26 Brand New Entrepreneur Ideas

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

Thinking about starting a business in 2010? Success depends on both passion and innovation as a business owner. Well here are 26 New Entrepreneur Ideas that have never been done before:

1. Sugar Levels

New Entrepreneur Ideas: India will become the Diabetic capital of the world pretty soon.There are millions of people who does not have money to by TP,or have money to go for regular check ups to the diagnostic centre.
So,here my Idea:
I will in my small car, buy a highly sophisticated Sugar testing machine(few thousand Rs in USD few hundred say $250-300) and go from door to door and take blood samples and test the sugar level of diabetic patients.Anybody can do the test,these machines are very easy to use accurate.

Thanks To: Vikas Bakthula of MDC(Mobile Diabetic Clinic)

2. Your Dna Tells Me What To Say

New Entrepreneur Ideas: DNA Lotion is ideal for business and dating. You simply add this lubricant to your palm and shake hands with someone and their DNA will penetrate into your skin and tell you what they want to hear.

The concept is so good that you won’t be able to buy it in stores. Why? because it’s priceless. Just think the only way someone would run out of your life is if you ran out of cream.

Thanks To: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises

3. Where Is The Video?

New Entrepreneur Ideas: A cool concept would be to have wholesalers that distribute their products to retailers also have a feature where their product is used as a template and the retailers can record a video promoting that product and why they should buy it from them. Since video is a much scarely used resource, it will give any product a tremendous amount of exposure and appeal and build trust in the product that is being promoted.

Thanks To: Edwin Soler of Libreria Berea

4. Mix And Match!

New Entrepreneur Ideas: Mixing an Independent Sales Representative for a women’ company who sells a lot of home decor with a Comfort Consultant and Designer who could mix and match their products and give the gift of comfort and decorate houses together.

Thanks To: Sheila A Caruso of AVON / PRIVATE QUARTERS

5. Smart Alarm Clock 2.0

New Entrepreneur Ideas: After listening to my aunt tell me about her problems with my little cousin not getting up for school while she was at work, I thought…wait a minute, what if somebody invented a smart alarm clock 2.0. The clock would have a camera on it that could be accessed through a secure website and could only be turned off by the parent. The parent could also adjust the volume of the alarm if the child wasn’t getting up in time. I don’t know the practicality of this product but it sounds good in theory.

Thanks To: Marc Anderson of TalktoCanada.com

6. Inspiration On-demand

New Entrepreneur Ideas: Having a slow day on your journey to success? Or are you on your way to a VC meeting or a job interview and you need a jolt of inspiration or confidence?

Imagine a live hotline using mobile phones, Skype, videophones to tap the talented tribe of life coaches & upbeat people of different ages who can energize your success at the moment you need it.

There are hotlines (thankfully) for people in trouble/depression yet none for others needing a jolt of inspiration on-demand.

Thanks To: Kate Nasser of The People-Skills Coach, CAS, Inc.

7. Old Fashioned Remedies

New Entrepreneur Ideas: Unfortunately, our senior citizens are decreasing more & more. Our idea is to connect w/those seniors in our communities, collect as many old fashioned remedies as we can for what ails ya’ and more. Things your great-grandmother/grandmother used when someone got ill, etc. With today’s economy we all need to save & these helpful useful remedies even now can keep you from a doctors ofc. Someone could put the gathered info into either, a blog or eBook (on-going) updatable as new info is obtained.

Thanks To: Janette Buckhaulter of Success Transcripts

8. How To Succeed In Life

New Entrepreneur Ideas: I wish when I was in school that someone would have told me about the books and teachings of Self Reliance and Networking. I learned how to balance a check book but not how to invest or save wisely. No one taught me how to be a leader or mentor. I want to start a University for anyone over the age of 16 to learn the ways of society and how to succeed in an ever changing world of politics and technology. Learn to support yourself and never have to depend on anyone or anything to survive.

