How To Build Credibility Online

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

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1. Insider Pages, Online Feedback

For building confidence as a computer support service I use Insider Pages, Google Reviews and am also trying Yelp. Give the client the power to feedback honestly on your services and others will take note and see you are credible and worth calling.
Thanks to: Chris Moore of Help It Crashed Again.

2. Bloggers have the power

I have worked hard to locate and receive reviews from over 200 reputable bloggers. This has helped positively establish my product and my business in the minds of customers who are active online.
Thanks to: Barbara Schantz of Baby Dipper, LLC.

3. Teach don't sell

The best way to gain credibility on(and off) line is to teach, not sell. Don't tell your audience what you do, explain to them the whys, show them you know your stuff. If they walk away from an interaction with you understanding something better, learning something they didn't know, they will turn to you again when they need more help. This not only positions you as an expert, but also helps build trust. A two fold win!!
Thanks to: Laura Petrolino of Flying Pig Communications.

4. Testimonials Create Trust

Add a page to your website for client testimonials. Publish actual quotes and letters from people who know your work. Even better is if those people can cite a specific situation in which you "saved the day."

Third party endorsements can carry a lot of weight with prospective customers who are deciding whether to choose your product or service.
Thanks to: Susan Greene of Susan Greene, Copywriter.

5. Honesty

"Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be honest and have integrity"
Bonnie Ausfeld.
Credibility is very important in business whether face to face or online. Word of Mouth will build your business or kill your business as fast as something can become viral, which as we all know is just a few keystrokes.
Thanks to: Bonnie Ausfeld of Beacon Resources.

6. Social Proof Trumps All!

Social proof is the best way to gain credibility.

Having someone else mention you, link to you, praise you, etc. solidifies your awesomeness in other people's minds and jumps you leagues ahead of your competitors.

One great method: guest posting on another blog. Having your post on another blog means that that blog owner tacitly approves of you.

Another method: testimonials! Get them whenever and from whomever you can.
Thanks to: Matt Mansfield of Leverage the Web.

7. Do You Have Credibility?

There are two things I think are important online for credibility.
The first is content. Make sure whatever you publish has meaning and brings a solution to what your customer is dealing with. The second is relating to your customer. Sound human, speak their language and become a friend and mentor.
Thanks to: Gayle Carson of Carson Research Center.

8. Honest and Friendly ....

I know it sounds cliche, but I've always just been honest about what I can and cannot do, what I'm willing to learn and what I simply won't do. In this case it seems like you can't go wrong with that approach.

Being friendly with your clients and customers in addition to that leads right to unsolicited testimonials pouring in. Nothing brightens my day more than a glowing thank you from a client and a testimonial to add to the website.
Thanks to: Loretta Oliver of Teleseminars Transcribed.

9. Talk the Talk- Walk the Walk

To build credibility back-up the things you say. If you say you will do something, do it. If you have a viewpoint on something, be sure your actions back up that viewpoint. Don't be a hypocrite, don't lie to your readers, and don't waste their time and yours trying to scam them or treat them like dollar bills rather than real people. Also, being willing to admit to imperfections and screw-ups is also a major factor in establishing credibility. Be yourself, be real... it goes a LONG way.
Thanks to: Cori Padgett of Big Girl Branding.

10. Case Studies Rule!

For some of our clients, a library of robust, visually appealing, key-word-packed case studies makes lots of sense. We include statement of problem, background info, my client's brilliant approach, and spectacular results. Great supporting photography, key facts and a cool, branded design, all adding up to a high level of authority.

The case studies are (of course) added to their website -- each one adding great content, keywords and credibility.
Thanks to: Leigh Kramer of Helicopter Marketing.

11. Get Published

I put the names of national magazines in which I've been quoted or published in right on my home page. Now I'm the expert!
Thanks to: Ann Ronan of Authentic Life Institute.

12. Clients Say it Best

If you really want to know that you are hiring someone who can do what they say there is only one sure way to find out - ask their clients.

A lot of entrepreneurs are like the cobbler's kids, they can do it all for others but when it comes to themselves, they are the last one to get anything done for themselves.

That's why doing an internet search of their clients and then making independent phone calls really work best in my book.
Thanks to: Teajai Kimsey Stradley of Internet Marketing Ideas That Work.

13. Be Your Authentic Self--Always

Crediblity ties to authenticity. And the authentic self is a hot topic. Nothing is more important than being yourself--and being an honest self with integrity. Be consistent, be congruent, and focus on helping the other person or organization. This will not only give you credibility, it will also give you and recipient great satisfaction, perhaps success, and ... even joy.
Thanks to: Andrea Gold of Gold Stars Speakers Bureau.

14. Be Real!

Authenticity and consistency are the keys to success. We're overloaded with information - it's going to take a while for your brand (personal &/or business) to be recognized. Be authentic, be consistent and be distinctive.
Thanks to: Elene Cafasso of Enerpace, Inc. Executive Coaching.

15. How to be AMAZING!

Find the flaws in conventional thinking, then present the contrarian view. People who train their minds to think counter-intuitively see opportunities others don't see and discover solutions that are simple, inexpensive and easy to implement. In doing so they stand out from the crowd by dazzling others with their brilliance. AMAZING!
Thanks to: Dale Furtwengler of Furtwengler & Associates, P.C..

16. Show them your Ipad

I think the best way to be credible online is to show them your Ipad. Cuz serious people have an ipad. And they use their ipad for business.

(Other than that- Be as authentic, and transparent, as possible. Credibility takes time. It has to simmer and percolate. If one is acting like a shyster, schmoozing a little too fast in order to make a sale, then credibility goes out the window. Be patient and respect clients.)
Thanks to: Andy Mathis of Andy Mathis Art Co..

17. Trashing Your Credibility

Trashing Your Online Credibility is just 1 video away. One mistake entrepreneurs make in their vlogs is not paying attention to what is behind you. * How much are you revealing about your personal life?
* Is it appropriate for a business video?
* You've spent hundreds of dollars on branding for your company & website. Are your videos consistent with your brand?

