How To Overcome Obstacles And Limitations As An Entrepreneur

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

How To Become An Entrepreneur


Surrounding yourself with positive people and creative thinkers is a great way to overcome the inevitable hurdles and obstacles you will face as an entrepreneur. Ignore the naysayers and build up a network of people who believe in you and in your business. Positive people help you focus on achieving your dreams even when things seam tough.
Thanks to: Jillian Koeneman of Freshlime: Digital Marketing.

2. Keep Truckin'

It can be very easy to start doubting yourself and your mission as an entrepreneur. Everyday you must adventure in new grounds, overcome new obstacles and face new adversaries. When you feel discouraged, always go back to your roots. Re-analyze why you started in the first place, what need your business will fill and what story it will tell. Dig down deep and keep going, not blindly, but powerfully. If you believe in yourself, others will soon follow!
Thanks to: Laura Petrolino of Flying Pig Communications.

3. Obstacles: Remember KTR

Trump may have the phrase "Never Give Up", but I have one that has allowed me to overcome whatever obstacle was put in my path: "KTR" or "Keep Trying Regardless". This is a life changing phrase. Faced with a business obstacle, KTR forces you to examine alternative solutions to the problem. If you are not focused on solutions, all you have are the problems. KTR goes hand in hand with "Persistence is Key." Keep Trying Regardless and you will undoubtedly find the key to overcome your obstacle.
Thanks to: Matthew Kamula of Kamula Law Group.

4. Obstacles Into Inspiration

Many people see obstacles as a set-back and personal affront, but obstacles are just feedback from reality that you need to adjust what you're doing. Feedback from reality is valuable information that we can use to adjust our strategy, tweak our brand, refine our product design. Your obstacles are some of your best business thinking partners. What adjustments are your obstacles showing you you need to make?
Thanks to: Cath Duncan of The Bottom-line Bookclub.

5. Just Do It!

The biggest hurdle may be the immediate fear of failure, knowing that you are dependent on the success of your business for your sole source of income and in charge of every decision that comes with entrepreneurial ownership.

Like the Nike commercial, you just 'Do it!' If not now, then when? Start a business from what could be obtained and achieved and turn a blind eye on the 'what ifs.' And after more than 22 years in business, you realize that 90% of your worries never materialize.
Thanks to: Greg Jenkins of Bravo Productions.

6. Find A Way ... Or Make One

While Hannibal may not be the best role model in a start-up business, his philosophy of dealing with obstacles and limitations is faultlessly applicable. View every obstacle and limitation as a challenge; develop creative work-arounds or tap into your network for guidance or a favor.

Fearlessness and determination are key elements in growing your business.

Address these problems now while your market exposure is small. If you don't, they will grow as your business grows.
Thanks to: Kevin Mercuri of Propheta Communications.

7. Tenacity

My one top tip for overcoming hardship is to believe in yourself, you are stronger than you think and nothing is impossible. So just stand up tall and as Nike would say, "Just do it!"

Where there is a will there is a way.
Thanks to: Michelle Dunn of Michelle Dunn, columnist, author.

8. Fool The Fear

There are a lot of things that scared me silly when I first started my business. I learned to take small actions really quickly before my fear could figure out I was trying new behaviors. Small actions taken every work day will keep you moving forward through hard times.
Thanks to: Ann Ronan of Authentic Life Institute.

9. Attitude + Action = Success

I can look back and see a direct link between my success and my attitude. However, changing our attitude is not enough. We must combine a positive attitude with action. That’s when we get results. When I start suffering from stinkin’ thinkin’, I try to take a break, think of something I’m thankful for, or do something fun. It helps me to reset my attitude and get back on track with the next step. Success, even if in small doses, is not usually far behind.
Thanks to: Kim Nichols of WSI Internet Marketing Strategy.

10. Use Brain-Power!

Your brain often does not fully distinguish between a real and an imagined thought, so use it's power to imagine what it looks like when you have overcome the obstacle successfully. Ask yourself "what if... I can figure this out...this will work...this obstacle were not in my way...there is someone who can help me...there is a way to do this I just have not thought of it yet..." Give your brain some space and time to wander just a bit and you might be surprised at how brilliant you truly are!
Thanks to: Holly Green of The Human Factor, Inc..

