61 Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

Growing a multi-million dollar company, or even a “multi-thousand” dollar company, requires you to get the word out. Big time. Now before you start bitching and moaning about how the big competitor down the road has a marketing budget that is bigger than the federal deficit, I want you to know you have stuff they don’t. You see, the small business entrepreneur can out market the big boys, and land the big fish. Here’s how…

1. They Can Connect Individually

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Small business entrepreneurs cannot advertise a lot, so their main focus always remains on giving their current customers excellent service and increasing the referrals from them.
Most of the big brands are trying to embrace social media at work to get this quality of an entrepreneur that is to connect with individuals personally and giving them what they want.

Thanks To: Akash Sharma of Revenue Strategy Solutions Ltd.

2. Living The Guerilla Life!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: I am a big advocate of guerilla marketing! It’s marketing where you make your own rules, and they work. Make sure they are legal. One technique I use is to pass out my promo cards to potential readers and talk with them in public. This takes courage. But my biggest win was having a guy approach me at an event, tell me that I gave him a card on the train, he had his friend go to our website, and they both decided to come and get the book from me live! Heartfelt communication makes the sale!

Thanks To: Asadah Kirkland of Beating Black Kids – The Book

3. Network, Network, Network!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: The single piece of marketing advice that I give out most often is to network! Networking and communicating can open endless doors! It’s a great way to recruit new customers and new business partners. Word of mouth is the best advertising around. The more people you meet, talk with and work with, the more people that will be spreading the word about you, your company and your products. Because of technology you can easily network with people around the world.

Thanks To: Dawn Berryman of Market Mommy

4. Opportunity Abounds!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Entrepreneur’s have amazing opportunities to move and act quickly with new opportunity. Watching the news and creating promotions related to current news events can bring a great deal of buzz, interest and even media coverage if done right. Watching current events for related topics then taking advantage of fast moving media, like social media, is a great way to grab the attention of new clients.

Thanks To: Payson Cooper of Payson & Co., LLC

5. To Feel Or Not To Feel!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: In my profession, I have learned that I am either educating or re-educating others about what I do and what the benefits are. I also learned that I could talk till I am blue in the face or have incredible testimonials from clients stating what their experience was. However, when I actually give them a taste of our servicee and they have the opportunity to “feel” it themselves, then they understand! My biggest marketing is PERSONAL TOUCH. Let them sample what you can offer.

Thanks To: Pattie Meyers of Balanced Sole Reflexology

6. Small Biz Guerrilla Marketing

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: If you can sell your services or products to small businesses, pick up the phone and call as many local small businesses as you can and introduce yourself as a fellow local small businessperson. Playing up on the local small business aspect is usually enough to get you in the door with a majority of these busineses and you should be on your way to closing the deal.

Thanks To: JR Rodrigues of Job Hunt Express

7. Be Yourself

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: You must have full control of the marketing function of your small business and listen to no one but yourself. Big companies cannot take marketing risks and upset the status quo, you can. That’s how change happens; thinking outside the box. And if your idea flops, at least you satisfied your own curiosity and did something different.

Thanks To: Anthony Adams of The Hangover Cure

8. Follow The Golden Rule

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: My best “marketing tip” is to follow the golden rule. Give my clients what I’d like to get from a company. I want them to feel like the got way more than they paid for.

In my line of business, that has meant giving them a great deal to start with and after the sale taking the time to give personal attention, talking them through steps, writing tutorials to answer question.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective.

Thanks To: Alison Moore Smith of Start Blogging in 1 Week

9. Talk To Everyone!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: I talk to everyone. Not just at networking events–in bank lines, at the dentist, at school pickup. While I talk, I listen for people’s needs. If one of their needs coincides with what I do, I share my business card. I’m not pushy, and I’ve gotten business this way! As an entrepreneur, you are the face of your company. When you’re out and about, use it to your advantage. Talk to everyone, and listen for ways you can help.

Thanks To: Aileen McDonough of 3am Writers

10. Apologize Later

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: I took my book to a trade show of librarians. I took bookmarks promoting my book as well. During the show, I left the booth I was staffing (in free time) and put bookmarks on the lunch tables and greeted attendees as they walked the show. I took the opportunity to tell them why my book is important to have in their library. You never know when one of those bookmarks will make a sale!