Visualize This:
A professional organizer who gives video tips with a pile of junk behind them. Credible?

What's behind you?
Thanks to: Jenn Flaa of Vettanna ToGo.

18. Personal Profiles Baby!

We have developed web pages we call Personal Profiles for everyone on staff. They aren't bios... and they aren't folksy. They present just the right amount of info - and the right kind of info (so says psychology studies on how to get rapport) - that people "connect" with you quickly.

Love them!
Thanks to: Kimberlee Hayward of Brilliant Marketing!.

19. Give 'Em What They Want

Get to really know what your target market wants by internet surveys, at events, or directly in person by asking questions that will allow you to understand their needs, THEN give them plenty of complimentary value that shows them you do understand them and can provide a service that will truly benefit them. Build a relationship first-business will follow!
Thanks to: Jennifer Shaw of Jennifer Shaw Coaching.

20. The Must Do That Many Don't

While there are many things one can do, I wrote about one of the simplest many miss in March on my blog "What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know(TM) - The Blog For Original Content Infopreneurs."

Spend the $10 to get your own domain name with a reliable registrar for your blog or website, and use the professional e-mail associated with that domain. An amateur, ugly, freebie URL or freebie e-mail does nothing to instill confidence in an online operation or to further your personal branding.
Thanks to: Melanie Jordan of SunLover Publishing LLC.

21. Who the Heck Are You?

Maybe that's not exactly what they say, but... many people want to know who you are, where you are and are you trustworthy. All valid questions in this modern era of so many businesses. First, give them a picture, of you. The picture is worth a million words and your face makes it real. Next, give them a street address. It's a real validation. Finally, provide them with statistics. Today you can go to Google Analytics and get all the facts you need to make your business shine. Be proud of you!
Thanks to: William Michael of Vallarta Escapes.

22. Remove The "I"

Be a bigger promoter & supporter of others with genuine humility and respect.
Thanks to: Ros Guerrero of Ficklets.

23. Value-Added

In order to establish a presence or following, your product, service or advice must give "value-added" to a customer or client's daily life. There are tons of things for sale and "gurus" with special insights but if what you say, do or sell doesn't make a positive difference or solve a pressing problem, no one will care.
Thanks to: Hollis Colquhoun of Financial Counselor & Author .

24. From your Heart

How do you convey your credibility online? It is not about how well you run your business. It is the passion for your business and the way you communicate it. It is easy to brag about your systems, savings and efficiencies but can your potential clients have trust in who you are and what you are doing? When you are networking you are building relationships and you need to do the same through your online presence. Reaching out to help others will let clients gravitate to you.
Thanks to: Alan Ginsberg of The Entrepreneur's Source.

25. How Does That Relate To Me?

Share relevant information that speaks directly to your target market and ideal clients in language they understand. Speak to their pain points and practical ways to solve their problem.
Thanks to: A.Michelle Blakeley of Simplicity Mastered.

26. Earn Trust with Testimonials

As an internet marketer, building trust on behalf of my clients is tantamount to success online. The days of vague, nameless testimonials are over - people just don't buy into them anymore. We urge clients to put names, job positions, companies and faces to their client testimonials to help establish credibility online. Anyone can make up client testimonials (and unfortunately MANY companies do) so it's important to stand out from the crowd. And for a bonus? Nothing tops a video testimonial!
Thanks to: Shareef Defrawi of Zizinya Web Solutions.


I like to let others speak for what I do, rather than going on and on about how great I am because I often don't know what to say.

When a client or fan sends me an email with something nice to say, I ask them if I can use what they wrote on my website, blog or in my email newsletter. Everyone that I've asked has said yes.

These testimonials are much more sincere and to the point than the ones that I ask for after a presentation, workshop or project.

Let others say the nice things.

Thanks to: Jill Nussinow of The Veggie Queen.

28. Be All the Rave!

Without a doubt, the absolute best technique for building credibility online involves utilizing unsolicited testimonials. Meaning, post the 'kudos' you receive from your clients on your web pages, social networks, and even in your articles. It's one thing to say how great you are, and what you do; but it's quite the another to have others say how great you are, and how well you do what you do.
Thanks to: Fran Briggs of Get Sponsored!.

29. Credibility: Write-fully Yours

Seeking entrepreneurial credibility? Get published. You don't have to write a tome. An article submitted to a well-known publication (such as Stephen Covey's newsletters) will do. Appearing in a prestigious publication will go a long way toward lending you the gravitas you seek. Of course, you can blog your way to authority and authenticity, but cyberspace is populated with "space cadets." Instead, get your name out there via a publishing source that's already been vetted and validated.
Thanks to: Marlene Caroselli of Principled Persuasion.

30. Endorsements And Testimonials

One of the best ways to establish credibility online is to have independent companies or individuals endorse the use of your product/service through the use of testimonials. You'll see KitchenKuffs received a great product review:
Often users of your product will describe their experience better than you ever could. So ask your customers what they think of your product or service, you may be pleasantly surprised.
Thanks to: Barbara Doran of Kuffco, LLC.

31. Don't fake it!

A key point in my book, Real You Incorporated, is that everybody can spot a fake today. So if you want to build your business credibility, build it in a real, true way. Do not make promises you cannot keep, and don't try to be who you aren't. Be you. Be real and enjoy the rewards!
Thanks to: kaira rouda of Real You.


My best tip for building credibiity online would be to partner with reputable organizations and/or professionals in your industry. By providing leading companies in your field with complimentary products or advertising in exchange for posting their logo on your site or writing a review for your product can gain you credibility with your audience.
Thanks to: Jenifer Rega of FitChicNYC.

33. Listen, Listen...then Listen!

My business is built on connecting with people that suffer from Food Allergies and Food Intolerances. In order to connect and provide resources, I have to better understand what they need. I participate in forums, blogs and dozens of groups on Yahoo. If you can provide answers and solutions to their questions, not only do you learn more, but you have now given them assistance. That lets them know that you are there to help them, not just sell them something.
Thanks to: Jamie Stern of

34. Let Your Clients Say It

The best marketing is and will always be, "word-of-mouth". To build credibility online include customer testimonials and, customer feedback.