11. Stay Focused On What's Good!

Not every day is a good day. Not every client is a winner. When that happens, take a few minutes and make a list. List every single positive thing going on in your business and in your life. List the big stuff and the little, i.e. the sun is shining, my To Do list is short, etc. Making this list will not only trigger optimistic feelings, but can often be the jump off point for inspiration and a brand new brainstorming effort.
Thanks to: Dale Little of Business Strategist, Dale Little.

12. Get Another Perspective

Entrepreneurs tend to be problem solvers and when obstacles or limitations arise we look to find solutions; but we can't always solve them on our own. Get outside perspectives to your challenges from others. You see your business differently than how others see it and their perspective can spark ideas that will help you overcome those obstacles. Running a business doesn't mean you have to run it alone.
Thanks to: Melissa Rose of Biz in a Boxx.

13. Get Rid of Negative Self Talk

When I find myself facing an obstacle and I can't find a quick and easy answer, I start hearing that little inner voice telling me that I can't do it. When this starts to happen, I make a note of what I'm thinking and then consciously decide to change my mindset. Too often we are our own worst enemies and we self impose limitations and boundaries with negative self talk. As entrepreneurs we need to make a conscious effort to nurture ourselves as well as our businesses.
Thanks to: Holly Hanna of The Work at Home Woman.


When things aren't going as I'd like them to, I find that being grateful for the work I have and believing that even better things are on the way helps me through whatever challenges I may be facing. When you're facing adversity, stay positive, be grateful for what you have (and there are ALWAYS things to be grateful for), and believe you deserve success and prosperity...and you'll get more of BOTH! It's a formula I've used throughout my 15 years as a fulltime freelancer...and I KNOW it works!
Thanks to: Gary Anderson of ABC Iowa Writing and Editing.

15. Obstacles = Opportunity

I believe every obstacle is an opportunity. When something goes wrong, I allow myself 3 days of panic. That's it. Then I stop and make myself write answers to these three questions: Is there something I did to cause this? Is there something I can learn from it? What gift or opportunity can I find here? Great things have come from this, new products, PR campaigns, and lessons that made me a better businessperson. I find it exhilarating to take your power back and turn a negative into a positive.
Thanks to: Pam Corwin of Paper Scissors Rock.

16. Consistent Baby Steps

The very best thing you can do to overcome obstacles and limitations is to consistently take baby steps toward your goal. Don't allow things out of your control to weigh you down and hinder your progress; do at least one or two things a day to propel yourself closer to your goal so toddle with childlike expectancy, holding your arms outward and upward.
Thanks to: Michelle Hill of Winning Proof.

17. What Doesn't Kill You

What does not kill you, really does make you stronger. Save all of the TPE blogs and go back and read them until you get a clear picture of what you can do. I also hit Mike's book and see if any of it resonates a new cord. As you grow your company, more of what Mike says makes sense, because you start to understand the things he is talking about when you experience it yourself. Use the other people in the TPE community. They are truly a blessing. (IE:Yanik Silver, Buzz-up, Instantly Famous)
Thanks to: Shelley Horton of Beautiful Visions.

18. Avid Inspirational Seeker

As an entrepreneur, hiccups and challenges are a part of the journey, the norm. So, you have to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly in business. To develop this positive mindset, I've become an avid inspirational seeker or inspiration junkie. I make it a ritual to read inspirational quotes and books, surround myself with uplifting people and learn from heart-centered entrepreneurs. Having the right attitude produces solutions.
Thanks to: Ros Guerrero of Ficklets, LLC.

19. Be Winston Churchill

If there is one thing that I would have to pick as a motivation to overcoming ALL obstacles in small business, I would say be like Winston Churchill. He is famous for saying "never, never, ever give up." That is all there is to it. As an entrepreneur you will have everything thrown at you that could possibly go wrong and if you can visually (and are passionately confident in) your final goal, you can achieve ANYTHING you can dream of as long as you never give up.
Thanks to: Joshua Black of The Underdog Millionaire Blog.

20. Think Small to Achieve Big

When facing an obstacle, break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. For example, I want to take a class I can't afford. There's a 2-for-1 deal, so I invite a friend, cutting the fee in half. I still can't afford my half, but if I can get one client to schedule a 4-hr training program, I'll have the money. I send out e-mails (free marketing), and within a day, I've got a program scheduled. Obstacle overcome. To achieve big, sometimes you have to think small!
Thanks to: Ann Guinn of G&P Associates.