Thanks To: Lauren Whitman of KidSkills

11. How Can I Help You

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: I have found that it’s not about ME but what I can do for THEM that is important, so I listen to them instead of doing the talking, and from that I can pick up Key things that they are saying which helps me tune into what they need and how my services can help them.

Thanks To: Robbie Motter of RobbieMotterdbaContactsUnlimited

12. Start Your Own Networking Group

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Have you ever been to a networking group and thought that you kind of like it but wish that certain things were done differently? Me too. So, I started my own group. The Divorce Transition Professionals. Attorneys, mediators, therapists, money managers, accountants, mortgage brokers, realtors. Within 4 months we had 25 members. No dues, no meals. Just support, education and networking with each other once a month + a troika. It really works.

Thanks To: Neil Palache of The Wealth Creator Company 4 Women

13. Use It Or Lose It

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Ad space, use it or lose it. Big companies are too busy looking where all of their competition is leaving a precious marketing commodity called ad remnant space. This is ad space in magazines, radios, newspaper and even TV that can be used for pennies on the dollar. All ignored by the bigger companies. While not a prime time slot, you definitely get A LOT more bang for your buck!

Thanks To: Edwin Soler of Libreria Berea

14. One-on-one Marketing

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Entrepreneurs can make their marketing one-on-one by doing things such as the following: stand outside a competing business and politely ask people as they exit if you could ask them a few questions about their shopping experience; go on Twitter and @ people you’ve engaged in conversation before and ask them to take part in your survey; visit blogs in a related niche and send the blogger an email explaining how your products complement each other and you would both benefit from cross-promotion.

Thanks To: Marelisa Fabrega of Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online

15. Help A Reporter

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: I get an email newsletter every day from “HARO”. An easy, no cost opportunity to express your creativity and promote your business, product or service via reporter or journalist. If you can help supply or be a source for a particular topic or niche, you can be looked as an expert. One way to keep back links going to your website. TPE Blog is also great! Help someone else and watch the benefits.


16. Guerilla Markeing-go Bananas!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Big companies got big budgets, while most small companies can’t afford to advertise in the newspaper each week. So get your hands dirty and do some of the marketing that big companies won’t do. Go door to door, mailbox to mailbox, and HAND deliver your ad or brochure to potential customers. Reading ads in newspapers and magazines is boring. But recieving a hand-delivered piece of literature is different and sometimes interesting. Plus, some potential customers WANT to support the little guys!

Thanks To: Alexis Avila of Prepped & Polished

17. Networking Is A Must

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: One of the most valuable marketing tips as a small business owner is NETWORKING. Yes, that’s right, good ‘ol, face to face, networking! In today’s high tech world of aps, texting, and live video of everything, one of the most effective marking strategies is getting to know other professionals and for them to get to know you and what your business does. Power is in your network! Your network is your word-of-mouth marketing life line!

Thanks To: Cheryl Jablow of Social Frog Designs

18. Turn On A Dime

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: We’re not a huge company, but do work with many fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and universities. When you are smaller and nimble, you have a capacity to move very quickly through the design, approval, and manufacturing process and make changes on the fly with great agility. No waiting forever for internal approvals or sign-offs. We can make almost impossible deadlines and give a level of intimate customer service and responsiveness that is rare. Here’s to the little guys!

Thanks To: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks

19. Get Others To Spread The Word

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Ask your subscribers to contribute to your blog post. Perhaps ask a question and get them to give you the responses. Form your blog post with all their great responses….Then ask them to help you spread the word through social media.

Thanks To: Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette

20. One Action A Day

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Do ONE thing per day for your marketing efforts. It doesn’t have to be a BIG thing; it can simply be compiling a few names from a Google search, making 5 cold calls (brrrr), or sending a few email letters.

Some days you’ll do more but if even the word marketing sends shivers up your spine, it helps to just do ONE thing a day to keep your forward motion.

Thanks To: Michelle Hill of Winning Proof

21. Know Thy Audience

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: A launch of any business kind doesn’t have to be hit or miss. Hear this, if you know, connect and share with your audience and target market your launch will be easy peasy. Find out exactly what they want and deliver above and beyond what they expect. It’s a recipe for success that any entrepreneur can take and run with!

