How To Keep Clients Coming Back For More

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Customers are good. Customers who come back for more are better. Actually they are WAY better. They are far easier to sell too, they require less education about you and your company, and you already know how to tickle their fancy. Here is a list of some obvious and a few really unique ways to keep your clients coming back for more, and more, and even more…

1. Dangling The Carrot

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Tell your client/customer “You don’t need to think about …yet, but in 6 months you’re going to see…” Whatever time frame you indicate, the customer will cut that time in half. It’s as if they can’t wait for that next step in their evolution. You can almost time future business using this approach. Enjoy!

Thanks To: Dale Furtwengler of Furtwengler & Associates, P.C.

2. Keep The Water Flowing W/sun

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Water is essential for human life and flows flexibly into different spaces.

Become the water for your customers’ success. In addition to your outstanding product and service they buy, constantly flow with info, help, tools, insights, emotional support, tips, and fun.

Offer your time instead of demanding theirs. Listen to all their challenges and connect them to the “water source” if you aren’t it.

Thanks To: Kate Nasser of The People-Skills Coach, CAS, Inc.

3. Make Them Laugh

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Building a relationship with your customers is very important. Don’t just look to them as a flow of cash coming in. If you treat them right, the cash will come.

It’s easy to give customers your undivided attention when times are slow but are you being consistent when time are busy? Every customer is golden. Let’s change the word customer to guest.

Thanks To: Craig Collins of Hidden Sports Recruit

4. Attitude Of Gratitude

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Be transparent! Business strategy 101, have an attitude of gratitude. When you cultivate any business relationship having a thankful attitude is key. It takes the me and turns it into a we. Be reflective and remind yourself that a successful business is a joined effort. Show gratitude for your clients, let them know that you value their relationship and be open to learning from them. Having a thankful attitude reaps profitable rewards. Keep your eyes on the prize and be thankful.

Thanks To: Kim Billings of OneSimus

5. Send Handwritten Cards

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Gone are the days of receiving actual correspondence in the mail. So much so that when we receive a handwritten card, we push aside the bills, junk mail and magazines and the world seems to stop for just a minute as we furiously open the card to see what the special occasion is about! Imagine having that impact on your clients and imagine their surprise to see that the card is from YOU! I have built amazing relationships by consistently sending handwritten thank you notes to my clients.

Thanks To: Laura Aridgides of SendOutCards

6. Give Them Your Home Phone #

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Want to let customers know how serious you are about standing behind the quality of your products or services? Give them your home phone number. No, not your cell number – everyone does that. The number to your phone at HOME. Why? Because it is personal. It means you take their business personally, and their satisfaction with YOUR business personally. I’ve done this a number of times with big companies, and they only call if they REALLY need to. And you’ll be glad they did.

Thanks To: Julie Lenzer Kirk of Path Forward International

7. Friends That Rock Our Tees

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Get your members and clients involved by spotlighting their business on your website, invite them to radio interviews, etc. One of my best tips is to send your clients t-shirts and have your customer take a photo with their store, products, employees or whatever they want while wearing our t-shirts. Create a friends page on your website or Facebook. This will promote your clients business and yours. And every time they see that picture, they will think of you!!!

Thanks To: Ashley Bodi of

8. Give ‘em More

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: I try to always give my clients a little more than they asked for. If it’s market research, I break it down into usable bits so they don’t have to figure it out. If it’s names and addresses of potential customers, I offer to initiate contact on their behalf. If it’s how to do something, I go thru and explain the steps. Always give ‘em more than they ask for. They’ll come back for more they didn’t know they needed.

Thanks To: Phyllis Harber-Murphy of More Than 9 2 5 Virtual Assistance

9. Give More Than Is Expected!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Offering them information they can’t get anywhere else, and updating any information that can help them as they move forward. Something I do to keep customers and clients coming back is to alert them to new services or products that I know are of interest to them and offering them a discount since they are an existing client. Up to date content is key! I also always give more than I promised so they feel as though they have gotten more than they paid for!

Thanks To: Michelle Dunn of Michelle Dunn, writer

10. Great Amazing Unique Products!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: To retain customers and get them to buy again and again, you need to update your products constantly & add new ones so that there is something NEW to buy! Combined with great customer service, that makes for a great recipe to keep your customers happy, and make them tell others about your products too!