Going it alone can be difficult, so if you don't have an official business partner, you need to have someone back home you can count on in an unofficial position. Someone who cares about you, is interested in your accomplishments, who will listen, and can provide feedback -- in a "sounding board" capacity. Someone who knows you well and can lend perspective, especially when the going gets tough.
Thanks to: Sharon O'Neill, Ed.S., LMFT of Marriage Therapy/Consulting.


If you have started a business, then clearly you have the ability to be creative and think through ways to overcome an obstacle. While it sounds obvious, I have met many people who folded businesses after being met with simple “hurdles” such as lack of financing or heavy competition when they could have easily come up with viable solutions. By simply sitting in a quiet room and thinking things through, you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.
Thanks to: Jordan Farkas of Mr. Small Claims Court.

23. Create a Success Team

When starting a business, it is incredibly important to have support. When I launched my business, I didn't have any friends or family who had experience launching businesses, so I had no one to get advice or absorb wisdom from. I quickly learned that I needed to network and start meeting other people like me who were passionate about growing their businesses, looking for support, and open to helping others. Building my network was one of the smartest things I ever did.
Thanks to: Alaia Williams of One Organized Business.

24. Work It!

Nobody is going to hand you anything. You have to work harder than you realize. You must never violate your integrity to yourself. Be true to yourself but provide what is needed and wanted by those that are paying you!
Thanks to: Joy Gendusa of PostcardMania.

25. Suck It Up!

I say the subject line title somewhat tongue-and-cheek because every entrepreneur experiences obstacles. The good news is that as an entrepreneur you probably have more control over your situation than if you were an employee.

Take a deep breath and examine the obstacle. Take inventory of what could solve the problem and do a process of elimination to put potential solutions into action. You achieve nothing by brooding. Get up and get working! You'll feel better for it.
Thanks to: Gail Sideman of PUBLISIDE Personal Publicity.


It's hard to be, and do, everything in your business. When you get stumped and come up to a road block, ask for help and get it. There are many things that I don't want to do or just can't do. It's OK to seek help. Figure out what kind of help you need and find the best people who can help you. There's nothing wrong with doing that, and often it gets you what you want -- results. More people, more brains, better results.
Thanks to: Jill Nussinow of The Veggie Queen.

27. Entrepreneur Hell

As entrepreneurs, we are encountering obstacles all day every day. It's who we are and what we do. When you meet and solve them, you win. When you don't, you learn, and when you have even one victory, it's a miracle. Personally, I wouldn't do anything else, because I still make the rules and that's the best.
Thanks to: Gayle Carson of Carson Research Center.

28. Business is a State of Mind

Business is not just profit and loss statements and org charts. If it was, accountants would rule the world. Even with the best of planning there's always the unexpected. At the heart of every successful business venture is the wisdom that so goes your mind goes your reality. Think you're without options and that's how things will play themselves out. Business is a state of mind. A positive frame of mind can do wonders as the world is a lot more plastic then we were taught in business school.
Thanks to: craig wolfe of CelebriDucks.


One of my biggest mindset shifts and one that I work with clients on is reframing challenges. If we look at obstacles as opportunities, as a way to learn more skills. Think about it; we have huge takeaways from the perceived obstacles in our lives. We can look at obstacles as learning opportunities from which we can then use in other areas of our lives and it then becomes a point at which we can then leverage as other "opportunities" arise!
Thanks to: Danielle Miller of One Smart Cookie.

30. I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Starting a business is filled with excitement, challenges and disappointments. Excitement and challenges bring out the best but disappointments can bring your whole plan to a devastating end.

When you hit those walls, and you will, go back to the beginning and remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. Remember your vision, energy and drive, then go back and conquer those walls.
Thanks to: Joe Randeen of 3 Penguins Design.

31. Stoke Your "Fire in the Belly"

Overcoming the many obstacles of starting a business always comes down to having enough "fire in the belly" to keep going, keep pushing, keep trying, in spite of it all. The Cambridge Idioms Dictionary (2nd edition) says "if you have fire in your belly, you are ready to fight with energy and determination for what you believe is right". You can stoke the fire by reinforcing what you believe is right about how your business serves your customers to improve their lives in tangible ways.
Thanks to: Stephen Antisdel of Precept Partners, LLC.

