hub providing accountants. Accountants can be challenging to determine the right fit. You’ll need someone good with numbers, who can communicate effectively, who fits well in your team.

If you go with a larger organization that sends out accountants to numerous organizations, you’ll be able to determine a good fit. If someone doesn’t work out, the “Hub” can send you someone new. Determining the right fit is not just about the numbers, but about communicating effectively

Thanks To: Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving

3. Trust Your Network

How To Pick An Accountant: Finding a good accountant, in my experience, is best done by asking everyone you know for referrals of good people who help companies with similar business needs to your own. For example, same size company, same stage of growth, same industry, and/or same kind of help needed. I trust my network to lead me to a good resource.

Thanks To: Denise LaBuda of Money Wizdom

4. Ask For A Referral

How To Pick An Accountant: CPAs like attorneys are typically sought via word-of-mouth referral. Ask a respected business owner who they use and if they’re comfortable giving a referral. And, ask the CPA for client references. Sit down with the CPA for a consultation so that you’re comfortable talking with him or her about your business. IMO, the CPA relationship is integral to any company’s future growth (and keeping the tax man away).

Thanks To: Joann Sondy of Creative Aces Corp.

5. Ask Somebody

How To Pick An Accountant: We find the best people by looking at the most independent successful companies in our field and asking for a recommendation. It’s great if there is a company you can benchmark your company with but that is not direct competition, then ask for a referral.

Thanks To: Janice Celeste of Celeste Studios Film & Video

6. Use The 60% Rule

How To Pick An Accountant: When looking for an accountant, find one that has at least sixty percent of his or her business coming from small businesses. This way, you know that they are keeping up with the latest rules and laws to take the best care of their clients.
Also, don’t take the first person that is recommended. Interview a bunch of people. Ask for referrals and check them out. You want someone that gives great customer service AND that you personally like and trust.

Thanks To: Dawn Veselka of Out of the Blue Delivered

7. Follow The Crumbs To Success

How To Pick An Accountant: When I first went out on my own, I looked at who I knew that was successfully self employed and financially stable.

I chose one person and asked who they used. Turned out to be a wonderful woman who specializes in small businesses like mine.

We’ve had a business relationship for 10 years now, and have shared personal milestones, both good and bad, as well.

Thanks To: Ann Ronan of Authentic Life Institute

8. References! References!

How To Pick An Accountant: When hiring a professional service, the single most important thing I look for is unsolicited references. If I know a lot of people who willingly recommend someone, my experience is almost always good.

Thanks To: Alison Moore Smith of Start Blogging in 1 Week

9. Its Your Money

How To Pick An Accountant: Make sure you find an accountant that matches your risk level. Tax law is complex and open to debate on many issues. If you are aggressive, make sure your accountant is willing to be aggressive. If you are very conservative, make sure your accountant is conservative. You don’t want to lay awake at night worrying.

Make sure your accountant is working to help you keep your money. Ask him how you can save on your taxes. Get him involved in the process.

Thanks To: Scott Lovingood of The Wealth Squad Inc

10. Making Cents For You

How To Pick An Accountant: A good accountant should be able to explain tax law, financial statements etc in plain English for you to understand.

Ask friends and business owners for 3 or more names of accountants, then interview them all. Get to know them; school background, years of experience and ask why they chose their field. If they have a passion for their profession it will shine from the moment they greet you.

Thanks To: Linda Nagamine of EZ Living Connection

11. Cheap Does Not Mean Quality!

How To Pick An Accountant: When you are looking for a new accountant it is very important to find out how experienced is the accountant, how many clients he/she services and how much time they can devote to your company. The less experienced accountants might charge less but they also take longer time to do the work. So at the end it cost almost the same.
I prefer a accountant who is detail oriented, knowledgeable in various accounting issues and is proactive in client’s behalf.

Thanks To: Malini Hoover of iaam

12. Reputation And Experience

How To Pick An Accountant: When looking for an accountant, it is important to work with someone who owns businesses of their own and invest in simular vehicles. They have taken the time to investigate all the ins and out of the field to protect their own personal assets. I also recommend working with someone from a large, reputable organization instead of someone who works out of their own home and are accountable to no one. A great accoutnant can save you far more then youwill ever pay them.rnThey pay for themselves.