Thanks To: Michelle Hamman of MotherTongues

11. Walk The Extra Mile

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: To keep those customers coming back just go that extra mile. Do something extra that is free but that will make them feel EXTRA SPECIAL. An example is a thank you note. I do this all of the time. Recently, a customer of ours was rushed to the hospital after she placed an order and upon her return she found her order. She opens it and in it is a warm and encouraging thank you note. No I did not know she was in the hospital. She was so touched she came back two additional times and counting.

Thanks To: Edwin Soler of Libreria Berea

12. Tell Me What I’m Doing Wrong

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Corporate trainers get evaluated every time they teach, by everyone whom they’ve taught. The feedback provided elevates the level of instruction, each time it is given.

If you don’t do training, give your clients other ways to tell you how to improve. Put ego aside and listen, really listen, to their suggestions. Incorporate them, and come back with a new and improved version of your services.

Thanks To: Marlene Caroselli of Principled Persuasion

13. Happy Birthday To You!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Besides obviously offering great value during our coaching relationship I also like to position myself as a life-long confidant and resource. In order to keep myself and Insight Out in the forefront of my clients’ minds for years into the future, I send a personal message to them on their birthday every year. My clients love being thought of and I love acknowledging them on their special day. And Happy Birthday to YOU too!

Thanks To: Kirsten Mahoney of Insight Out Life Coaching

14. Don’t Forget About Them

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: As entrepreneurs, we continually look for ways to grow our business and gain more new customers. While doing this, we sometimes forget about the customers that got us to where we are today. Do not forget about your existing and past customers. Drop them an email, phone call, or personal visit (depending on how many customers you have and what kind of business you are in). Keep in touch with them to let them know you appreciate their business and would love to earn their business again.

Thanks To: Matt Shoup of Shoup Consulting

15. Basic Gratuities

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Keeping clients can be just as easy as amplifying basic gratuities; such as, honesty and personable customer service. People appreciate this old fashioned quality in a seemingly detached, hectic and impersonal world.

Thanks To: Carolyn Bartz of WITH PEN IN HAND

16. Can’t Buy Me Love Or Business

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: It may be the simplest advice and you might think that can’t possibly help me get more repeat business but it does and it has. It’s so simple in fact that most businesses forget to do it. What is this amazing, wonderful, easy and free way to ensure repeat business?
SAY THANK YOU! Show that you appreciate their business with a verbal thank you or even better a handwritten note (not email).

Thanks To: Michelle Littler of littletoad

17. Deliver What You Promise

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Listen to your customer, show them how your product or service is going to solve their problem and deliver what they want and need, and respond to their inquiries promptly, tell others about their product and service and be there for them and they will become your customer for live. Its all about building personal relationships in today’s marketplace.

Thanks To: Robbie Motter of Robbie MotterdbaContactsUnlimited

18. Keep Giving Great Service

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: When you give great service with a great price customers want to come back and give great business. I learned early on in the restaurant and hotel business that the customer is king and queen. Make them feel like they are and they will come back to you.

Thanks To: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises

19. Be A Giver!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Be a giver, and over-deliver Focus on helping and availability. I’m always grateful to my clients for paying me their hard-earned money, and I get back to people quickly. If an email comes through and I can take a few moments, they get priority. The quickest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. I follow the 7th spiritual law of success: Be a kindhearted, open, generous, sensitive person & the world will reflect that back to you in the form of your clients & customers!

Thanks To: Sally Shields of The Daughter-in-Law Rules

20. Guarantee, And Then, Deliver!!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: The number one way AFST Management gets their clients to keep coming back for more?…Our guarantees! We guarantee all of our clients that we can, and will, give them exactly what they need for each project. Then, wait for it…we actually do it! If we don’t have what they need, we get it! When your main focus is on making your client’s life easier, people will want to work with you. The proof is in the pudding…and hey, who doesn’t love pudding?!

