The Most Creative Guerrilla Marketing Techniques

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1. Guerilla The Guerillas

Our best trade show promos we parody a popular marketing campaign. Our brand promise it to make RFID easy, one year we did the Staples "That was easy" buttons. This year's keynote speaker (an ODIN client) at the big trade show said in his speech, "ODIN makes RFID so easy even a caveman could do it" we had a caveman in the audience and he burst out in front of 2,200 people making a scene. He was at our booth after for photo ops. Bottom line - know your marketing message and leverage that theme.
Thanks to: Patrick Sweeney of ODIN Technologies.

2. Let JP Morgan Market For You

Make a sandwich board or a sign and walk around your city's Corporate Challenge. This fun run is an unrivaled assemblage of top level professionals from your area who typically have a lot of disposable income.

If this ploy doesn't work for your business, next time hand out resumes and find a job.
Thanks to: Steve Silberberg of

3. Free Samples

Even service providers like me need to offer samples to entice buyers that's why speaking, writing and being interviewed are such essential elements of my success. These avenues are available to any business regardless of what you're selling - products or services. Educating buyers by allowing them to sample your wares, whether through your presentations, articles or interviews, create lasting, favorable memories that'll generate revenues for years to come.
Thanks to: Dale Furtwengler of Furtwengler & Associates, P.C..

4. White Noises

I forget which movie it was, but it was a movie about white noises (ghosts whispering to you - perhaps the movie was called White Noises), but the guerrilla marketing campaign was ingenious. In a big city, passersby would hear white noises themselves, which were secret signals transmitted to a select person, who would ask around wondering whether or not others heard the noise, and then they would see a creepy, giant video ad for the movie.
Thanks to: Danny Wong of Custom Men's Dress Shirts | BL.

5. Free Celebrity Endorsements

A client of mine, a martial arts academy, was promoting a new mixed martial arts class, as an off-season training program for athletes. We used published quotes and public domain photos of professional athletes, coaches and trainers to validate the effectiveness of MMA training for improving athletic performance and conditioning. We incorporated this material in a brochure, on the website and in an informational package for distribution to local high school coaches and athletic directors.
Thanks to: Ken Halkin of Kenneth C. Halkin Mgmt. Consulting.

6. Greeting Cards As Direct Mail

Customers are tired of seeing the typical direct mail. I’ve been using Sendoutcards for Guerrilla Marketing. Monthly, I send out Appreciation, Specials, Gratitude, or New Products to my database using a bright white envelop typical of a greeting card. Using a Greeting Card, I do express my "Appreciation Marketing.”. Other times, I will offer something using high res digital photo's in the card and on the front, giving me an advantage of professionalism and quality.
Thanks to: Curt Tueffert of Brick Wall Motivation.

7. SEO

Never underestimate the power of search engine optimization as guerilla marketing. You have countless people searching for your product online and it's your job to make your product/service pop up in Google. These are the most qualified leads you can possibly find, they are literally telling you they want what you are selling. So get your site optimized and start showing up in search results!
Thanks to: Anthony Adams of The Hangover Cure.

8. The Search Engine Factor

Use the Google Keyword Tool to search for terms that you think that potential customers may use, then create a tagline for your website using those keywords. It's amazing how few large companies have used search engine optimization on their websites, allowing us to rank higher. We are known as "The St. Louis-Based Public Relations Firm | AMM Communications" and show up higher on the search results than our larger competitors!
Thanks to: Ed Mayuga of AMM Communications.

9. Gurrilla Marketing From Inside

After graduating from some on-line schools/colleges that had forums, I started contributing to the forums even more regularly. Eventually, due to the quality of my contributions, I was allowed to have my own 'thread' under my own name. Usually this only happens for things like devotions put in by a current or former student.

Most of my business has come from new graduates because of the quality of my 'own' little 'site' on the school forum.

Working it from the inside out.
Thanks to: Tonia Boterf of The Practical Expert.

10. Special Events Registry

To help provide some additional thrust for a Nov. 1 book launch on classical guitar, I registered the month of November as "Classical Guitar Music Appreciation Month" through the National Special Events Registry. Didn't cost a penny, & now classical guitar & classical music societies are ramping up events & activities to promote classical guitar music to media. Same with classical guitar programs in colleges/universities. I sent them all a press kit for the book as well as event promotion ideas.
Thanks to: Donn LeVie Jr of Kings Crown Publishing.