No company or business is perfect, so by including feedback you will have some not-so-great testimonials, but don't fear, this is good. It will lend greater credibility to the positive feedback.

In addition, do include a real first name of the customer. Don't use initials for your client feedback, it makes it seem like you're just making up names.
Thanks to: Joe Randeen of 3 Penguins Design.

35. Credibility? COMMUNICATE!

From a PR point of view, online credibility stems from quality communications. Businesses with vague websites & a minimal web presence tend to be shrouded in mystery – and no one writes a check under such a shroud.

Create an engaging website and blog. Develop an online presence via social media & hire a PR agency that garners constructive hits in the news media that appear online.

The first two pages of your company’s Google search should be created entirely by you & your PR agency.
Thanks to: Kevin Mercuri of Propheta Communications.

36. Seeing is Believing

Like they say, pictures speak louder than words. Clear images that demonstrate product uses are a must! Video clips of the product being used are even better. The third vital component is customer and expert testimonials. Having a satisfied customer sing your product's praises is the ultimate validation. Expert endorsements and recommendations are priceless.
Thanks to: Tangela Walker-Craft of Simply Necessary, Incorporated.

37. Be a Human Bean!

I build credibility online through social media interactions, mainly through Facebook and Twitter (and YouTube, shortly). I talk about my business. I offer useful info based on my expertise, so folks can "sample" what I offer. I share about my life in general. I engage others in conversations about stuff they post. I share cool stuff that people post with others in my network. That whole "interaction package" creates relationship and trust...which in turn creates credibility (and business!)
Thanks to: Trish Lambert of Success in Sweatpants.

38. Prove It!

Case studies provide a way for clients to see the value of your company and how your methodology plays out in other client scenarios. It also gives them the confidence that you've done this work before, and therefore have experience in solving their business issue. Case studies coupled with client testimonials is the ultimate PLUS for any business pitch. Nothing is better than having the rave reviews of others that have worked with you - even better if they will be a reference for you too.
Thanks to: Sandie Glass of Sandstorm inc..

39. Walk The Talk

Credibility today is all about being genuine, or using today's hip word "authentic". As a former newspaper publisher, I know authenticity in writing when I read it. The writer's bio, which is ever present on the web (or should be) provides the key to whether or not the author is credible on the subject or not. You must walk your talk and walk what you write.
Thanks to: Vicki Donlan of VickiDonlan.

40. Talk is Cheap

Actions speak louder than words. Don't just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. Position yourself as an expert by showcasing your what you got. This can be done through videos uploaded to Youtube, podcasts, webinars, workshops, etc. This allows others to see and hear what you are all about and a great way to build credibility.
Thanks to: Myra Roldan of Anarchy in Beauty.


We get too many emailed testimonials to put them all on the site, but almost every page/product on our site has some testimonials from customers cut/pasted including their typos. Some potential customers might think you make up your own testimonials - they're not going to be your customers anyway. One of my best testimonials was from a man who wrote that he was skeptical about our testimonials but now he too was writing a testimonial for us!
Thanks to: Jeff Block of

42. Confer AND Refer!

It really is that simple - Confer AND Refer!

Have a conversation, speak about things you know about, confer with others about a special niche or interest. Then, refer the same "group" to others, a site, a service, a product, or other knowledgable source(s).

That motto, Confer & Refer, has made me a "resource" to many! :)
Thanks to: H. Luiz Martinez of H. Luiz Presents....

43. Lie, Cheat and Steal !

That's what a lot of unscrupulous people do to build their so called "credibility" and the sad thing is it works. At least in the short run.

Don't be fooled into thinking these tactics work long term. The truth always comes out!

The best way to build you online credibility is to ASK your satisfied customers to help spread the word. Simply ASK them to mention you in the next Blog they write. You can also ASK to put their testimony on your sites front page.
Thanks to: Evan Money of Life Coach Evan.


Though your relationships with your online clients is virtual, you don't have to be. By engaging them with real and personal discussion you can become real to them. Uploading videos of yourself, as well as photos helps put a face to the name. Sharing an occasional personal anecdote and personalizing each email let's people know they are important to you. Making yourself real online is the secret to building trust and confidence.
Thanks to: Colleen Chapman of Copic Marker Scrapbooking.

45. Social Media

Become known as an expert in your field by writting articles, posting blogs, or posting questions on Linkedin.

You can also respond to other's blog posts and questions to establish yourself as an expert in your field.
Thanks to: Eric Kates of Mortgage Leads.

46. Blog Baby Blog

The secret to online credibility is to provide your knowledge in a blog that matches your brand image. You can either write a blog or regularly leave substantive comments on blogs. Combine that with Twitter and Facebook alerts to your posts and your business will establish credibility online. Looking forward to connecting with you in the blogosphere!
Thanks to: Kate Nasser of The People-Skills Coach.

47. Show Me !

Simple you worked hard to build your business and you have the business accomplishments to demonstrate to your clients what you have done, why you did it this way, the process's and then the "home run" the real results.

Do not be shy you earned the opportunity to show off your stuff! Be proud we're all entrepreneurs and we're all in this great community together.
Thanks to: Jerry Pollio of CMT Creative Marketing.

48. Run A Business In The Sunshine

Credibility arises from transparency. Run your business as if you are subject to the Government in the Sunshine Act. Join professional organizations and post their membership logos on your home page. Now take it a step further - link your profile page or, if none, the ethical membership requirements/mission statement of the organization. That gives potential customers third-party evidence that you have knowledge in your field. The link back shows the logos significance.
Thanks to: Linda Stein of Zosimos Botanicals .