32. Impossible Things

There is a line in Alice in Wonderland about "thinking 6 impossible things before breakfast". That idea stuck in my mind so I started to play with it. The wonder is that, as soon as I write something down as impossible, my mind starts working to 'argue' the point. It shows me a different perspective, tunes things upside down or digs deeper to the core of my real feelings. It starts to reveal how what I wrote is not impossible at all. I have answers and ideas to move ahead.
Thanks to: Susan Lannis of ORGANIZATION Plus! Inc..

33. Council of Elders

When you're facing a challenge remember that there are very rarely new problems. Ask people that you think may have faced a similar issue. Your "Council of Elders" could be business owners in your field, employees in another field, creative folks that you know online. Leave no stone unturned. There is always a solution and most often it's obvious to someone else.
Thanks to: Shay Olivarria of Bigger Than Your Block.

34. Pick Your Colleagues' Brains

Whenever I hit a roadblock, I contact people in my network who have likely experienced the same problem. Sage advice from colleagues who have "been there, done that" is valuable, and it saves me a lot of hassle trying to overcome an obstacle through trial and error. This method is also a good way to stay in touch - you never know what opportunities might arise when you're at the right place at the right time.
Thanks to: Mikey Rox of Paper Rox Scissors.

35. Extreme Self-Talk

With tough times, self-awareness is my best ally. Mine is a 3-step process:

1: I tell myself "oh oh, I'm going Down The Tube for a while". Experience has taught me that (almost) nothing lasts.

2: I ask "Will this bother me on my deathbed?" If yes, as it was once in my life, then Big Action is called for. If no, then it's time to hunker down for a while.

3: Use my senses (ALL 5, + "gut") to figure out my response - and just do it. Even if it's to sit tight & breathe!

It works.
Thanks to: Philippa Kennealy MD MPH CPCC PCC of The Entrepreneurial MD.

36. Think WIIFT!

Communicate What's In It For Them
Company question if I, as a woman, could teach large class of corp. emps how to work differently. To get around this narrow thinking,I asked, Will there be women taking the class? Answer: "Yes". "Then you need at least one woman teaching to connect w/that perspective." WIIFT!
I had Canadian customs ask why Canada brings someone from the US to teach cust. serv. "'Cause the customers are in US. Who better to teach how to deal w/Amer. than an American?" WIIFT!
Thanks to: Kate Nasser of The People-Skills Coach, CAS, Inc..

37. Be Resilient!

Resilience Is The Key To Growing Your Business.

Resilience Kept Me Willing To Go On After Losing Thousands Of Dollars To ‘Professionals’ And When Other Things Went Bad.

Resilience Took Me Through Winning 3rd Place In A Business Horror Stories Contest, For Still Working Ungodly Hours And Leaving No Fun Time Because I Am Determined To Succeed. It Also Allows Me To Still Laugh.

Resilience Is What Will Allow Anyone To Overcome The Obstacles That Building A Business Throws At You.
Thanks to: Tonia Boterf of The Practical Expert.

38. Say Goodbye To Fear!

We all face hardships in starting a business. Whether is securing funding, finding clients or delivering the work, it's hard to start a business. But I've found the most overwhelming obstacle to overcome is often fear. We all hear that voice in our heads (for some of us it's Mom) saying "You can't run a company," or "What are you thinking?" or better yet, "Over half of businesses fail in their first 2 years." But do your research and get started. And banish fear completely.
Thanks to: Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk of BBR Marketing.

39. Find an Experienced Helper

Every limitation you have has been experienced millions of times before. Find someone who has overcome that limitation and ask for his or her help. You can use your social networking contacts to find the help you need.
Thanks to: Donald Mitchell of The Four Hundred Year Project.

40. Beat The Odds

I remember something that T. Harv Eker said one time. When you face challenges in your business, this is when you grow your character the strongest. What I do when it comes to obstacles and limitations is beat the odds. I evaluate the situation and look at myself to see if I have what it takes to overcome the obstacle. If I don't have the necessary skill set, I talk to people in my industry and do research to learn how to solve the problem. Once I get the answer, I apply it. Never fails.
Thanks to: Harry Husted of Creating Words.


In all businesses, problems do occur,& solving them is a normal part of getting things done. The ability to solve problems can mean the difference between success & failure. Good problem-solving skills are essential for an entrepreneur. Here are 4 easy steps to overcome obstacles:
1. Define the problem
2. Identify the Cause
3. Gather Data
4. Develop and Implement a solution
Overcoming obstacles allows those who are down to go up. Lack of change forces those who are up to go down.
Thanks to: Cindy Hartigan of Spectra Learning Group.