Thanks To: Rickina Velte of Stick Me Designs

22. Show Up

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Many people see me as an extrovert, but I’m really quite a homebody who prefers not to leave the house if I don’t have to. However, I also understand the power of the personal touch & face-to-face encounters. It’s easy for my introversion to flip into depression if biz isn’t buzzing. Recently I’ve been rediscovering the rejuvenating power of making pitches in the flesh so sent this tweet: “‘I’ll come and we can talk in person.’ Powerful words in a digital age.

Thanks To: Colleen Taylor of Siretona Creative

23. Niche Domination

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Entrepreneurs have the ability to dominate highly profitable niche markets in a way large companies cannot because large companies want large markets, not small markets. This leaves a huge opportunity for small businesses to dominate niche markets by focusing their marketing message to match the exact wants and needs of that niche market. It also allows entrepreneurs to market over and over relentlessly to a niche mark and own it. Best marketing tools will be Internet marketing and direct mail.

Thanks To: Peter Geisheker of The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm

24. Lightning Fast!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Small business has a distinct advantage over big businesses by virtue of BEING small. A request or an order comes in, now how many people must it pass through until resolution? Maybe only one and BOOM! the answer is yes, the decision is made–the customer is delighted by the high quality customer care. Flexibility is a real advantage, our client base is becoming more selective and don’t care to be just a number anymore. The personal touch makes all the difference!

Thanks To: Sandy Wheeler of SAndy Wheeler Travel Specialties

25. People Are Willing To Help You

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: You don’t need huge advertising dollars to market your business. So, stop wasting time putting marketing campaigns and hit the streets.

Go see whats on peoples mind. Ask them what they think about your product or service. Put people in the spot light. They will either be customers, refer you and guide you to your next customer.

We should be talking to a minimum of 30 people per day. Get up from the computer and hit the streets.

Thanks To: Craig Collins of Hidden Sports Recruit

26. Guerilla Marketing!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: As a fempreneur, the technique that I favour when marketing is to do the unexpected. Showing up in person, sending Godivas, poetry by the pound…whatever it takes to attract their attention(in a good way!)is the freedom that I cherish as an independent. That, and a good dose of chutzpah, often transforms that prospective into a client! Not being confined by rules, or business to business protocols at the very beginning helps me to send a “snapshot” of my business to my prospective client!

Thanks To: Doula Angelita of Resurgam BirthingWell8899

27. Look For Ways To Help

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Public service is my favorite form of marketing! I look for people who have problems I can assist with through advice, support or information. Forums, Twitter, or blog posts are great online venues to offer help. Freely share of your expertise (along with a link to your website, of course). You can also write about questions that frequently come up: you reach your target group at the same time you’re establishing yourself as a generous and knowledgeable professional. Win-win!

Thanks To: Dixie Vogel of Good Karma Host LLC

28. Corporate Tweets

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Up to 60% of followers of corporate Twitter accounts are looking out for specials and bargains. Build of a strong following and offer them special treats (tweets) now and then. You don’t get targeted marketing much cheaper than that…

Thanks To: Bruce Aylward of Psoda

29. Being In Touch

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Large companies sometimes become so removed from their target market that they become disconnected from their needs and wants. As an entrepreneur, I am right there, on the ground, every day with my potential clients. I am learning their up to the minute needs and discovering the best solutions to meet those needs. The marketing strategy- being right where my client is physically, mentally and emotionally at any given day.

Thanks To: Kirsten Mahoney of Insight Out Life Coaching

30. Parter With A Fortune 500!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: As the little guy you can sandwich yourself between a non-profit and a fortune 500 company. For example, I called up 1-800-flowers and told them my idea was to create a Mother-in-Law Day bouquet where a percentage of the proceeds would go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Since Mother in Law Day and Breast Cancer Awareness month are both in October, it was a surefire hit. And my company got free publicity. A win win all around!

