7 Crazy Ideas That Make Millions

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

Have a crazy idea?  So did these entrepreneurs, and the results have been millions. Here’s to the crazy ones:

1. Big Earings!

This Crazy Idea Makes Millions: A trio of young California women are making serious money designing large oversized custom earrings called, “Headbanger Accessories.” Their chic ‘movement’ events bring devout followers together where they talk about/trade/buy earrings.

Thanks To: Deborah Porter of Creativity Made Fresh

2. Dumb Money Making Machines

This Crazy Idea Makes Millions: Who would ever buy a Chia plant, one wonders. And yet, people do. They also bought Pet Rocks! My personal sheer-madness dumb success, though, is the cardboard that, when placed inside your windshield, supposedly keeps your car cool. Why spend $20 when you can just unfold an old packing box yourself? To understand Americans’ whimsical preferences is to find the key to untold riches.

Thanks To: Marlene Caroselli of Principled Persuasion

3. Dog Gone It

This Crazy Idea Makes Millions: I think Doggles (eyewear for dogs) is the dumbest idea that I wish I came up with. As a youngster I was raised with many dogs and that vision never crossed my eyes.

Thanks To: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises

4. Student Sells Pixels For Millions

This Crazy Idea Makes Millions: A 21 year-old college student in England set up a website where you could buy pixels on his homepage for $1 each. Within 4 months he had sold a million pixels! What I found interesting is that he took the first $1000 dollars he made from the site and bought a press release which he distributed to media sources. From that little bit of publicity he was able to make big money in a very short amount of time. Here’s the real kicker though, he sold the last 1,000 pixels on eBay for over $150,000!!! How’s that for an example of the relationship between supply and demand?

Thanks To: Mark Bowen of Mister Popsicle Clothing

5. Fly Me To The Moon

This Crazy Idea Makes Millions: Is this even legal? If you want to get away from it all….. someone is offering the moon or a piece of it for a small token. Ya, pick your planet from the list of “outer space” RE. Now that’s creative thinking to create millions.

Thanks To: Carolyn Bartz of Secrets Of Cat Attitude Revealed

6. Water Guns, Simple T-shirts And More.

This Crazy Idea Makes Millions: How about this crazy idea that is free for the taking… a peanut-butter jar with a lid on both sides. No one has made it yet, but I hope somebody someday will.

Thanks To: Kundan Chhabra of Experiencing Divinity, Sharing Awakening

7. Corn Mazes

This Crazy Idea Makes Millions: Brett Herbst’s corn maze idea – labyrinthes made or cut from corn fields – when he first got the idea, all his friends and family thought he had rocks in his head – his story actually reminds me of the movie Field of Dreams – “If you build it, they will come.” :)

Thanks To: Kundan Chhabra of Experiencing Divinity, Sharing Awakening

Compiled by Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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  • http://jenkinsdothatthing.blogspot.com/ Rondell Jenkins

    Is that little Rootsie Watkins in that Headbanger Accessories picture? Look at her making her own in the world now!

  • Mike Michalowicz

    @Rondell – Hold on here. Did we reconnect people here on the TPE website?!? Well I will be damned, we are reconnect long lost relationships! We do it all here at the TPE. :>)

    - Mike

  • http://1000-loanpayday.blogspot.com/ Gene K

    I’m just looking for such idea. A lot of time spends. But I hope I will find it.
    About 1 million dollars site red in some post – it impressed me very much!
    The problem in us. All the time we speak that we can make this or we can make that but do nothing. There is not brave in us to start. Somebody laugh on the idea and another one makes and get success.

  • Manny

    I love crazy ideas, they’re often the difference between stagnation and progress…

    How about head rests for urinals? hahahaha!

    • http://www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com Mike Michalowicz

      @Manny – love the idea of headrests… hysterical.

  • http://crazyideafactory.com/ Kurtis

    It is always the craziest or the simplest idea that is the best idea. But remeber crazy is so much more fun than simple

    • http://www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com Mike Michalowicz

      @Kurtis – True dat!

  • http://www.hiddentoiletpaper.com Chad Walters

    Speaking of TPE check out my invention! I have others….., a big one getting launched in 2011 that will change the way America does business.
    Good luck out there INVENTORS!

    • http://www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com Mike Michalowicz

      @Chad – Thanks for the note. I just checked out your site. What a great idea. Congrats on your invention!!!

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