Thanks To: Jenn Lederer of AFST Management

21. Let Them Know They’re Special

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: The selection of service & product providers is almost limitless. Set your business apart from the rest with personalized service. Work to understand the individual client. Treat them with courtesy and respect. These folks are your clients, not your family or friends. Your interest in them and their needs is important. Your needs are not (in their eyes). Be prompt. Communicate clearly & accurately. Own up to mistakes, and offer solutions, alternatives or compensation where appropriate.

Thanks To: Dale Little of Business Strategist Group

22. Realistic Solutions

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Provide REALISTIC and simple solutions to the challenges they face every day.

Thanks To: Mike Domitrz of The Date Safe Project Inc

23. Show Your Handsome Face!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Customers will come back to you not only if they like your product, but also if they like …YOU!

Try to foster a warm, personal relationship with your customer. Call versus email your client. Meet the client in person and bring him or her a cup of coffee.

Most businesses don’t add that personal touch to their product. Clients want to love their product and love you.

Thanks To: Alexis Avila of Prepped & Polished

24. Pick Up The Phone-

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Let’s face it we live in a VERY BUSY world these days. Your customers may need and want your product but get busy, which often times mean NO SALE. Here is a SIMPLE yet “old-school” thought…PICK UP THE PHONE and call them! I know, I know this may take a bit of your time but trust me when I say, this simple step can turn a into CASH. No need for a “SALES” call just let them know you appreciate their business, offer a discount and/or share new products!It is all about staying in touch.

Thanks To: Cheryl Hill of Mia Bella Natural Candles and More

25. In Your Own Handwriting

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: a hand written note is my favorite. As a way of saying thank you to the client send a handwritten thank you card for them choosing you and allowing you to provide them service. You will stand out and be remembered when they need your services/products again, plus they will talk about you. I am not talking about a card service where a computer writes a message YOU write it. We all would like to see more than a bill in the mail sometimes.

Thanks To: Robin Hardy of Robin Hardy Consultant

26. Discounts For Return Customers

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: We send a handwritten thank you note with every pearl jewelry purchase, along with an exclusive coupon for return shoppers.

The coupon has included deals such as free overnight shipping, savings on a particular item or a percentage off an entire purchase. Our customers love them and we’ve seen a very high return rate since we started this program.

Thanks To: Piper Smith of Museum Way Pearls

27. Keep ‘em Coming Back

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: A customer relationship is deepened with follow-up. I use an online service for real greeting cards. NOT waste-my-time e-cards, but paper greeting cards. My customers hear from me at the very least, on their birthday and on an off holiday – why get hidden in the winter holiday onslaught of cards? Last year I sent Halloween cards. Customers are people want to know that you still appreciate them. Everyone gets mail, and everyone gets bills. When someone gets a real greeting card, they open it!

Thanks To: Patricia Weber of Business Coach for Introverts & Shy

28. Free Stuff Baby!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: (… and more FREE STUFF BABY!) :p

Thanks To: Kimberlee Hayward of Brilliant Marketing!

29. Value Value Value

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: As we work with clients, we keep their success front and center in our minds. As we coach or consult, we make sure to share resources (ours and others) that meet their goals. We continue to do this after our initial engagement too. As articles, resources, etc. cross our path that would be of interest to our clients, we make sure to share them.

Thanks To: Stephanie Calahan of Calahan Solutions, Inc.

30. Educate Your Client!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: I you are talking technical jargon like social media, HTML, CSS, JQuery and blah blah blah it can seriously confuse your client. Take the lead by sending them little emails that explain how to use and understand the technical terms in your industry.

Many people are against telling their clients information in fear of losing the client because they ASSUME that the client will attempt to do it themselves but it creates just the opposite effect. It builds trust!

Thanks To: Zanade Mann of Online & Off Marketing and PR

31. Give 110%

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: If you are passionate about what you do and the product you offer, then you might have a strong dedication and pride in your craft. Arrive earlier, stay later and work harder than your competitors. And occasionally throw in some extra perks.

When you give you get back ten fold.

Thanks To: Gerry Hoylie of Allana Enterprises

32. Play The Over/under

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: The simplest way to keep customers loyal is to underpromise and overdeliver to delight them and reinforce their decision to use your products and services.

Thanks To: JR Rodrigues of Job Hunt Express

33. Personalized Service

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Let your customers know that when they are dealing with your business, they are dealing with you directly. Have the phone forwarded to your cell phone when your on the road or out of the office. That way they always have a familiar voice when they call in.