While one should "toot their own horn". you need to be honest and maintain credibility in whatever marketing media you engage. Embellishing the product, service or even experience can come back to "bite you in the butt"! There are a lot of critics out there and someone is just waiting to give a negative review and challenge your expertise. In a perfect world one should tend to look for the good in things, but, I hate to say it..... it's not a perfect world when it comes to feedback.

50. Friends in all Places...

With so much informaton online building crediblity comes from giving information on a regular basis. And that is not enough. We rely on our friends to take informaton we put out and give it credibility by forwarding it on to their friends who then become our friends. Rather than thinking of you network as who you know, we prefer to look at it from the perspective of the world presents unlimited opportunities to have relationships with people. After all that is what life is about.
Thanks to: Ed Cohen of Nelson Cohe Global Consulting.

51. One Word at a Time

Building your online credibility is much like building the foundation of a brick house, one brick or one word at a time. Make sure your words are level and plumbed. Your trowel are your observed behaviors and your mortar is your business ethics and values. Speak or write each word by making sure it is truthful, necessary and kind. Also remember sometimes, silence is golden.
Thanks to: Leanne Hoagland-Smith of ADVANCED SYSTEMS.

52. Better to Give than Receive

To build credibility online you have to be willing to give before you receive. You can't put up a static website and expect people to believe what you put there.

Don't have a blog, set one up. Post to it answers to questions people have had in the past.

Provide value up front so that people realize you know what you are talking about. Use video to add depth to your online portfolio.

Use social media to be approachable and connect with people. Use Linkedin to get a recommendation.
Thanks to: Scott Lovingood of The Wealth Squad.

53. Co-op the Credible Experts

Be the place online where over 33,000 validated, pre-qualified corporate and government experts go to share their business advice, mentor and network and make it a free public service! Want credibility around small business funding and counseling, ask the U.S. Small Business Administration. Want to know who can help you expand internationally, ask the International Trade Resource Center. It's all served up in a nonprofit state-by-state resource and referral directory at
Thanks to: Deborah Osgood of BUZGate.

54. Give Consistent Value

Your best bet for developing online rapport and credibility is to give consistent, good sense, practical, valuable tips and information to your social media connections, your newsletter readers, and blog audiences.
Thanks to: Michelle Hill of Winning Proof.

55. Wow um w/ Testimonials

I'm amazed by all the quotes I've gotten from the work I've done offline for 12 years. I hadn't thought much of it until I uploaded my first interview from a high profile client & after getting initial feedback on it, I can't wait to share the whole series now. Together we'll turn the entire economy around once we shift from listening to the media to hearing our own voices in the home office. This quarter let's all share those audio testimonials of clients. It'll convince you of your niche too!
Thanks to: Adelaide Zindler of

56. Leverage Biz with the Big Dogs

I received a tip before I started the regional mom-site,, to partner with trustworthy sites with more traffic than my own. We're now three months in and have managed to partner with one of the largest, most trustworthy sites in the Lowcountry. As we move into other regions, we plan to form alliances like this early on. We have to get them to our site (through other sites), and then we have to prove to them why they should keep coming back!
Thanks to: Katie Newingham of

57. Lights, Camera, Action!

Using video for testimonials, shots of presentations, or even talking one on one with a client about their challenges and how you've helped them overcome and find success is an extremely powerful tool for building online credibility. People enjoy stories and hearing/watching is much more intearactive than reading.
Thanks to: Teresa Cleveland of Empowered Awareness.

58. Are You Credible?

Giving value and showing people you know what you are talking about has helped me gain credibility and notoriety. Video and education are your friends!
Thanks to: Dotty Scott of Premium Websites, LLC.

59. Social Proof: Credibility Key

Two types of testimonials prove that you are for real. Therefore, you should make abundant use of them both:

1. Quotes from satisfied customers. When somebody "just like me" vouches for you product or service, I'm much more likely to believe it than when you tell me yourself.

2. Endorsements from other known influencers or "experts" in your field. If Michael Jordon tells me your basketball shoes are the best, I'll be more influenced than if Hillary Clinton tells me.
Thanks to: Bruce Ackerman of Ignition Marketing.

60. Got Credibility?

Your credibility comes from verifiable references who are willing to give their names and be contacted if necessary. It does not come from company "successes" generated by your Marketing Department.
Thanks to: Bob McIntyre of Just Another Day at the Office.

61. Blog Expert

I have found that having a well-written blog attached to your corporate website is one of the best ways to build credibility. A blog full of written posts, as well as video posts, allows you to position yourself as the expert in your field by allowing you to share valuable information and content that is helpful to your audience. A blog format also opens the door for two way communication between you and your readers which helps people get to know you, like you, and trust you.
Thanks to: Jillian Koeneman of Freshlime: Digital Marketing.


Take advantage of every possible opportunity to flaunt your knowledge in writing. Doing so will allow others to see you as the expert and give you the added bonus of having an objective third-party confer that status on you. If you can't find other sites to write for, start (or re-start) your own blog, and direct people to it at every opportunity. Finally, if your field is of interest to the general public, start your own internet radio program!
Thanks to: Scott Swanay of Fantasy Football Sherpa.

63. Same Song

A great way to build credibility online is to be consistent and keep singing the same song. Know who you are as an artist and perform to your highest level.
Thanks to: Derrick Hayes of Motivation To Your Mobile.


Nothing brands quicker and adds more 'instant credibility than displaying logos of the media you've been interviewwed by."As Seen on TV" is inceasingly accepted as a virtual stamp of approval. When I gathered logos from just some of 100 media appearances in the past year even I was impressed. Now I use this picture for my Facebook profile too, PS I see Mike uses media logos in his blog masthead too.
Thanks to: Joyce Schwarz of The Vision Board Institute.

65. Validate Through Others

Third party credibility! Client testimonials, media coverage, celebrity endorsements, reviews, etc. Also sound bites from partners you regularly do business with.
Thanks to: Sunni Patterson of EXOTIC elegance.