Thanks To: Mardena Crimaldi of M and M Enterprises

9. Help Us Gene Roddenberry!

New Entrepreneur Ideas: I would love, love, love to see a Star Trek type transporter system put into practical usage. That way I could zap my customers from place to place without nonrefundable ticketing, lost luggage, delays, and certainly more conveniently–there would be one in every town and hamlet across the US. Need to go to NYC for a business meeting? Zap. Dying for the Mexican Riveria or a cruise to Alaska? Zap. Beam me up Scotty!

Thanks To: Sandy Wheeler of Sandy Wheeler Travel

10. Business Reality Show

New Entrepreneur Ideas: What if you collected all the weird things that your customers do and create a “Doing Business in America” show? Since the trend is to create virtual reality shows, and FACT IS STRANGER THAN FICTION, then this could be a hit.
What do you think?

Thanks To: Kathy Mason of Mason Works, LLC

11. Start Up Your Start Up

New Entrepreneur Ideas: Almost all of my clients and students want to own their own businesses, and wish that they could start a brand new enterprise with a breakthrough business model. But they find it daunting to develop the breakthrough business model and to organize a plan to implement it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire someone to do that for you who is very talented in doing this? Then, you could step in after the business was operating smoothly. Wow! Everyone could own and operate a terrific business.

Thanks To: Donald Mitchell of The 400 Year Project

12. Landscape Vacuum

New Entrepreneur Ideas: They say there is nothing new under the sun. I am searching for a vacuum that will pick up the small residual debris from landscaped areas without taking up the nice rock. It would have a small intake and suction. It would keep the time spent on my knees to a minimum for picking up natural but unwanted residual debris from trees during wind storm etc. If there is one that exists I have yet to see it.

Thanks To: Carolyn Bartz of LIVING YOUR PASSION

13. Homes – Less Is More

New Entrepreneur Ideas: It would take a minimal investment to provide canvas/paints or paper/pen to the homeless (one-third of whom are estimated to be veterans) and ask them to create–paintings/poems/essays. The best of these could then be sold and the profits returned to these homeless artists. Ideally, they might then actually be able to afford physical and psychological bootstraps with which to pull themselves up.

Thanks To: Marlene Caroselli of Center for Professional Development

14. Bounty Hunter-for Clients

New Entrepreneur Ideas: It sounds crazy, but if there were a bounty hunter for clients in my line of work, I would sign up with the quickness! The bounty hunter would corral tons of clients and then I would be able to be interviewed by them and we could proceed from there. The bounty hunter would be a bureau where I could register and then could focus on growing my business and not always on recruiting clients first!

Thanks To: Doula Angelita of Resurgam BirthingWell8899

15. Back Off Jack

New Entrepreneur Ideas: This is more of an invention, but I always wanted to see someone make an lcd unit for the rear of your car where you could display messages like “please don’t tailgate” or “baby on board”, or “help” (preprogrammed options to avoid road rage, I’m thinkin’ – WAY too tempting to say what ya really think).

Thanks To: Barbara Hranilovich of Hranilovich Illustration/BARBCO

16. Fly Me To Work

New Entrepreneur Ideas: I’d like to commute above. If I could, I’d don a jet pack that could allow me to rise above the traffic and fly to work. If people are paying as individuals to fly into space, then we will be able to fly into work.

It’d have to be ecofriendly. If it polluted more, then you’d have to pay 100x more than it takes to commute via car or public transportation.

I love the wind, air, nature and views. And I’d pay to not be sitting in a car!

Thanks To: Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving

17. Tomorrow’s Leaders

New Entrepreneur Ideas: Have you ever wished you could share a new television show with another far away? My idea is to establish an email link system for television episodes. This would enable us to email that particular show to our friends and family! Any engineers available? Back in the 50′s as a child, I said to my mom, “I wish there were a way to record television shows so that I would never miss my favorite!” The reply given was to the effect – nice thought, no way! It’s funny now, looking back.

Thanks To: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale, LLC

18. I Wish I Had This 2 Years Ago!

New Entrepreneur Ideas: Starting a new biz in today’s tech-driven world is overwhelming. I would have loved to have had a source where SEVERAL small businesses collaborated together to offer REASONABLE start-up packages – instead of one company/person trying to do it all. A group of experts working together would have been ideal – a graphic designer, printer, web designer (with marketing expertise!), business plan consultant, accountant, on-line and print marketer, social media expert, etc.