42. Go To Disneyland

I'm 100% serious. People do not understand the financial hardship and ridicule Walt Disney went through to open Disneyland. He sold everything he owned and leveraged every asset he had just to get started. Over 100 banks turned him down. Keep in mind Mickey Mouse and Walt himself were household names. He was Rich and Famous and still could not find anyone who believed in his idea for Disneyland. But Walt believed and that's all that mattered and the World is better because of it.

Thanks to: Evan Money of Life Coach Evan .

43. Do Absolutely Nothing!

I know, sounds completely counter-intuitive for our kind. We want to move things forward, we want things to happen, we want to make decisions... But, I found that taking a VERY deep breath, eating a nice dinner, and sleeping it off helps. I don't over analyze and over think the situation. Getting a 24-hour time out from the issue always achieved one of three things: a) the issue resolved itself, b) my perspective changed, or c) I realized it's impossible to fix, and moved on.
Thanks to: Selma Avdicevic of Woolly Boo.

44. Network It Out

Entrepreneurs are typically coming up against road blocks as they try to advance their company and/or attempt to find funding sources to advance their prototype to beta. The one tip that I can give them is to Network with everyone that you know and everyone that you don't know. Remember that each person has 250 people connections. Be sure to "Listen" when networking. It is the Number 1 networking tip.
Thanks to: Bonnie Ausfeld of Beacon Resources.

45. Do it in the shower

I always think "shower time" is one of the most important parts of the day. I can't *count* how many times I have fallen asleep upset about some difficult problem, and then had a great solution occur to me in the shower the next morning. We all know that overcoming limitations is often about seeing the "challenge" in a completely different light (maybe that awful competitor could become a great strategic partner, for instance?) Take time for "one giant step back", resting, and rethinking.
Thanks to: Aaron Sylvan of

46. No Experience? No Problem!

When my fiance' & I came up with the idea for our product/biz, we had almost no experience. We also had a very limited budget. However, we discovered that free info is available that shows you how to do virtually everything needed...designing the product, finding manufacturers, setting up the webpage, & even writing & submitting the can learn how to do it ALL! It takes a LOT of work! But DO YOUR RESEARCH via internet, library, SCORE, etc. & be PERSISTENT-you CAN do it!
Thanks to: Deena Ravella of KYSS Bags.


Where there is opportunity to never stop learning this puts us ahead of our competitors. Knowledge is power and will give us the competitive edge we need to get the business.

I follow not as follower but as a student and then I apply best business practices for the 21th century. This is how I compete to win.
Thanks to: Jerry Pollio of CMT Creative Marketing.

48. Debunking the Separation Myth

Everywhere I've gone business experts have warned me that unless I separate my child from my home office I'm doomed. Instead of denying my purpose, I decided to test their theory in their own corporate settings, during meetings at the Mexican Consulate as well as in my home office... Not only has the 5-yr old Junior Apprentice got her own blog and website, others are now asking how they can live the life they left the corporate cubicle to create. It's like I always say, believing is seeing!
Thanks to: Adelaide Zindler of

49. Gloves Off Brainstorming!

The assumption: Entrepreneur is synonymous with innovation and ingenuity. But that's not the case with many business owners. Remember the value of a no-holds-barred brainstorm; where you break it and figure out how to build it better. You think, if I had unlimited resources, what would I do? As a result, your vision, strategy and tactical plans expand, along with potential opportunity. And you begin to figure the "HOW to get there" based on your VISION, rather than the limits in front of you.
Thanks to: John Haynes of Regeneration! Life & Biz Coaching.

50. Don’t Listen to Them

There will always be people who tell you that you can’t do it. Those who provide the statistics about startup companies that go under or grab on to one mishap & insist it is an omen of more bad stuff to come. And then there is that little voice inside of your own head that says “what am I doing? I should just quit now.” Don’t Listen to Them! Believe in yourself. Visualize your success and persevere. Get coaching from positive people who will help you achieve your goals. You CAN do it!
Thanks to: Elizabeth Lombardo of A Happy You.

51. Think About Your Baby

When you come across brick walls, would you let them always get in the way? Your business is your baby, and would you let one obstacle do anything wrong for your business? Never! That's not the entrepreneurial spirit. Make things happen and climb those mountains!
Thanks to: Danny Wong of Custom Men's Dress Shirts | BL.