66. Making your Presence Known!

People looking to buy your product or service want to know who you are and that you are someone who understands their needs. Are you trustworthy? Do you know what you are talking about? Building that credibility online is something you can do by commenting on relevant blogs, starting and participating in discussions in LinkedIn, tweeting about the subject, etc. All of those activities will also help your standing in search engines, another affirmation of your presence in your field.
Thanks to: Judy Knight of Thumbprint Coaching, Inc..

67. RE: Tell the Truth

People can sense authenticity even online. Be honest. Be forthright. Tell the truth. Showcase your talents and fess up if there are certain skills you prefer not to handle. If you're great at designing websites, but not that great at writing copy, tell them you use a great copywriter. Don't over promise. Deliver what you say and before your deadline. Be happy to give clients references so you'll have third-party endorsements. Stay true to your strengths. Make integrity your compass.
Thanks to: Margo Berman of Creative Catalyst Unlock The Block.

68. Teaming It Up

I believe that teaming up with other experts and being honest on your site add the value and trust. Ensuring they are experts with their bios will also add that support.
Thanks to: Susan Vernicek of S&J Identity - Identity Magazine.

69. Stop with the Sales Already!

The first thought of the website owner is to post up products and get that shopping cart going Cha-Ching! This is understandable but how about some helpful information? Are you selling something that buyers have a difficult time making a decision on? If so, have a page devoted to the decision making process helping buyers come to their own conclusion. Not only will this make you look like the expert on the product but helpful as well. Helping to build credibility and sales while you are at it.
Thanks to: Peter Awad of Stratus Web Group.

70. A Neighbor Told Me!

Nothing speak credibility more than getting other people to talk about you...especially people others trust. Our whole business runs off PR. Every award, write-up, honor i.e. voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly is important. And we make it clearly visible on the website. But also get testimonials from your customers. A good review from your average neighbor speaks volumes to your credability so post those clearly on your site also.
Thanks to: craig wolfe of CelebriDucks.


Providing many credible testimonials will help you gain a client’s trust. Case studies look “smart” especially for those in marketing and an adjective-rich bullet by John D. may compel a client or two to “try you out”. Similar to a letter of recommendation on company letterhead, testimonial sheets hold a lot of weight. To ensure credibility, include full names, job titles and company (or industry) and location.

Here's an example:
Thanks to: Isha Edwards, Brand Marketing Mgr. of EPiC Measures LLC.

72. 7 Tips To Build e-Credibility!

1. Write a blog, there's no better way to build your online presence & credibility
2. Have your past & current customers write a testimonial & show it on your blog/website/profiles
3. Answer questions on Linkedin & the likes
4. Participate in industry groups & forums
5. Get Press & then show it off on your website/blog/profiles
6. Share your out of work involvements (marathon, charity, volunteer work)to add human element to your personality
7. Stay away from online rage and email fights
Thanks to: Devesh Dwivedi of Entrepreneur In Making.

73. Put Testimonials on Every Page

In my experience, very few visitors overall go to a separate page called "Testimonials", and everyone says they suspect that you've made them up, or that they're all from your friends and cousins. So leave that page out.

Yet customer quotes can make a huge difference in response rates to your Website. I recommend placing a brief quote on every page of your site, relevant to the content of that page. I can tell many stories of getting hired as a result of a testimonial on my site.
Thanks to: Philippa Gamse of Websites That Win International.

74. Less Talk More Action

Rather than tell someone about how I am the best I prefer to try to show with nice photos, testimonials and references to publications. Additionally, I am very involved in community service and charitable events to show strength of my own character and integrity.
Thanks to: Margo Schlossberg of KuraDesign Accessories .

75. Let Others Toot Your Horn

You risk losing credibility when you flaunt your own credentials, services, and products. So what's the key to gaining high credibility online?

That's simple. Display numerous testimonials from satisfied clients, who tell specific ways your product/service made their jobs easier or lives more enjoyable. When possible, include video endorsements as well as written ones.

Sure, your horn must be tooted--loudly and frequently--to impress prospects. Just be sure others do the tooting, not you.
Thanks to: Bill Lampton, Ph.D. of Championship Communication.

76. Show Them You're For Real

New customers usually find you via search and don’t know you from a hot rock. Building credibility is a suite of small things:

* Testimonials - real comments from real customers

* Toll free phone - show them they can talk to a real person if needed

* Certificates - BBB seal, SSL secure seal, etc.

* Guarantee - return, exchange, satisfaction guarantee, whatever - make sure they see it

Build the comfort level so customers look for what you’re selling, not who is selling it
Thanks to: Tim Barry of ITI Web Stores.

77. Give, Give, and Give Some More

People judge your online business by the quality and quantity of what you provide for free. Be more generous and more capable than the competition, and others will want to work with you. The best approach is to encourage others to contribute so the quality of what you offer is better than what your organization could accomplish alone.
Thanks to: Donald Mitchell of The Four Hundred Year Project.

78. Show em some skin!

My business is web based and I am recruiting independent contractors around the country. I need to let them know they can trust me. To do that, I make sure they have the opportunity to see a head shoulder pic of myself. It is easier to trust someone who shares infor (picture) with you.
Thanks to: Carl Forsell of Connections Planet.

79. Attract Opportunity Online

You may be wondering how is it possible to build credibility and gain clients using social media. Friends advised me last year to stay away - but they were wrong. My results using social media have been stellar! I was asked to contribute to 5 other books and speak at highly attended conferences. The strategy is to lend a helping hand by offering sound advice in online discussions, helpful Tweets without promotional links and keeping your group on FB updated - all yield great opportunity!
Thanks to: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale, LLC.

80. Spoil Them With Information

Provide your target audience with useful and free information. Blogs, Tips, E-books the whole nine yards. People gravitate towards people that give out free and useful information.
Thanks to: Jimi Olaghere of BagAWriter.

81. Write a Book

The best way you to build credibility quickly is to write a book. And by book, I mean paperback. Ebook authors don't get on Oprah! ;)
Thanks to: David Hooper of Private Victory [dot] com.