Thanks To: Sally Shields of The Daughter-in-Law Rules

31. Beat The Competition

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Entrepreneurs have a vision and an ability to think outside of what is currently being done/accomplished. Since they have a emotional tie to the success of their business, they are more likely to think of ways to creatively market their services that the “big guys” haven’t bothered to, or haven’t thought of. So far, the biggest success in my marketing efforts, has been through social networking and getting referrals from other businesses after you build solid professional relationships with them.

Thanks To: Jason McAninch of J-TEK

32. Ceo To Ceo

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Entrepreneurs are CEOs of their own organization and can directly walk up to their counterpart CEOs and get business done.

Thanks To: Gobind Shahbaaz Singh of eMagzin

33. Get Yourself Involved

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: I find a small business can beat a big business any day by offering upper level management servicing. For all of our projects, being the head of the company I am able to get involved with all of the clients and be actually involved in all projects not just checking in once a month. Most companies want to know that when you start a job that the CEO isn’t just going to disappear and is only interested in closing the sale and not being there for questions or support.

Thanks To: Marc Anderson of TalktoCanada.com

34. Put It In The Bag

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Back in September 2008 I was looking for a way to cost effectively market my business. I signed up for (HARO) Help A Reporter Out to receive Gift Bag Requests. I have had tremendous success in a short amount of time. I have been able to market my business for free at over 70 events through gift bags in the US, UK, Canada and Sweden.

Thanks To: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises

35. Outserve Your Competitors

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: How can small businesses compete with the big boys? Simple. Out-serve them. Big businesses have gotten so big that they have forgotten how to serve their customer. That’s where the small biz owner can win. They have the ability to serve their customer like they’ve never been served before. The results: Many customers are willing to pay a higher price for better service. You don’t have to be like the big boys. Be different. Serve your customers well & they become free, live advertising for you.

Thanks To: Matt Wegner of Matt Wegner Coaching

36. Authentic Voice

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Big companies have a spokesperson. They offer official statements, and it can takes days, weeks, months. Authenticity is lost…and late.

Entrepreneurs speak for themselves. Use your blog, your website, speaking engagements to make your services personable. Let them see the person behind the organization. Let them know WHY you do what you do. Bring out the meaning behind your product.

Your clients will feel more attached to your presence.

Thanks To: Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving

37. Get Out There And Meet People!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: As a new entrepreneur, I am a networking fool lately, and it is certainly paying off. Not only have I met some great people, some of whom became clients, but I’m also now on the 4th and 5th generation of introductions as well. I’ve gotten fantastic advice about my company, and even suggestions for services I now offer. Everyone knows someone, so get out there and meet as many people as you can.

Thanks To: Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk of BBR Marketing

38. Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: I honestly think we have to market in a variety of ways to be successful. In my business, there is no one best way, it’s a combination of several different kinds of marketing. Online advertising, local marketing, referrals, etc…

Thanks To: Jocelyn Wiebe of AmeriPlan

39. Your Crystal Ball

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Your customers will tell you what products to create, how to sell those products to them, how to talk to them, and more, IF you let them. Just ask 3 key questions: Who are you (to get demographics and psychographics), what do you want (to create products to order), and how are we doing (to get proof to convert prospects and keep your business on track). If you use surveys to have an ongoing conversation with your customers that focuses on these 3 key questions, your profits will skyrocket.

Thanks To: Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD of MySurveyExpert, LLC

40. Get Personal!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: My clients are my fortune and the best way I know how to market my business is to put myself out in front of potential clients by getting out there and meeting people in whatever arena I can. In the end, I am my brand. A cornerstone of my business is customer service and our ability to customize products. Everyone wants to feel like your most important client and they do when they know who you are not just your products.

Thanks To: Lee Reizian Holmes of Art By Chocolate LLC

41. Be Yourself

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: An entrepreneur doesn’t need to spend tons of money on “image advertising.” My most effective marketing tip is to be your authentic self on your website, blog and all copywriting.

Thanks To: Ann Ronan of Authentic Life Institute

42. The New Marketing Platform

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: I would say my best tip for marketing today as an entrepreneur is utilizing the Social Media Platforms, including: FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube. EII: Educate, Inform & Invite to action. Video & audio are your two best tools that can impact your business it puts a face to who & what you are, video can be done from your FLIP or professional both work. Get over your fear of video & add it to your marketing plan! EXPOSURE!