Thanks To: Dawn Veselka of Out of the Blue Delivered

19. Narco – Optics Saves Lives!

New Entrepreneur Ideas: Narco-Optics copyright Glasses are specifically design for night driving, individuals with narcolepsy or just for long travel. The glasses will have built in mercury tilt switches that can be set for various angles of travel and inertia movement. After set,if the person nods or has quick flinches the x-mitter sends a vibration BUZZING through the arms while simultaneously to the vehicles audio system and shouts – WAKE THE HELL UP! Custom frames & lenses available! Buddy System optional.

Thanks To: Gregg Mulgrew of CARDLOGIC

20. Real Time Real Shopping

New Entrepreneur Ideas: Your in Best Buy…see a product need to do a real time price comparison…from your cell you scan the item…our servers tracks where and what;s available,,and bingo you can make your purchase with real time information.

Thanks To: Jerry Pollio of CMT Creative Marketing

21. Glamour Girls

New Entrepreneur Ideas: My idea is to combine the talents of a hairstylist, make-up artist, stylist and photographer. They would transform the look of everyday women and the professional photo would leave them a lasting reminder of how gorgeous they are! Hollywood ladies get this treatment all the time…so it would be great for us regular ladies to have a team of experts to glam us up too! This team could be sponsored by cosmetic and clothing companies and travel from city to city…maximizing the beauty of women!!!!!

Thanks To: Kia Robertson of Today I Ate A Rainbow!

22. Video Training Writing

New Entrepreneur Ideas: I think what would really be cool is a video on learning the English language so that people can grasp it faster, than from reading it in a book.

Some people are visual while others prefer to read. By making a video, I could benefit both worlds together and be more helpful. The video would not only teach English, but give people writing exercises and provide the writing on the video as well, so people can follow along. What a way to learn.

Thanks To: Harry Husted of Creating Words

23. Themed Housekeepers!

New Entrepreneur Ideas: We were just joking on FaceBook yesterday about how the elves did not show up to clean the house. So I was thinking what if a housekeeping service had a holiday theme, like for Christmas “Helper Elves” show up clean & maybe even do some holiday baking. Then for Valentines Day Cupid was to show up to clean and make an intimate dinner for two (the couple not cupid & you). There is my thought for the day.

Thanks To: Robin Hardy of Marketing, Media & Production Asst

24. Collaborate

New Entrepreneur Ideas: Hi I would like to see which I have not as of yet, is a Wedding Planner, Photographer, and Make-up Artist to collaborate together.

Thanks To: Arsineh Alenkin of AB Weddings & Special Events

25. Videos For Dummies

New Entrepreneur Ideas: It would be wonderful to be able to go to a central site, type in the application I’m trying to use, and pay $1 to get a video that is very, very clear about all the steps. I’ve just watched a video twice on a new application’s site that I’m sure the developer thought was very clear. Take it from me, it’s not. That’s why we need VIDEOS FOR DUMMIES. And I’d gladly pay a $1 instead of the time I’ve spent getting more and more frustrated. If anyone is interested in this idea, talk to me!

Thanks To: Phyllis Zimbler Miller of Miller Mosaic, LLC Power Marketing

26. Pictures Plus Comedy

New Entrepreneur Ideas: I think it would be really cool if someone who was a photographer combined it with stand up comedy. They could do a whole stand up routine commenting on funny pictures. And if they were really good they could turn it into an online business (that actually makes money).

Thanks To: Mike Michalowicz of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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  • http://www.hranilovich.com Barb Hranilovich

    For #13 – great concept. There are many arts organizations which could provide grants for a project like this – RIGHT up their grant alley!

    • http://www.ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.com Mike Michalowicz

      @Barb – I agree with #13 too.

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  • jeremy

    all the ideas i read were bullshit no offence but like what ideas like those would come to your mind these days… this isnt the 1950′s!!

  • Random Fuck

    Looks like a set of imaginations of a bunch of kindergarten kids. Star Trek type of commute system? Seriously?

    These are not ‘ideas’. These are imaginations.

    Fucked up shit.