Providing many credible testimonials will help you gain a client’s trust. Case studies look “smart” especially for those in marketing and an adjective-rich bullet by John D. may compel a client or two to “try you out”. Similar to a letter of recommendation on company letterhead, testimonial sheets hold a lot of weight. To ensure credibility, include full names, job titles and company (or industry) and location.

Here's an example:
Thanks to: Isha Edwards, Brand Marketing Mgr. of EPiC Measures LLC.

83. Actually BE Credible.

To build credibility online, be credible. Sound simple? It's not. You have to actually know what you're talking about and be the expert you claim to be. Continue to learn and build your skills and knowledge, and above all, be authentic and honest about who you are, what you know, and what you can offer (if you're not, you'll be found out eventually anyway).

Second, maintain a blog that shows you really do have the knowledge you claim, and deliver high-quality content with no fluff or filler.
Thanks to: Susan Baroncini-Moe of Business in Blue Jeans.

84. You Can't Fake Credibility

The best way to gain online credibility is to actually be credible. Go the extra mile to provide value to clients, and leave the relentless and noisy self-promotion to all the millions of con artists online. There is no magic formula other than, "Be good at what you do. Maintain authenticity in describing what you offer. Wow your customers and clients so they will build buzz for you. Keep on doing what works."
Thanks to: Dr. Janet Civitelli of

85. "Who Love Ya, Baby"

This has nothing to do with Telly Savalas' quote from the '70s. Well, maybe a little. Really, it's about building credibility online. On my blog, I include a page that serves as a resume or CV, which gives a description of my 20 years as a management executive, and what's lead me from there to here. VERY important: Include written recommendations and video testimonials from business owners who've had the enviable pleasure of working with you (and "love ya"). And finally, provide GREAT content!
Thanks to: Robert Finkelstein of Behind the Scenes / Virtual COO.

86. How to build credibility

First of all, when you say you are the best, nobody believes you. If you want to build credibility, you need client testimonials. Second, you need to get media coverage (publicity). The combination of customer testimonials and media coverage is what builds credibility. How do you get testimonials and media coverage? Not enough space here to tell you. Buy some books on marketing and generating publicity. Or, just contact my marketing firm.
Thanks to: Peter Geisheker of The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm.

87. 100% Guarantee

There is only one way to build credibility and that is to be credible. There are so many people online selling secrets to getting righ and they can not even pay their own bills. Do not offer parenting advice if you have no kids. You do have value, find it and deliver on it. Do not try to be someone you are not. And for goodness sakes, no matter what you are selling, have a 100% guarantee. Testimonials are also fantastic.
Thanks to: Savannah Ross of Rich Mom Enterprises Inc..

88. Give 'til it Hurts!

In addition to including testimonials from satisfied customers on your website to support your claims to greatness, use your social media participation as well. Whether you participate on Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook or some other social platform, put yourself out there and give away 'samples' by helping others. Look for questions or discussions that enable you to strut your stuff where it can be seen by thousands or tens of thousands of observers.
Thanks to: Terri L. Maurer of Maurer Consulting Group.

89. Control The Search Engines

One way to build credibility is by being at the top of the search results for targeted terms. When you do that, people naturally trust your website because the search engines are meant to provide them with the most relevant results. Optimize your website and people will come organically and those organic leads always convert at a higher rate and have greater trust in your business.
Thanks to: Danny Wong of Men's Custom Dress Shirts | BL.

90. Be Sincere

Nothing beats honesty & sincerity. If you truly believe that you are helping your clients it will come through. Discuss what you know and where you are expert. It will come through without having to try.
Thanks to: Alan Klayman of STUDENT at the wheel®.

91. On-Line Relationships

How I build credibility on-line is by being a resource to other business owners and entrepreneurs. I rarely sell on-line. When people post questions I try to help with advice and information. Being a resource and the person to go to builds credibility, relationships and sales. When people trust you they will go out of their way to refer your business, especially when you are free with information and resources that can help them build their business.
Thanks to: Eula M. Young of Griot's Roll Film Production .

92. Have "Balls"

Have the balls to show your face and to provide legit contact details, and be prepared to talk to people "face to face" so to speak
Thanks to: Allan Hoffman of

93. Share Knowledge

Share your knowledge. Demonstrate that you're a pro in your industry. Offer tips and techniques that are of value to folks. Provide links to articles and/or blog posts that you've written within the realm of your professional focus. Provide a free or low cost e-book or white paper. Place your knowledge in front of your connections.
Thanks to: Dale Little of Business Strategist, Dale Little.

94. Be the Sensei!

In martial arts, the Sensei is a teacher, coach and guide. The Sensei is the expert, but the credibility of the Sensei is judged on the performance of the student!

Build your credibility teaching others how to reach their full potential and your credibility will soar. You'll separate yourself from those who are always selling and trying to close. The web gives us a tremendous opportunity to connect with people all over the world- make that connection authentic and lasting! Be the Sensei!!!
Thanks to: Jim Bouchard of Think Like a Black Belt.

95. Content is King

If solid, worthwhile, valuable, reliable, helpful content is king, then having an authentic voice is its queen. Credibility is built through trust. Trust is built through:
#1 Quality Content
#2 Authentic Voice
Thanks to: Shelagh Cummins of

96. Rely On Your Clients

You'd expect me to do a lot of self-promotion--I'm a PR expert. :) But this is the exception, not the rule. Typically, I let my clients promote me by leaving glowing recommendations on my LinkedIn profile, my Elance profile, on Twitter, on my Blog, and on other social networks where I'm active, such as And I tell prospects straight-up: my clients do a better job promoting me than I do. Client kudos have a lot more credibility than any self-congratulatory noises I'd ever make.
Thanks to: Kathleen Hanover of Expert Marketing & PR.

97. Write Interesting Articles

I build credibility by writing unique articles. I search for unusual topics that I can relate to entrepreneurs. For example, I recently wrote a series of articles about what entrepreneurs can learn from the Boy Scouts. I took the Boy Scout Motto 'Be Prepared' and the Slogan 'Do A Good Turn Daily' and related them to being a business owner dealing with customers and so forth. I look for unique subjects and analogies to make me stand out and show that I have a wide breadth of experience.
Thanks to: Chris Gattis of Blue Point Strategies, LLC.