Thanks To: Robin Hardy of Robin Hardy Consultant

43. Flexibility!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Anyone who has worked a corporate job knows that large corporations don’t respond quickly to anything! A solo-preneur or small company should use this to their advantage when assessing/developing marketing strategies. Additionally, we can achieve greater customer satisfaction with personalization. Calling your customer by name because you know him/her vs. a name on a computer screen.

Thanks To: Joann Sondy of Creative Aces

44. Face Time With The Owner

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Consumers these days feel betrayed by many big businesses, but they can also be nervous about working with a company that is too small. This is where the entrepreneur gets on the phone to tell potential customers why their company is qualified. An entrepreneur can control the personal interactions they have and using that to their advantage can build relationships and trust.

Thanks To: Jacqui Pini of Museum Way Pearls

45. Using Video To Market Stuff!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: As small business marketing consultants, we tend to be “Jack of All…” type of folks, right? I mean, you can’t copywrite, create, produce, etc. everything on your own. That’s why we rely on the experts when we need to outsource some services.

Outsource? Ouch! Not at all…

If you have ever eaten at a restaurant, or had someone change the oil in your car- you have outsourced. THINK ABOUT IT! That is why we like to use Traffic Geyser for our video submission service.

Thanks To: Kevin Puls of Puls Marketing

46. Get Involved Socially!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: While big businesses spend lots of money on Google Adwords and other high dollar marketing campaigns, focus your efforts on Social Networking! With Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can develop relationships with your core audience with no marketing budget at all. With a steady presence on all three social networking sites, you will see that you drive large amounts of traffic with very little effort. Be yourself, post interesting content, and network in your niche!

Thanks To: Michael Ayalon of Petwebdesigner

47. The Neglected Marketing Tool

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: There is a frequently neglected and misunderstood marketing tool sitting on every business owner’s desk (or in their pocket.) The telephone. In today’s difficult economy cold calling is one of the most efficient and least expensive ways to develop new business. All an entrepreneur needs is a phone and a targeted list. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs lack skill in this area. The good news: Cold calling is a communication skill and like any communication skill can be learned and improved upon.

Thanks To: Wendy Weiss of Weiss Communications

48. Sounds Cliche, But It Works

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: The single-most effective marketing tip that I can provide is to use yourself as a marketing tool. What I mean by that is wear your brand, be your brand. When you leave your office or home, go with the intention of talking about your business to whoever you may meet. I attempt to wear my company shirt as often as possible. Because it isn’t a household name, people ask “What is Input Ladder?” That statement alone allows me to sell my business. Find ways to discuss your company.

Thanks To: Mark Hall of Input Ladder

49. Share Who You Really Are

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Before I was an entrepreneur, I worked in a large corporate environment where we were encouraged to be the same. I have found that the more I let my own personality shine, the bigger my business grows. I do this through PR, blogs, twitter and other social media. Know who you are and what you stand for and make sure to share it authentically.

Thanks To: Stephanie Calahan of Calahan Solutions, Inc.

50. Small And Speedy

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Entreprenuers have the advantage of being able to make discussions quickly and run with them. Too often innovation gets caught up in the red corporate tape.

Thanks To: Lois Whittaker of Cushie Pushie Company

51. Social Network!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: I think that bigger companies overlook the power of social networking…maybe they think they’re above it? Or think it’s a waste of time? The truth is, getting your product/company noticed on Twitter, FB, and Linkedin is huge. You’re reaching out to thousands of buyers, retailers, and distributors with just a few clicks. It is the best way to get exposure for your product.

Thanks To: Tina Hill of Kidzsack

52. Give Something Of Value Free

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: My best tip is to give away something of value. A free report, a free CD, something that would entice others to get involved with you. That’s what I have done, and it works!

Thanks To: Laura Aridgides of YouNeedMoreTime.com

53. Open Your Eyes!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Entrepreneurs have many marketing advantages; they are small, flexible, quick and can be super responsive to customer needs. The most important marketing tip is – Open your eyes. Realize the huge advantage you have over the cumbersome corporate alternative. Your ability to make decisions without running it by a herd of others means you can take customer input and provide them with results faster then the big guys.