11. Guerilla Sessions

A guerrilla marketing strategy that worked well for my marketing firm was offering free 30-minute marketing brainstorming sessions with no-obligation to hire us. This strategy generated a flood of calls and several of the companies that called us decided to hire us. The way we got the word out about our free marketing brainstorming program was sending out a press release, sending an announcement to our marketing ezine, posting it on our blog, and posting it in a small business ezine.
Thanks to: Peter Geisheker of The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm.

12. Guerilla Publishing

Believe it or not my most effective guerilla marketing technique is publishing my books! I went guerilla as I launched my speaking business with NO budget and few connections. With today’s access to free and nearly free publishing options, you can become an author with little or no budget too- pay attention to quality and you’ll establish expert credibility and generate high-profile PR through self-publishing.
Thanks to: Jim Bouchard of Black Belt Mindset.

13. A Drive-By Fly

For over ten year, I've driven through neighborhoods delivering tutoring fliers door to door. It takes me about four hours to deliver about 200 fliers. Most families don't expect to get a tutoring flier, so it stands out in the mail.

My goal is to give a family a nice, high quality flier that they can keep on file in case they need tutoring. If I can get a few clients from it, then I'm golden.

Thanks to: Alexis Avila of Prepped & Polished.

14. Temp Tattoos are Cool!

Haven't tried this one myself yet (it's on my list!) but I heard about getting temp tattoos made for your business, and then wearing them out in public in odd places, such as your forehead or your cheek. Somewhat zany, but guaranteed to generate attention, which is what you're after in the first place!
Thanks to: Cori Padgett of Big Girl Branding.

15. Sex Does Sell

Last summer we randomly selected very fit & attractive college female & male students (over 21) at various beaches to wear our company t-shirts. In addition to our logo & web address, we added the tag line of; "If you don't ask, they can't tell" to the shirts. Our website stats jumped dramatically that summer, and in fact we are doing it again this summer. The students keep the t-shirts (continual advertising!) & we paid them a small cash stipend to do this.
Thanks to: Scott Gingold of Powerfeedback.

16. Social Guerilla

We often monitor what's being said on social media sites as a lead generation tool. For example, we might monitor conversations mentioning keywords of the services we provide or even competitors. We then encourage our sales team to monitor that conversation and engage with the poster of the content to see if they would be interested in evaluating our services.
Thanks to: Carissa Newton of Delivra.

17. Say It With Video

Stay in front of your prospects, customers and clients with video. I use video to followup with business owners I recently met to separate me from the rest of the business cards and emails they receive.

I use video in my email marketing. Unlike the major autoresponder services, I can send both text and video to track how my email campaign is working.

Search engines love video. Its boosts my rankings and increase my traffic.

Generate leads, communicate and connect. Say it with video!
Thanks to: Gail Turner Brown of DIVA Mainstreet Marketing.


If you do public events, always get something into people's hands that they will keep. In my case, one thing that I hand out is a branded bookmark with my photo on it. It works in any book, including my own. I love leaving a meeting, seeing all the men with my bookmark sticking out of their shirt pocket. Hopefully, it's worth keeping and sharing. It has increased my visibility in my community, which leads to more book sales and speaking gigs. Much more effective than business cards.

Thanks to: Jill Nussinow of The Veggie Queen.


Turn your Facebook profile pix into promo for you and your newest product, book or service! Reach 350 million people for zero! In your fb update add a link to your latest blogpost or catalog. Go zany, think beyond the box, have fun! I call it branded entertainment NOT product placement! See the pix of me nestled in a tulip garden surrounded by my latest project to bloom --the Dutch version of my bestselling book THE VISION BOARD1 Get comments by adding a giveaway too!
Thanks to: Joyce Schwarz of JCOM Marketing & Launches .

20. 3 Simple things for successful

Here are 3 Simple things for successful for Gurilla Marketing. Give! Give! Give!

I found my best ideas came about by giving.

It doesn't mean give the store away but by having a giving attitude is the key. Share (give) your knowledge by helping people go down the right path to their goal.

Give them free choice.

You have just built a relationship.

Finally, you could ask for the sale in a way that gives them free choice.
Thanks to: Tommy Stern of

21. Blitz Facebook

Almost every day Facebook offers new abilities for Business Owners to network & share information and access to their products and services. Use the new "post tag" option to promote your clients & collaboration partners. AdWords, when implemented with focus on your target market, can be a great resource in a community you once weren't able to reach. Link your blog to your page. Send regular product & service messages to your FB Group. Keep your name "out there". Follow up with connections.
Thanks to: Dale Little of Business Strategist, Dale Little.