Thanks To: Savannah Ross of Rich Mom

13. An Accountant’s Advice

How To Pick An Accountant: My father is an excellent accountant with a successful business and sterling reputation. He always advises potential clients to interview several candidates, check the credentials thoroughly and definitely check references. A good accountant will WANT you to talk to their clients because they KNOW that their happy clients are the best advertisement and they will sell the perspective client on using his/her services.

Thanks To: Courtney Barnette of CommXperts

14. Play The Dating Game

How To Pick An Accountant: Your accountant is one of the most important members of your company’s core, so choose wisely.

1. THE SETUP: Start with a referral from a trusted colleague.

2. FIRST DATE(S): Have the prospective accountant perform small tasks to demonstrate basic competence.

3. GET ON THE SAME PAGE: Your relationship with your accountant is quite intimate, therefore your business philosophy MUST mesh with your accounting system.


Thanks To: Dino Herbert of For Leap’s Sake

15. Who Do You Know Who …?

How To Pick An Accountant: Perhaps the best way to find an accountant is by asking your friends. Nothing beats unsolicited referrals. Get on the phone with your friend and ask them about their accountant. Find out exactly why they are sticking with them. Ask questions like: “Is your accountant helpful during tax season? Are they available when you need them?’ The key is to find someone with a great track record, and who is reputable and likeable.

Thanks To: Fran Briggs of Get Sponsored!

16. On Account I Have No Money

How To Pick An Accountant: Referral!!!! Or find one that needs the business and will give you payment plans!

Thanks To: Gregg Mulgrew of Card-Logic

17. Ask A Colleague

How To Pick An Accountant: Needing any professional service (but especially an important one like accounting), I always start the same place: my professional network.

I especially like to consult with colleagues who do similar work to find out who they choose to trust, since the professionals you select this way will be more likely to understand and be familiar with your needs and special circumstances impacting you. Be sure to let them know who referred you!

Thanks To: Dixie Vogel of Good Karma Host

18. Seek Advisors Not Salesmen!

How To Pick An Accountant: The best accountants like the best lawyers are painfully blunt, amicable when with clients and guard your interests like tenacious bulldogs when facing adversaries! So seek strong, resilient and forceful accountants who will call the cards for your business as they are laid, not what you want them to be!

Thanks To: Aisha Bauer of eSutras Organics

19. Referrals Not Welcome

How To Pick An Accountant: DO NOT go by referral alone. I got burned BIG TIME when I got a referral to an accountant from a local, well known attorney. Well, the accountant and attorney were friends. He not only didn’t understand the types of deals I was doing, I was teaching him about the “how to’s” while paying HIM hourly. Make sure your accountant is also an Entrepreneur, and has other businesses outside of accounting, or has built his business based on skill and wisdom- not just having friends in “High Places”.

Thanks To: Dianne Sikel of

20. Always Meet In Person

How To Pick An Accountant: Finding an accountant is a lot like finding a mechanic…you have to go meet them in person and get a feel for their authenticity. When I looked for an accountant, I searched all over the Internet for someone in my area. The only one who messaged me back invited me to his house. This meant a lot to me and the second time I brought my wife and we agreed after that for this particular person/company to be our accountant.

Thanks To: Marc Anderson of

21. Ask And The Door Shall Open

How To Pick An Accountant: The best way I find anything is I ask for referrals. Usually from my close friends and family however with the BANG of Social Networking & IF you have made “real” connections and not just added people to your numbers, (which I hope you have). You can ask lets say on twitter and the responses may surprise you!
I recently put out an S.O.S. for computer repair. The one I went with was the Life Saver I asked for!

Thanks To: JoAnn Donahue of Donahue Development

22. Word Is King

How To Pick An Accountant: If cash is King, so is word of mouth. When it comes to a good accountant, ask around and DON’T BE CHEAP EITHER! Trying to save money will end up having you pay way more in the long run. Ask for a list of clients and call for references. Ask how long they have been around, if they have any gaurentess if you get audited, ask, ask and ask. That’s why they get paid. Don’t bother with a do-it-yourself store kit because they have no references to contact at all. Word of mouth rules to this day!