Thanks To: Karen Southall Watts of Karen Southall Watts (Ask Karen)

54. Stop Trying To Sell!!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: So many companies and organisations spend all their time SELLING to people, selling isn’t what being an entrepreneur is all about, it is about being creative, building trust and rapport and relationships. Without these key factors you have no business and the sales are empty shells that you have to keep re-inventing time and time again. With these you have everything and you position yourself as an expert and the “go to” person. Entrepreneurs can do this where large organisation often can’t.

Thanks To: Carol Dodsley of Choose Changes

55. The Queen Mary I Am Not!

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Entrepreneurs can turn on the dime, respond to the forces of the market place almost immediately with compelling marketing messages. From blogging, to using Twitter or other social media sites to writing articles to delivering a speech on short notice all demonstrate the flexibility today’s market place demands. Large firms are like the Queen Mary, they must be turned slowly and thereby lose their competitive marketing advantage. Small is good because small is quick and responsive.

Thanks To: Leanne Hoagland-Smith of ADVANCED SYSTEMS

56. Squeeze Da Flesh

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Our viral business connections will continue to enhance our online reputation but we can not forget that what remains vital is our ability as humans to interact on a person to person basis.
Meet and greet, works and we never know who or when that’s our next opportunity.
Play nice and eat your spinach!

Thanks To: Jerry Pollio of CMT Creative Marketing

57. Use The

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Entrepreneurs are especially situated to take advantage of the “power of 3″ for their businesses. You can harness Twitter, a Facebook fan page and your website so that the whole is more powerful than the sum of the parts. And because your personality is up-front-and-center instead of that of a monolithic corporation, people can more easily relate to your business as you utilize the “power of 3.”

Thanks To: Phyllis Zimbler Miller of Miller Mosaic Power Marketing

58. Be Yourself

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling, a corporation isn’t a person and doesn’t have a personality. As an entrepreneur, you can express your personality, infuse it in your company and communicate with clients and customers so they know what you’re trying to accomplish. People identify with a person rather than a corporate entity.

Thanks To: Tracy Young, Chief Princess of A Little Indulgence

59. Social Media Mingle

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Network and “mingle” via social media channels, keeping the conversation 2-way between you and your client/consumer.

Thanks To: Blair Broussard of Community Coffee Company

60. Inventory Management System

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: Marketing in this day and age has drastically changed from the leaflets and mailers of past. We have found that blogging is the most effective method. Why? Content relevant to product can be viewed by people in companies that you may not reach with your normal ways of present marketing.

Thanks To: Bob Morris of Velocity Solutions, LLC

61. Personal Relationships

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Advantage: One thing that BIG companies can’t do is forge personal relationships with their customers. Because my company is just “me, myself, and I”, I am able to build those personal relationships which always result in future business relationships. Being genuine and real online on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn gives me an edge in a time when people are tired of being reduced to a number or just another voice on the other end of the phone.

Thanks To: Suzanne Shaffer of Parents Countdown to College Coach

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  • http://www.jesgraphicdesignco.com Jana Schweiss

    Great stuff here everyone! I am a big advocate of connecting one on one and being yourself. The small guys don’t need big marketing campaigns to grow a business, just the everyday connections, referrals and good honest business. oh, and always follow through!

    • http://www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com Mike Michalowicz

      @Jana – Cha-ching. I agree!

  • http://www.eoverflowhelp.com/ Denver Virtual Assistant

    It’s nice to see a variety of tips from a variety of people. I especially like what Peter Geisheker said about Niche Domination. Sometimes entrepreneurs try to serve way too many markets.

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  • http://www.asla.com june davidson

    What a collection of experience, knowledge and wisdom! I especially enjoyed Robbie Motter’s. SHe is one smart lady and the connector for connections.

  • http://www.thebasemententrepreneur.com Chris @ The Basement Entrepreneur

    Excellent list! I may have to link to that on a weekly link roundup post. Great stuff.

    The tips involving being yourself, being authentic…. those are the ones I think are key. You can’t put up a front and be something you’re not. You spend too much energy pretending, and your product and your business relationships will suffer