22. Demo-Lition

The coolest guerilla technique! An internet marketing firm went into stores that sell computers and set all the screens (of the demo computers) to their home page!
Thanks to: Marlene Gavens of The Savvy Seller.

23. More buzz = Better Buzz

I started my company only seven months ago. After manufacturing the product, with nothing left over for marketing, I tirelessly (not really)set about getting every mom, food, & bento blogger I could connect with to write up my EasyLunchbox System. Quickly, bloggers started contacting me non-stop because they were seeing my product 'all over'. The reviews have steadily multiplied, gotten more enthusiastic and, as a result, we have gotten tons of links, upping our Google visibility rapidly.
Thanks to: Kelly Lester of

24. Business Card Ninja Tactic

When I first started trying to get more off-line traffic to my on-line business I went guerilla style with my business cards. Instead of placing them on bulletin boards and throwing them around for anyone, I decided to target my market. I placed them inside library books and audio CDs in the business section of my local libraries. I even did it for a little while at for-profit bookstores, but I felt that was a little over the top, so I stopped. It did work to bring in a few new customers.
Thanks to: Joshua Black of The Underdog Millionaire.

25. Maple Bacon Donuts and Voodoo

Voodoo Donuts has mastered the art of the "buzz." If you're in Portland Oregon you know about Voodoo Donuts. Yeah, they've got unforgettable flavors like the voodoo-doll-shaped doughnut that bleeds raspberry filling when impaled with a pretzel pin. But in addition to the far out donuts, they've created crazy experiences -for example, a Voodoo founder will conduct your wedding--with doughnuts and coffee for $200-$300.
Thanks to: Ann Ronan of Authentic Life Institute.

26. Brown Bag It!

Brown Bag Sessions totally rock! Companies & network groups are always looking for educational sessions. Whether you have a product or service you can position yourself as an expert & gain new prospects instantly by sharing your knowledge. It's a low cost, effective solution.
Thanks to: Myra Roldan of J.S.I., LLC.

27. Press. Press. Press.

1. Press is always good so, make use of free or almost free ways [HARO - Help A Reporter Out and PRWeb] to get some press.

2. Write guest articles /posts for blogs and magazines in your industry.

This way you make sure that you: A. Build organic and relevant traffic; B. Build credibility and set authority in your industry/ subject matter and C. Sell very softly and indirectly, without the prospect feeling 'being sold' :)
Thanks to: Devesh Dwivedi of Entrepreneur In Making.

28. Put It In The Bag

The greatest GM example I heard of is Gift Bag Requests. I found out that you can submit your opportunities to be marketed at events and also have gift items sent to you that can be distributed at your events.
Thanks to: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises .

29. Scavenger Hunt

I took full advantage of a tradeshow that I had a booth in. Several of my clients also had booths so I made it into a scavenger hunt. When people entered the trade show one of my staff (dressed as safari hunters) gave them the "guide." As each attendee visited my client booths they received a part of the hunt. Then, when they had them all, they came to my booth to enter the prize drawing. It gave my clients and me attention, the uniqueness of the idea was even picked up by the local newspaper
Thanks to: Teajai Kimsey of Ideas That Work.

30. Wish You Were Here

Set-up a picture-perfect moment in your retail space & tie into a theme you have in the store (i.e. beach background for summer promos complete with giant wacky sunglasses, hawaiian leis, martini glass) & take pics of customers in the background. On 4x6 cardstock, let them write a postcard to a friend. Glue photos to back & mail. Brand the postcard with your logo on the photo or on back: A direct mail ad to potential customer that will surely be read it! TIP: Offer a discount with postcard.
Thanks to: Kenny Jahng of Big Click Syndicate Small Biz Coach.

31. Post Guides

Many people use as a way to research books that might help them. I post bits and pieces of some of my books as guides on the site, and many people learn about my research and consulting that way. I've had over 500,000 downloads of these guides and the rate of downloading just keeps going up.
Thanks to: Donald Mitchell of The Four Hundred Year Project.

32. Your Limo Is Waiting...

One that was very interesting we heard about was getting someone to stand at the baggage claim at an airport holding up a sign with your web address on it while pretending to wait on you to pick you up. We actually tried this and it works great! You wouldn't believe how many take a glance at it as they walked by.
Thanks to: Ashley Bodi of BusinessBeware.Biz.