98. The Company you Keep

Align with well recognized businesses. Being mentioned along with known brands will improve how people view you. Develop news announcing partnerships. Mention brands in case studies (i.e. X uses KOM Networks storage software with Symantec Enterprise Vault content and archiving solution). Use specifics like product names to make your info more easily found in search engines. Use brands in quotes (i.e. “Integrating our solution into Symantec Enterprise Vault enables our customers to...”).
Thanks to: Michael Becce of

99. Be a Resource to Them!

Creating trust virtually takes time, but if you become a resource to the audience you are trying to reach, they will remember. How do you do that? Simple....

1. Share information

2. Participate in the conversation

3. Respond and offer help

4. Make sure there is something in it for them and not just you

5. Be consistent, honest, and respectful

Simple, but live by these rules and people will remember you when it's time.
Thanks to: Carissa Newton of Delivra.

100. Consistently Build Trust

Consistently build an online brand of trust. Share your value-laden expertise constantly in new and interesting ways, and also allow your personality and perhaps certain values to emerge. Through consistently building intellectual and emotional bridges between you and your target audiences online, you will create connections, familiarity and credibility...all necessary in building trust. So, be consistent, both online and in "real life!," to build credibility and experience greater success.
Thanks to: Anahid Derbabian of Integrity Communications.


Since anyone shopping online today has access to tons of consumer information before making a buying decision, service providers must assure potential clients that they not only know what they're doing, but also that they do it well. The best way to provide proof of your competency is through testimonials from satisified clients. If you've been doing superior work for any length of time, you've received lots of praise from folks you've helped. Proudly display those comments on your website!
Thanks to: Gary Anderson of Gary Anderson's ABC Iowas.

102. 5 Online Bio Credibility Tips

To build credibility online, one tactic is to create a professional biography. The bio should include the following items:

1)Who, What, Where?
Ex: Randy Mitchelson, of Estero, FL is a business professional, entrepreneur and author with over 15 years experience in financial services.

2)Current Jobs,Licenses,Credentials

3)Licenses,Awards,Professional Affiliations

4)Pertinent Education

5)Community Leadership
Ex. Randy Mitchelson is Treasurer for SW Florida Technology Partnership
Thanks to: Randy Mitchelson of National Web Leads.

103. It's all about the testimonial

Testimonials by actual clients & product demonstrations, preferably VIDEO, accompanied by the situation, the use of the product/service & then stating the derived benefit/successful outcome that occurred after using the product is great. If all you have is a written testimonial, having it accompanied by a picture of the client using the product/service works as well.
Thanks to: DeAnna Radaj of Bante Design LLC.

104. Show Me, Don't Just Tell Me

Credibility comes from building a good brand. And that brand is communicated online by your awards and achievements (words and pictures), client roster and quotes, staff capabilities and experience, industry articles written, speaking engagements, and reinforcing this all through strong visuals to backup your claim. Pictures, video and style also communicate a lot about your credibility. It's not only about what you say about yourself, but showing credibility through collective efforts.
Thanks to: Greg Jenkins of Bravo Productions.

105. One Line and the Crowd Speaks

Put one line about your product and service in an online venue. Then surround it with quotes from industry leaders, clients, thought leaders and team members, if applicable.

Get them intrigued about your service...wanting to know what everyone else is saying about you! Then below, link to fuller information on your service.

Capture their interest. Confirm quality and enthusiasm from the testimonials. Then allow them to learn more and dive in!
Thanks to: Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving.

106. Don't talk all about yourself

It's easy for us as business owners to talk about ourselves. This has it's place - although not when it comes to building credibility online. Remember - people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Build credibility by following this simple formula: One out of every ten (1 out of 10) social media posts should be about you. Nine out of 10 (9 our of 10) should be about someone else.
Thanks to: Jonathan Mast of Blue Rooster Photography.

107. Care

You have to "care". Don't look at the $$$$$. You have to listen then engage. You have to build a community of followers and that takes time and effort on our part.
Thanks to: Craig Collins of Hidden Sports Recruit.

108. Value-Added Marketing Works

Building credibility on line is easy when you make a commitment to using value added marketing strategies. Share your hot tips, your best strategies and innovative ideas through articles, video, podcasts, free teleclasses and your social networking sites. When you make a commitment to providing valuable info. online people begin to pay attention and then follow you, forward you, and then seek you out when they need what you have to offer. Credibility is a byproduct of providing value.
Thanks to: Caterina Rando of PowerDynamics Publishing.

109. "Why Haven't We Heard This?"

Quotes from others - celebrities, experts, the rich and famous, those certified with letters after their names, Ph.D, M.D., etc. - seem to bring credibility online.
Pictures along with the quotes give a further "punch" to establish credibility.
Today people seem to need to see and hear from the outside world to validate their inside worlds. Testimonials from well-known people always serve to bring further credibility on line.
Thanks to: Alice A March of The Attention Factor (R).

110. The Write Path

Write articles about your area of expertise and submit them to article submission websites. Post them to your blog and put them in e-newsletters. This way people get to 'hear' you and find out for themselves what you know. It's hard to fake and is a non-threatening, non-salesy way to let them know that YOU know what you are doing.
Thanks to: Diane Helbig of Seize This Day Coaching.

111. Sell Others, Not Just Yourself

To build credibility, highlight others- great businesses, cool concepts, excellent advice and establish yourself as the "expert" in your field. If you only talk about YOU, others will be turned off, but if you give great advice and point them in the direction of tips etc you become valued!
Thanks to: Mary Murphy of Hooray for Books, Inc.

112. Testimonials Will Do The Job

One of the most powerful credibility standards today are testimonials. The more the better. Videos of these are even more powerful. It puts someone elses face out there and they are saying yes, this is really worth looking into. Nothing works better!
Thanks to: Edwin Soler of Libreria Berea.