Thanks To: Edwin Soler of Libreria Berea

23. Ask People You Trust

How To Pick An Accountant: When I started my business, I asked a trusted friend – and fellow small business owner – who she used. I met with the person she recommended, talked about my business, and had him do my personal taxes (which are fairly simple and straightforward). We got along well, he did a great job with my taxes, and made recommendations on setting up my accounting system.

Thanks To: Gladys Strickland of GS Business Resources

24. Same Accountant For 15+ Years

How To Pick An Accountant: We’ve used the same business & personal accountant for over 15 years for 3 simple reasons:
1.) He makes the effort to understand our business and personal needs and what will work best for us
2.) He makes himself available (on a near-daily basis, if needed)
3.) He takes part in our success: We send him new business and in turn, he shares leads with us. We are now part of a successful business venture just because of a shared contact that came from him.

Thanks To: Karen Moehr of Moehr and Associates

25. Ask And Ye Shall Receive!

How To Pick An Accountant: A good accountant can make or break a small business. Finding the best accountant requires some asking: ask friends, relatives, colleagues, and clients. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, make some phone calls and GET REFERENCES. Call those references and ask some questions. Getting personal recommendations is much better than looking in the yellow pages. Ask the accountant this question: Have you had experience with entrepreneurs (i.e. small businesses)?

Thanks To: Suzanne Shaffer of Parents Countdown to College Coach

26. Your New Partner

How To Pick An Accountant: Ask for recommendations from people you respect who are also business owners.
Interview at least three accountants, so you can see the differences and the similarities. Make sure they understand your financial reporting system and can work with or educate you on it.
Google them to see what others say. Check to make sure that they are OK with the Better Business Bureau.Pick the one you feel will help you the most and with whom you are most comfortable.

Thanks To: Kate Putnam of Package Machinery Co Inc

27. Reference, Research & Repeat

How To Pick An Accountant: An accountant is one of the most vital assets to a small business. Finding the right one can be the difference between success and mediocrity. I recommend the “3-R Process.” First, it is important that you find someone that is experienced, and the best way to do that is a personal reference. Get a colleague’s reference. Second, do in-depth research on that person. Find out everything about them. Third, repeat this process with other potential accountants. Finally, select the best candidate.

Thanks To: Mark Hall of Input Ladder

28. The Right Bean Counter!

How To Pick An Accountant: Bring this checklist:

1. Length of time and client diversity – designation does not guarantee success!

2. Can they explain until you feel comfortable about your decision – in the end you are accountable!

3. Can they deliver – cheaper does not always mean better!

4. Can they give you references – the good, the bad and the Ugly!

Thanks To: Tina Pratt of Accountess

29. How To Find A Great Accountant

How To Pick An Accountant: Ask your friends and colleagues for referrals. If you have an unusual situation, ask for referrals from others in the same situation. For instance, I have an expertise in the Adoption Tax Credit, so I tend to receive a lot of referrals from adoptive parents to other adoptive parents. Check with your state Society of CPAs for a free referral. Ask your legal adviser. And finally, don’t settle for a store-front tax preparer! CPAs are licensed and have passed a comprehensive Exam.

Thanks To: Laura Cheeld Day of Laura Cheeld Day, CPA

30. Understand Them Or Fail

How To Pick An Accountant: The numbers tell the real story about what is going on in your business. If your accountant can’t tell you the story behind the numbers on your P&L and Balance Sheet then you have hired the wrong firm. There are only 3 things you have to understand to make your business successful. They are Margins, Sales and Expenses and they’re all found on the P&L Statement. Ask your firm “What needs to improve to make this business successful?”

Thanks To: Jim Plouffe of

31. Content Of Character

How To Pick An Accountant: My advice is to be on the alert when you hire an accountant. Years ago, ours would say, “I can’t tell you to do…, but some people will…” – we were naive and just ignored. A year later this same man moved from a basement office to a penthouse overlooking the Golden Gate bridge and acquired the most exquisite furniture – an incredible lifestyle leap. Two months later we heard on the news he was in jail for embezzling funds from his clients! We were safe but learned invaluable lessons.

Thanks To: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale, LLC

32. Think Outside The Register

How To Pick An Accountant: The best accountants, in my opinion, are honest and have the highest integrity, but are not afraid of the tax man. That means that they aggressively look for ways to take legitimate deductions by helping you to be creative with your business.