33. Jasper the Schoodle

Jasper is our 6 year old, Schnauzer/Poodle mix who we took to India where we lived from 2005 to 2009. So we launched "Jasper the Schnoodle" Facebook fan page. He gets close to 500 visitors a week. So we started having Jasper advertise for us. For example:

Cousin Howard has moved from 80 to 51 overnight. WOW! Schnoodle doo everyone. Don't stop, slurp vote everyday 5 times, send this to 10 friends. His Audition: Consciousness with Humor: Conversations with Dr. How -
Thanks to: Ed Cohen of Nelson Cohen Global Consulting.

34. The Ambassador Method

The single best guerilla marketing technique I've used to promote my business is something I call The Ambassador Method. The concept is to empower others to promote your business and do the selling for you, based on what's in it for them to do so. I've literally generated millions of dollars over the last eight years of running my company by leveraging this technique with my Fortune 500 clients!
Thanks to: Andrea Sittig-Rolf of Sittig Incorporated .

35. Start with One, Get 'er Done!

I'm a website copywriter. I convince a prospect to hire me to write one page, yes, just one. It's an easy sale because it's not a big, expensive project. I use that one assignment to whet their appetite.

After completing that one job successfully, often better than the client expected, I submit a list of ideas for future projects. Soon that one little job becomes a full-scale account with ongoing work.
Thanks to: Susan Greene of Freelance Copywriter.

36. Card 'Em!

This might sound cliched but it just has to be said! Way too many business people order the cheapest business cards possible off VistaPrint...WHY???!!! A business card is one tangible element that you can use to touch everyone you come in contact with - so put some effort into it and let the receiver remember you AND your business! Create one that will forever establish in their minds what you do and won't let them forget it.
Thanks to: Mo Nariani of Mass Energy Lab, Inc..

37. Rename Your Product Contest

I was contacted by Playtex for an infringement on their trademark with our products' original name forcing me to change it. Instead of folding, I decided to have a "Rename Our Product" contest. I contacted other mompreneur companies to donate an item for the winner, which created a basket valued over $1500. I received much local and national press without it costing me a dime! It gained me much more name recognition, as well as product awareness & a better name, Heirloom Bijou Bracelet™!
Thanks to: Rhett Templeton of Templeton's -Timeless Infant Silver.

38. Washington Jaw Massage

I was asked by Daily Candy DC editor what was my most unusual service when I was opening my spa in April 2006. I told her I did a Jaw Treatment for Washingtonians called Washington Jaw Treatment for all our diplomatic clenching of our jaws. This became a story for our spa about a week after our grand opening. It helped put us on the map and I got featured in the Washington Post Magazine for unusual jobs in the Washington as the Jaw Masseuse. We were featured on television as well.
Thanks to: Hyun Martin of Life Concepts, Inc..

39. Saturate Your Prospects

Whenever I come across a prospective company that I would like to engage with, I have a telemarketer and/or sales rep try to contact and pitch as many personnel in that company as possible. The idea is to create a mini-buzz within that company so that management is more receptive to our pitch when we get the chance to do so.
Thanks to: JR Rodrigues of Job Hunt Express.

40. OOPS! Did I Do That?

This is so awful. .here goes. I take a one page flyer that is not time sensitive and slip them into travel magazines and books in newsstands, bookstores, magazine racks at the library, used book stores etc. I plan to make this flyer into a bookmark so it looks even more at home there. If someone picks up a travel mag to browse, they probably are part of my target market. Sneaky and fun.
Thanks to: Sandy Wheeler of Sandy Wheeler Travel Specialties.

41. Guerilla Everywhere

It's about being present everywhere. Be in "Positive Stealth Mode." Wherever you are, think about how you can spread the word.

Carry small cards with you. Museums often have a table featuring community events with cards. Place them there. Starbucks has community bulletin boards. Tack a few cards there. Do this at the library, the school, the PTA, church...

To take it to the next level, go Guerrillas Marketing. Assemble a team (could be interns) and have them ensure your cards are up.
Thanks to: Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving.

42. Be Useful

A quote from the Red Green Show never fails to crack me up. The duct tape wielding handy man says "If the women don't find ya handsome they better find ya handy". In other words, make yourself useful.

The best marketing efforts you can do is help people with what you are good at doing. Not just teasers either but pitch in on forums, answer expert questions, write informative blogs and comments and take the time work help others work through problems they have.

It is not a waste of time.
Thanks to: Mike Clarke of Qtility Software.


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