113. Make The Case

Online credibility starts with your website. Yes, it must be properly branded and contain data that enhances your stature - achievements, testimonials, endorsements, etc. But more importantly, it must include successful case studies that share the detail to support your position. Then, when you have a social media presence and make profound comments, people that want to confirm your credentials will go yo your site. And if it has the full package, your expertise will be confirmed.
Thanks to: Michael Sisti of Sisti & Others, Inc..

114. Show Your personality in Video

To gain credibility online I've found by adding video to my website has made a tremendous difference. Good video presentations let your potential clients/customers feel as though they know you. What's the expression "We like to do business with people we like, know and trust". Let your cusomers get to "know" you with a video presentations, bio or website tour.
Thanks to: Jean Newell of Newco Enterprises.


No matter how much money you spend designing your web site, customer service is still the best way to build credibility with your clients. At KALYX, we have a talented customer service team to respond to questions, to advise on product selection and to facilitate exchanges and returns. Make it easy on your customers to contact a company representative and empower them to respond with a personal note, not just a boiler plate form. In today's world, the personal touch still matters...
Thanks to: Kimberly Cayce of KALYX Technologies, Inc..

116. Get It In Writing!

Article marketing is "da bomb" when it comes to SEO and credibility marketing! Turn all that stuff in your head into great articles, then turn those into blog entries, short video tips, and information products. If you hate to write, use Dragon Naturally Speaking or a transcription service so you can speak your articles. (This is also a great time saver!) There's no better way to boost your credibility than becoming a substantive author.
Thanks to: Dr. Barnsley Brown of Spirited Solutions Speaking,Coachin.

117. Show Your personality in Video

To gain credibility online I've found by adding video to my website has made a tremendous difference. Good video presentations let your potential clients/customers feel as though they know you. What's the expression "We like to do business with people we like, know and trust". Let your cusomers get to "know" you with a video presentations, bio or website tour.
Thanks to: Jean Newell of Newco Enterprises.

118. Plug Into The Right Networks!

Your prospects need to Know, Like and Trust you before they buy your products or use your services.

The Best way to do this right now is to get onto the Social Networks that your clients hang out at. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In are good networks, but it depends on what type of client you want to attract.

If, for example, you are an accountant or CPA, then you should not put up a MySpace page as your clients don't necessarily hang out there.

Your target determines your choice!

Thanks to: Sandra Baptist of Successful Accounting Women.

119. Build a Virtual PR Firm

You don't need a high-powered PR firm to build credibility. You can become your own virtual PR firm. Find LinkedIn groups and other Social media sites related to your target market and start answering and asking questions in discussion forums. Demonstrate the expertise that your company can offer. Re-publish articles or post from your blog onto these discussion forums. And be sure to keep testimonials on your website, LinkedIn and other places people might add comments update and fresh.
Thanks to: Mary Hladio of Ember Carriers.

120. Read! Write! Publish!

Want to be well known, well thought of and well remembered? Then be unique. Learn from the best and write about what you know and share it through your blog, be a guest blogger, orchestrate a blog carnival. Be a resource for others.
Thanks to: Eileen Batson of Batson Group Marketing and PR.

121. By Displaying Social Proofs

The best and most effective way to build credibility for your online business is by adding Social Proofs to your website. If your business is a part of some reputed organization or have been mentioned in some online newspaper of high authority blogs then show that information on your website. Link to the pages where you've been mentioned in high authority sites
Thanks to: Marina Chernyak of Fedora Hats.

122. Use Social Media Sites

Create your business profile on Social media sites your twitter and facebook and interact with your customers. Ask your current customer to write reviews about your services on Online business directories like Google local Business, Yelp etc. Offer discounts to the customers who blogs about you and link to such posts from your website.
Thanks to: Patsy Rivera of Web Design Kuwait.

123. Personalize!

People want to think that they are buying from PEOPLE, hence your website should speak to the people behind it and not just a faceless company. Use pictures, bios, and testimonials to give your customer comfort that a real person is behind the computer.
Thanks to: Troy Harrison of SalesForce Solutions.

124. Credibility Is King

One of the best ways I build credibility is through testimonials. Having customers believing in your products and services can make you be the best. Always list their name with the testimonial and a picture can help.
Thanks to: Carol Coots of Practical Cost Reduction.

125. Let 'Em See Through You

One of the most important ways to build credibility online is to be authentic - let people see who you really are; warts and all!

For example, all my profiles and about pages mention that, "I have run three businesses over my professional career, two were fantastically successful and one was spectacularly unsuccessful. But I learned as much (or more) from the failure as from the successes!" People have mentioned, "that helped see you are real."

So - Let 'em see the real you!
Thanks to: Henri Schauffler of Marketing With Henri Dot Com.


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  • Kathleen Hanover

    I’d also like to add that having a professional headshot–and using the same one across all your social networks and various online presences–can act as a defacto personal logo. While it might be appropriate to have last year’s Halloween costume as your personal Facebook profile photo–visible to just friends and family–it’s probably not a good idea for your LinkedIn profile (unless your company sells Halloween costumes!)

    • Mike Michalowicz

      @Kathleen – Great point! Thank you. (nice head shot by the way)

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  • Sandra Baptist | Successful Accounting Women

    Wow! I’m impressed! These are actually all very good tips> You guys rock!

    I’ve actually started implementing some ideas that I haven’t thought about.

    • Mike Michalowicz

      Of course they are good tips…. it is the TPE community!!!!

  • Julian Kosty

    This is a fun way to learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. However, you totally ought to consider minimizing reponses to queries! By the 20th response there are already some repeats; certainly by 125, readers are skimming responses and no idea is original. Less is more MnM! :o ]

    • Mike Michalowicz

      @Julian – Thanks for that input!

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    Running your own business is a rewarding but engaging career and life choice. It demands your time and focus. Start by expecting to live your work until it is established so it can get off the ground.

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      True dat!

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