For example, instead of having your business mail delivered to your house, you have it delivered to a post box near to where you do most of your work. Now you can deduct your mileage for, in effect, picking up your mail.

Thanks To: Bruce Hoag of Dr Bruce Hoag

33. Like Finding The

How To Pick An Accountant: Finding a good accountant is like trying to find “Mr. Right” You have to test many to know what what your likes and dislikes are. Then your standards are are pretty set and you will just know. I tried a few, then I met a Stacey (, who fit everything I was looking for and we just connected! Referrals from a trusted colleague is key too!

Thanks To: Susan Vernicek of S&J Identity – Identity Magazine

34. Forward-thinking?

How To Pick An Accountant: With all the drama in the financial industry, accountants need to change the way others see them, as well as change the way THEY see themselves. We are not just number-crunchers…we need to be more forward-thinking and strategic with our clients. With that said, before you hire an accountant, ask for a referral but before you hire, interview them! If your clients intend to grow their businesses, a good accountant MUST be able to guide them through that growth and not just report on the past!

Thanks To: Sandra Baptist of Global Inst. Visionary Accountants

35. Ask Around

How To Pick An Accountant: I had been burned by hiring a big name firm that charged a lot and did poor work. I also couldn’t stand the guy who worked on our account. I started calling every small business like mine to find out who they used. I asked if the accountant had saved them money that exceeded the cost of services, how much they spent each year with the accountant, and what experience they had had with IRS audits. Three firms recommended the same accountant. He was a terrific find. I worked with him for 20 years.

Thanks To: Donald Mitchell of The 400 Year Project

36. Size Matters – Find Out

How To Pick An Accountant: Find an accountant who is extremely experienced in working with SMALL BUSINESSES. You never want an accountant “figuring things out” because he/she typically works with larger clients. You want the one who KNOWS what to do for your situation. Plus, you want someone who can help you now and grow with you as you succeed (take you from LLC to potentially a larger corporation).

Thanks To: Mike Domitrz of The Date Safe Project Inc

37. Word Of Mouth Rocks!

How To Pick An Accountant: Finding a good accountant is tough but the best way to find one you can trust is asking friends that you trust and who they use. If a friend or business is truly happy with them then at least you know more about the accountant rather than going in blind! We all prefer word of mouth about movies, products, businesses, etc. so don’t be shy! Ask around!

Thanks To: Ashley Bodi of

38. Call Your Friendly Newscaster

How To Pick An Accountant: I suggest you call the Consumer Affairs Reporter at your local TV station. When I was the Consumer Investigative Reporter for my TV station in Nashville (prior to being an entrepreneur of course), I did a story with a local accountant. He was so good with his advice on air, he became my accountant and is to this day across several states and launching my biz. I continued to use him as an expert for all my tax stories in that market and my colleagues did after I left town.

Thanks To: Roshini Rajkumar of Roshini Multi Media

39. Just Ask

How To Pick An Accountant: The best way to find a good accountant/plumber/doctor is via recommendation. Ask your friends, associates, neighbors who they use. If you trust their judgment, you can usually reply on their recommendations.

Thanks To: Jacqui Rosshandler of Jacquean Products/ Eatwhater

40. Do Your Homework!

How To Pick An Accountant: Ask the accountant for references. You are looking for companies that are at similar growth stages as you. Try to find companies with similar employee numbers, similar industries, or similar annual revenue numbers.

Once you get the references, ask them about timeliness, accuracy, fairness of pricing for the work done, and the results of their work. Also, since accountants are all over the country, try to find one that resides in your state and local area.

Thanks To: Michael Ayalon of Petwebdesigner

41. Word Of Mouth

How To Pick An Accountant: My first accountant was simply the least expensive… not necessarily the best. I have found over time that word of mouth has worked wonders for me. Ask your friends, family and get an honest opinion before making this important decision.

Thanks To: CINDY TOLLEN of Sudz N Bubbles, Ltd.

42. And You Do Work For Who??

How To Pick An Accountant: Hiring an accountant is critical to your business. Why tempt fate with IRS audits not to mention not having the right info to pay your taxes correctly. Overpaying or underpaying can hurt you big time. So first and foremost when hiring someone, get their references and call them. And second, sit down with your potential accountant to ascertain their expertise, especially in your given business area. And finally, get someone with experience. This is no time to save a few pennies on a newbie!