Thanks To: Michael Ayalon of Petwebdesigner

34. Be The Red Jacket

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Your actions either propel you to the front of your client’s thoughts or to the back. Return all phone calls & emails. Keep in contact with direct mail. Provide value. Demonstrate by your actions that you are the Red Jacket in the Sea of Gray Suits. Send articles or critical information you know your client will appreciate. Make referrals when possible. Always remember it is about your customers & how they see you – gray like everyone else or truly different – a Red Jacket that stands out.

Thanks To: Leanne Hoagland Smith of ADVANCED SYSTEMS

35. Just Be Honest

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: I try to keep poorly made items out of of store, but it happens. And when it does, I immediately discount the item and let anyone looking at it know the problem with it. I don’t want anyone thinking they got a great deal and then it fall apart on them. People appreciate the upfront honesty and know they can trust the things they buy from me.

Thanks To: Candy Keane of Three Muses Inspired Clothing

36. Care, Communication & Content!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Three easy ways to keep your clients back for more is to follow the three C’s: CARE, always give some love to your customers, if someone mentions you in their blog, Twitter, FB etc., thank them and tell them how much you appreciate their feedback (good or bad). COMMUNICATE, always keep the lines of communication open, use all the social media tools available to allow customers to find and share your site with others. And CONTENT, give them great content, make them want to share it with others.

Thanks To: Gus Murray of Startup Company

37. Power Lies In The Story

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Every opportunity you have tell people about how fabulous your client is. Sharing what impresses you most about their product or service, integrity, best customer service, etc. By telling your story you accomplish word-of-mouth advertising for your client, creating more sales for them and you. It’s an easy win, win, win situation for everyone.

Stories are powerful movers.

Thanks To: Linda N of EZ Living Connection LLC

38. The Unknown Need

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Of course the number one answer for this question is probably: give more than is expected. This hint is just one way to find a way to do it.

Don’t limit your answers to your focused product. Give the answer that uses all of your knowledge and experience. This may pass up one sale, but will get more in the end.

Thanks To: Monica Tombers of Just So! Jewelry

39. Kiss Your Clients!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: In order to retain clients, one technique that I use is to listen and respond to their concerns. Prompt, authentic responses, and a sincere follow-up do wonders in increasing the clients’ estimation of you and your professionalism. When the client can rely on you to be a dependable commodity in these uncertain times, it really raises your profile and standing amongst your peers. Thus, go for the Keep it Sweet and Simple method of addressing all your clients’ needs and expectations!

Thanks To: Doula Angelita of Resurgam BirthingWell 8899

40. Stay Grounded

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: I try to differentiate myself by offering clients big-agency-style results at more realistic rates. Some of my best clients are smaller businesses and non-profit organizations that cannot afford to hire bigger pr firms. I look at this as a great opportunity, and thoroughly enjoy working with them and giving them high-quality service at more grounded rates.

Thanks To: Jackie Hennessey of Hennessey PR Consulting

41. It’s Not Really A Secret.

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: It’s no secret why my clients are loyal and why they refer others to me… I supply them with great customer service.

Even after a project is completed I stay in touch. I look for ways to collaborate with a customer, keep them updated on news in their industry or even refer them to someone more qualified if that is what they need to succeed.

Thanks To: Leah Oviedo of Investing In Women

42. When Blackmail Fails…

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: When I can’t rely on blackmail or complicated kidnapping schemes, I turn on the charm. After that fails, I like to make a point of providing extra ideas, input and opportunities. A client may hire me to do a quick copy job, but that won’t stop me from tossing a few suggestions in their direction (even ones that don’t involve giving me more work), tipping them off to new tools and opportunities as I see them, etc. Making the work fun for all helps, too.

Thanks To: Carson Brackney of Carson Brackney

43. The Personal Touch

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Don’t leave your clients hanging after making the sale. Be there from the start to finish and be hands on. A hands on manager will see problems developing a lot quicker then if he waits to hear from his subordinates. Minimizing problems while they are small is a lot better then fixing them after they become huge problems.

Thanks To: Marc Anderson of

44. This Always Works

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: I put crack in their meals. Sure it costs a little more, but they keep coming back!