52. One Success > Than No Success

When you have few customers its tough to feel like you have a legitimate business. It's all about the little successes that should make your day. Have a great meeting with a networking source? Awesome! Now build on that. Did you just hit the 100 mark for daily visitors to your site? Congrats! Now how can you get to 200? Don't forget to enjoy your free time now too, cause it may not last forever. I like to go for bike rides or long runs. It clears my head, alleviates anxiety and helps me refocus.
Thanks to: Ryan Collins of Happy On Vacation.

53. Don't Stop

I've found that while business introspection is a good thing, if you stop too long to go over and over options and alternatives, the more likely you are to get completely stuck and make a decision that lacks the clarity of thought whith which you originally approached the problem. Don't have the skills or equipment to take the next step? Learn the skills yourself, find someone who knows how, find another way to make it, or scrap the idea and go another way. Whatever you do, don't stop for long.
Thanks to: Nicholas Labadie of Elemental Therapy Group.

54. Plan For Money

Unless you have disposable income when you start your business there will be many obstacles and limitations to what and how you run your business. One of the best ways to fund your start up business and overcoming obstacles is to plan, plan, plan and seek out micro lending organizations. There are so many organizations that help micro loan your business and get you on your feet. There are alternatives to banks and venture capitalist.
Thanks to: Eula M. Young of Griot's Roll Film Production .

55. Obstacle Illusions

Thinking I needed a fully stocked office and extensive product-line was a beginner's illusion. Daring to shatter that illusion, I went into business even though I had only two full-fledged products ready. Had I not, I probably would have postponed becoming an entrepreneur for another decade. The limited-product obstacle was quickly overcome (it truly was just an illusion). As the demand for other products arose, I simply created them--training curricula in my case.
Thanks to: Marlene Caroselli of Principled Persuasion.

56. Overcoming Obstacles

Often in small business obstacles may appear permanent but in truth there are ways to move them. You just need to be creative in assembling the right tools & team members to help you apply the right leverage. Sheer determination goes a long way too.

And sometimes the answer isn't in moving the obstacle at all, but in taking a different path. Quite often going around the obstacle allows you to experience a new path you wouldn't have taken otherwise, and it turns out to be a better path anyway!
Thanks to: Matt Wegner of Matt Wegner Coaching.

57. Go With Your Gut

Every entrepreneur seeks out experts and believes that there are "others" who have all the answers. Yet, every entrepreneur should believe in their own gut and their ability to meet all obstacles and challenges. "If you believe in it you can achieve it", is my motto so go with your gut and meet all obstacles head on!
Thanks to: Vicki Donlan of VickiDonlan.

58. Grow A Pair*

What you fear most, is what you MOST need to do.

Remember risks are not that scary once you take them.
Thanks to: Jorge Morales of Specialized ECU Repair.

59. Working smart

People always told me to work smarter not harder but I am convinced that no success comes by simply being smart. I believe that if you work hard and persevere that you will eventually succeed.
Thanks to: Jordan Cherrington of Strategic Automotive Solutions.


"When the going gets touch, the tough get going" - is easier said than done. Especially when you feel like a personal limitation is what's preventing you from reaching your goals. All it takes is a change of perspective and heart.
Your reason for doing something, when crystallized in front of you, can give you tremendous power to achieve and overcome anything. Personal limitations will seem insignificant and your strengths will take over!
Thanks to: Mo Nariani of Mass Energy Lab, Inc..

61. No Obstacle Is Too Big!

When I come across an obstacle in my business I look to my Network of Professionals and either get the answer or outsource the project ~ my time may be better spent on my specialty instead of the obstacle. If you do not have a Network of Professionals then go get one! Start going to Networking Groups, get involved with Online Professional Groups etc. It is amazing how much can be accomplished working together!

Thanks to: Dotty Scott of Premium Websites, LLC.

62. Stay Focused

Nothing great ever comes easy, mistakes are part of the process. I found that keeping focused on my goals and how to accomplish them helps me stay motivated during hard times. I constantly remind myself that my hard work will pay off and that the hardships are part of the process to reach my goals.
Thanks to: Sheena Edwards of Lizzie Lou Shoes.