Thanks To: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks

43. Avoid The Red Flags

How To Pick An Accountant: I’d have to say in seeking a good accountant be sure they are either a CTEC or CPA. They are certified and current with the laws so you stay clean. Using someone with this certification will also lessen the random chances you get audited. I would also ask other business owners you know who they use, word of mouth is the best source!

Thanks To: Robin Hardy of Robin Hardy Consultant

44. Know Your Own Needs First

How To Pick An Accountant: There are many versions of accountants – CPAs, tax advisors, bookkeepers; large firms, sole practitioners; techno-savvy, old-school paper & pencil; and many more. Assess how much you need them to do for you and what you can do yourself. Based on your corporate structure, decide if they do just the business or your personal work too. Figure out what software you plan to use inhouse. Then, find the least expensive person who covers your specific needs with whom you feel completely comfortable.

Thanks To: Patricia Fragen of Strategic Office Solutions

45. Understanding Of My Business

How To Pick An Accountant: It is very important that the accountant you hire has some knowledge about your business – What kind of products you sell, how do you get paid and what terms and conditions you use etc.

Also the accountant should be able to answer questions like – How can you improve the cash flow, how much funds you have in your account etc.

Thanks To: Zway Yee of Conversion Rate Optimization

46. Ask The Right Questions

How To Pick An Accountant: Ask around for recommendations. Call others in your same industry and see who they use. Put a note on Facebook or Twitter and see what responses you get. Once you have a few, put together a short list of questions and start interviewing them. Most accounting firms, or good one at least, have specific industry niches on which they focus, so stick with those that know your business and provide good service to those in your niche. Or email me. I work with accounting firms and can recommend some.

Thanks To: Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk of BBR Marketing

47. Just Ask….

How To Pick An Accountant: I am pretty confident that the majority of business owners are also connected in some sort of local networking group. If so, just ask other business owner who they use and what they think. If you are not in a networking group…why not? Connecting with other local business owners locally is a great resource for your business.

Thanks To: Cheryl Hill of Mia Bella “Green” Products

48. Buffett Fife Rambo

How To Pick An Accountant: If you’re a risk taker, don’t choose an accountant who only spouts chapter and verse. Not that you want a rule-breaker, because in the end we all have to follow IRS regs, but someone who will at least think outside of the box like you do. My accountant for over 15 years, who is a perfect combination of Warren Buffett’s wisdom, Barney Fife’s demeanor, and Rambo’s cunning, meets with me every December to review the year and make any year-end adjustment decisions. In the spring, no surprises!

Thanks To: George Smart of Strategic Development Inc

49. Yelp!

How To Pick An Accountant: Use your powers of YELP…be it the online website or simply YELPing out to your friends, colleagues, and family, “HELP, I need an accountant, NOW!” There is no better way to find a service provider than to get advice from people who are in your similar position, with a similar outlook in life.

Also remember just because you choose an accountant, if you don’t like them you can and should switch as soon as your gut tells you to.

Thanks To: Kirsten Mahoney of Insight Out Life Coaching

50. Use A Hiring Rubric

How To Pick An Accountant: Hiring the right accountant is critical to your success and your pocketbook: 1.Interview multiple well qualified candidates. 2.Use a detailed rubric of questions to evaluate them fairly. 3.In hiring; friends are good, stars are great. 4.Be sure they are expert in your field (e.g., most accountants do not know all the tax deductions a small business can utilize). 5.Be sure they are excited about your business and your vision. 6.Protect yourself by interviewing their references plus 1-2 clients.

Thanks To: Kerri Salls of Solopreneur Blueprint

51. Under Your Nose

How To Pick An Accountant: Finding a good accountant may take a bit of sleuthing or P.I. 101. But, really, other than searching the yellow pages or looking up BBB reviews, the preferred one may be just a question away by asking a neighbor or friend. Referrals are most favorable and reliable. I have a cousin in the family I can always turn to……. maybe you do too and just never thought about it.