(I take people backpacking to lose weight, and cook all the meals for participants, so it’s easy to do.)

NOTE: This is Mike here from TPE – while normally we would edit this out (I mean he is talking about drugs after all), with a name like Fatpacking… Steve is allowed to get this one past the goal tender.

Thanks To: Steve Silberberg of Fatpacking

45. Give Them What They Want!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: A while ago I learned about Harvey Mackay’s “Mackay 66″. Mackay teaches that when you know your customers you are able to give them what they want, when they want it. You will also be able to remember things about them that are important to them. Even when they aren’t looking to “buy” you can be in front of them strengthening the connection they have to you. The stronger the connection, the GREATER the pain of disconnect from you! They won’t want to leave you! Yeah for life long clients!

Thanks To: Sarah Cook of Raising CEO Kids

46. Always Exceed Expectations

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Ok, so this is a pretty obvious answer and I’m sure most entrepreneurs will put this as the number one way to keep them coming back. But that doesn’t make it any less true. If you want to keep your clients happy and excited about what you do, you have to always exceed their expectations by providing a level of service or products that are always giving them the feeling that no-one out there could do it better than you. That and off the chart customer service will always keep them coming back.

Thanks To: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks

47. Get Personal

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Giving clients personalized service is the way to keep them coming back to you again and again. Sending a personal thank-you note, calling to make sure they receive merchandise, and inviting them to contact you if they need further assistance are specific kinds of personal attention that let clients know that you appreciate them. They’ll remember your attentiveness, and they’ll patronize your business as often as possible.

Thanks To: Tangela Walker-Craft of Simply Necessary, Incorporated

48. Candy Sweetens Clients

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: We keep clients’ assistants stocked with their favorite candy in the candy jar that we gave to them as a premium in the initial sales call. When the client asks their assistant to get a consultant, I am top of mind. We put a lot of effort into identifying the type of candy that they like and keep it in our files. Even if they are not at their desks, they know we were thinking of them. They are usually pleasantly surprised and grateful that we “remembered” what they like.

Thanks To: Sandi Webster of Consultants 2 Go

49. Care & Cheer At All Times

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: The most-effective way to keep your client coming back for more of your product/service is to simply obsess about your client’s needs and successes. What I mean by this is constantly probe, understand and aim to solve your clients problems. This includes attempting to solve problems that aren’t the core competencies of your business. Also, be your client’s biggest cheerleader. Celebrate every single success of your client. When you client knows that you care, they will continue to come back.

Thanks To: Mark Hall of Input Ladder

50. Coming Back Because I Care

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Be accessible and always follow this rule: Never back off from lending yourself to push someone else (like your client) forward.

Thanks To: Asadah Kirkland of Beating Black Kids – The Book

51. Keep Them Involved

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Keep your best customers involved via Twitter to show your appreciation for their business. This means asking their opinions on new marketing ideas, slogans and ad campaigns and then following through with what they think. It really makes them part of your brand.

Thanks To: Anthony Adams of The Hangover Cure

52. Become An Order-taker

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: Showing your sincerest appreciation for a sale is the surest way to keep a client happy and returning for more. Appreciation may come in the form of a personal handwritten thank you note. Dependent upon the size of sale and your budget, lunch with the client or a gift basket for the staff bring about great appreciation and you will be remembered. The next technique is to check in periodically to find how the product/service is working out – get the report card and you will receive new orders!

Thanks To: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale, LLC

53. Let Them Have It Their Way!

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: I learned early on that my customers who are returning shoppers like the idea that: I ask them what they want and then I give it to them. I then take it a step further, I get their input before I actually have our collections made. I change it up by letting them vote on collections and designs or styles. Getting direct feedback, votes, and inputs ensures I’m pleasing them, and not just myself. Because when it’s all said and done it’s what your customer’s want.

Thanks To: Rickina Velte of Stick Me Designs

54. Try To Over Deliver

How To Keep Clients Coming Back: In the current market scenario retaining old clients is very important. I always try to deliver more to my customers then what I’ve promised to them. Client will keep coming back you if he gets more that his expectations.

Thanks To: Gagandeep Singh of Fortepromo Promotional Products

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