63. Adapt And Grow!

Overcome limitations and obstacles by changing, adapting and growing in your business as you make your dreams come true. This discipline will easily and quickly attract what supports (not negates) your business journey. And remember, an obstacle is simply the flip side of opportunity. So the next time you feel challenged, ask yourself: What opportunity is awaiting me here? This powerful question will give you the answer that sets you free and opens you up to receiving more business... with ease.
Thanks to: Monique MacKinnon of Energetic Evolution.


The many things that can wrong with your dream. Yes a dream clouded by many obstacles. I always remember the quote "Life is full of disappointment and I am full of Life". What does this mean? It means that you need to be prepared for rejection, the word "no" and anything else that your business will throw at you. The best have gone through this, seek to understand and prosper from disappointment. In the end....Persevere!
Thanks to: Alan Ginsberg of The Entrepreneur's Source.

65. Outsource Your Weaknesses!

As a small business owner, you are doing it all and likely doing it 24/7. Not only are you doing the work you love (the reason you started all this), but you are doing lots of stuff you can't claim to be an expert at. My advice is to outsource the areas that take up tons of your time that you DON'T enjoy as soon as you are profitable and save your good energy so the bad doesn't drive you crazy!
Thanks to: Mary Murphy of Hooray for Books, Inc.

66. Appearing Naive

As a business owner you will interact with many different people on different levels. At some point every company, in one way or another, will require the services of vendors, suppliers or other types of service providers. When you’re negotiating contracts, terms, costs, or any other kind of business agreement, it’s important that you stand your ground. Appearing weak, inexperienced or gullible can cost you money as well as respect.
Thanks to: Dr. Madeline Lewis of Deline Institute.

67. Still Learning

My biggest obstacle in business and in life is my health. At the age of 33, I was diagnosed with Muscular dystrophy. The resulting weakness, fatigue, and pain are a daily challenge. I have to face things differently: with a sense of purpose, with a huge sense of humor, and with an open heart. Since I must guard my energy, I don't suffer fools gladly, and try to spend no time "fretting". I act as if I always feel well, I put the biggest smile on my face and I spend my time on things I love.
Thanks to: Sandy Wheeler of Sandy Wheeler Travel Specialties.

68. Legalize This!

In one of my businesses, I rely on the strength of intellectual property. In the first year of operation, my trademark attorney advised me that we would never get trademark registration on a certain word. I believed him for several months.

I hired a new attorney who asked me why I had not moved towards registering the word which is now a registered trademark.

It is a major hurdle to listen to the wrong advice, expecially if you are paying for it!!
Thanks to: Greg Pryor of Life Priority Health and Nutrition .

69. Going Virtual to Locate Talent

Technology at your fingertips has enabled you to access the whole country (or world) to find the talent you need to complete job and build the best organization you can.

When I wrote my recently released book, BoomerPreneurs, my editor was working from a cabin on the west coast while my layout person was working from the mountains of Tennessee. Locating them through referrals and word-of-mouth, I never met either; but I am indebted to them for their hard work and quality contributions.
Thanks to: Mary Beth Izard of Acheve Consulting Inc..

70. Hurdle Or Brick Wall?

Entrepreneurs are experts at dealing with difficulty. It's the ability to see fortune where others see a problem that makes us great. But sometimes you need to know when to quit. Banging your head on a brick wall can be a waste of time and resources. Do an honest assessment of resources spent and the likelihood of ROI. Concentrate efforts on the core of your biz and cut your losses for projects that are money sucking holes. Use objective measures + your gut feeling. Jump hurdles. Skip walls.
Thanks to: Karen Southall Watts of Karen Southall Watts.

71. My block was in the mirror

My own inner talk was what was holding me back. "What makes you think you can do this? You have no experience. You're going to look foolish." I made a list of affirmations & hired a musician to record me & put music behind it so I could play it when I woke up & fell asleep--the times when the subconscious is most receptive. From that, Spiritual Affirmations for Prosperity was born. I am now awaiting patent approval on the original idea. The CD was a bonus idea that can now help others.
Thanks to: Mary Pitman of Green Light Inspirations.

72. Forrest Gump - Business Coach

Forrest Gump may have it figured out. He does not spend his energy explaining or justifying his actions. Nor does he dwell on the “what ifs” that many of us find ourselves paralyzed by daily. He just does it..

What if you stopped making things so complex and just took whatever the next step is that is in front of you and went from there.