Thanks To: Carolyn Bartz of WITH PEN IN HAND

52. Ask For What You Need

How To Pick An Accountant: My best resources and contacts come from referrals come from referrals from fellow entrepreneurs. When I need a professional, I ask my fellow entrepreneurs. Someone that they have used is a guarantee to me that the person is good, reputable and dependable. This is how I found my accountant, my bookkeeper, my attorney and my web designer. Ask for what you need from those you trust. If they believe in the person, you won’t likely go wrong.

Thanks To: Darline Turner-Lee of Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond

53. Don’t Abdicate!

How To Pick An Accountant: Many entrepreneurs regard their accounting issues as either unfathomable or distasteful. And so they hope that they can find someone who can either make magic, make it painless or just make it go away. My advice is to LEARN accounting! And then you can speak the same language. Take Accounting 101 or something like Accounting Comes Alive. Once you know enough to take the mystery out of it, interview some accountants (get referrals from colleagues)and find someone you respect and trust.

Thanks To: Leigh Kramer of Helicopter Marketing

54. Just Ask

How To Pick An Accountant: It sounds simple enough, but the best way to find a good accountant is to ask family and friends who they use for their personal taxes. If you have fellow entrepreneur friends, you can ask them as well. We learn in business that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and this is no different. I was lucky in this area because my best friends brother is an accountant, I trust him completely. If others have a trusted accountant, you can meet them and go with your gut, it is never wrong!

Thanks To: Phyllis Pometta of Baby Swags

55. Referrals And Interviews

How To Pick An Accountant: Having great people on your business team is critical and your accountant is not exception. I recommend asking people in that are already successful in business who they trust and recommend. Get a list of referrals and then start making phone calls to the accountants you are referred to. Interview them and go with your gut on the best fit for you right now. Also be sure they will guarantee their work. You can always make a change down the road if you need to.

Thanks To: Sarah Cook of Raising CEO Kids

56. Word Of Mouth

How To Pick An Accountant: We found our accountant thru word of mouth by talking to other business owners. If someone really likes their accountant then chances are they are good. We then interviewed a couple and found the one who best fit our needs – ie – we use Quickbooks so we wanted someone who could use what we already had in place.

Thanks To: Anna Eves of DigiPix.Us

57. Count On Others

How To Pick An Accountant: One way to find a good accountant is to always COUNT on others.

C-Call on people in your network
O-Open up the yellow pages
U-Utilize free help during tax season
N-Network at local events
T-Take classes to become your own accountant

Thanks To: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises

58. No Accounting For Accountants!

How To Pick An Accountant: I suggest that you check your own network of small businesspeople, especially small business owners, who have been around your area for a while and ask them for referrals. If several people recommend the same person, that is a promising lead. Be sure to do reference checks, BBB checks, etc., before you hire any unkown person for this critical job.

Thanks To: JR Rodrigues of Job Hunt Express

59. Ask Trusted Resourses

How To Pick An Accountant: Ask for referrals from trusted resources. Attend networking groups & ask for advice. Identify accountants that are proactive in local and/or professional associations. In NJ, contact The New Jersey Association of Public Accountants & New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants. Search the internet for background information on several prospective accountants. Find them on social networking sites to learn more. You’ll have a sense of trust in making the right choice.

Thanks To: Vicki Lynne Morgan of Russmor Marketing Group

60. Ask A Friend

How To Pick An Accountant: The only way to find a good accountant is by referral. Always ask at least three friends and find out who they use and what they like or dislike about their accountant.

Thanks To: Robert Ashton of Robert Ashton

61. Maui Millionaires Are Cool

How To Pick An Accountant: I always refer to Diane Kennedy of Maui Millionaires (check out the book she co-wrote at any B&N). Her particular package wasn’t what I needed, but she’s great about giving out names of other accountants she personally recommends. Good resource, and she’s not constantly trying to sell you things you don’t really want or need.

Thanks To: Lily Iatridis of Boomerang Presentations

62. Birds Of A Feather.

How To Pick An Accountant: The most important step is finding an accountant that has expertise in your industry or type of business. He/she will have the most ideal perspective for your business’ accounting needs, and will be in a position to offer not only accounting and tax services but strategic business advise. Interview several, ask how their service contributes to their clients success?…Birds of a feather.

Thanks To: Barbara Russo of Barbara Russo STRATEGICS

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