What have you got to loose? Frustration, ineffectiveness, struggle. Would you give those up for a simple, effective and rewarding life?
Thanks to: Ken Bechtel of Finding You In The Goo.

73. Step by Step

Sometimes when I've faced a challenge, I run a marathon. If I can get through this long race, I can persevere in the challenge I'm facing.

I go over my gratefuls. I refresh my mind with all the good that is in my life. Step by step I make it the next step. And so you will, too, with your challenge. You will get there through gratitude and perseverance. Believe that all is working together for good to help you learn lessons to make your business stronger. Step by step.
Thanks to: Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving.

74. Hire 2 when you need 1

I'm owner of few online e-commerce websites and Since I couldn't do everything of my own, I started creating a team. The biggest problem I faced was to find reliable providers who believe in long term relationships. The only tip I learned was to hire more providers, Hiring 2 part-time providers is better than 1 full-time , so you always have an alternative ready.
Thanks to: Marina Chernyak of Music Box.

75. Take It To The Table

When you come across a challenge or an obstacle in your business, take it to the table and talk it over with some trusted friends. I've found that when you run things by someone in your circle - a spouse, a friend, a fellow entrepreneurial spirit - you'll often find not only a different way of seeing the challenge, but often a different way to approach things. You'll be amazed at the solutions that will come to you over a cup of coffee or lunch with a friend.
Thanks to: Katy Tafoya of

76. Everyone Else Struggles, Too

Don't make the mistake of thinking that entrepreneurship is easier for everyone else. Too many entrepreneurs tell me that they imagine other people are more confident and more competent with a lot less effort and stress. This is just a fantasy. Successful people struggle, too. They accept that all new ventures come with obstacles and frustrations, but they persevere. They make mistakes but they learn and keep going. Don't give up.
Thanks to: Dr. Janet Civitelli of

77. Obstacles Are Opportunities!

Obstacles & limitations are just how & what WE see in them. It's not the obstacle that is important, it's how we deal with it is what makes the real difference.

Stop thinking of obstacles as obstacles, instead look at them as opportunities to grow, stretch reach, change approach,gain insight & act accordingly to utilize the obstacle as a steppingstone for success. Remember, in the path to success, there are no obstacles, only opportunities to do better, grow bigger, & get closer to success.
Thanks to: Devesh Dwivedi of Entrepreneur In Making.

78. Get Tech Help from Experts

During 23 years of management I feared technology, sure I couldn't learn computers. So I delegated what I couldn't understand.

But guess what: When I started my own business in 1997, there was nobody to delegate to--just me, period. So I got tech help from experts, real pioneers in Internet marketing.

Results? Amazing! I've produced 40 videos on You Tube, I podcast, generate a monthly e-mail newsletter, host my blog, and am active in the social media. Get mentors! Your best investment.
Thanks to: Bill Lampton, Ph.D. of Championship Communication.

79. Overcome By More Than One

One of the best ways to overcome limitations you're facing in your business is to STOP DOING IT ALONE & PICK UP THE PHONE!

I always actively look to help savvy business people I meet who are experts in OTHER areas.

When I have to figure out how to tackle a big obstacle I rely upon key contacts I've developed relationships with already. They've come through in BIG ways to save the day. Partner to brainstorm or pursue JV's (joint ventures) & find bigger solutions! 2 are better than 1!
Thanks to: Kenny Jahng of Big Click Syndicate LLC.

80. Obstacles or Opportunities?

When obstacles seem larger than life I take a few deep breaths and see them for what they really are – learning experiences. Rather than staying stuck and procrastinating, it is better to embrace reality and look for answers. This helps me remove distractions and focus on taking action. Redirecting thoughts from roadblocks to solution makes room for better decision making. It's then when creative ideas form and additional help, better info and useful resources will follow.
Thanks to: Benita Tyler of TBS USA Accounting and Tax Advisors.

81. Owning Your Weakness

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Can you identify them? Can you say weakness be gone? When facing my challenges, one of them being web sites, I have my support group I run to for help.(like there is a fire on my rump) I have learned to stop stressing over the things that I cannot do well or that frustrate me and pass it over to my circle of peeps whose strength it is.
Thanks to: Tricia Dycka of Tricia Dycka.

82. Grow a Go-To List

Part of proactive business planning is to assess your strengths and assets and recognize and identify your limitations. Once you are aware of these challenges, assemble a dynamic list of resources that can supplement, complement or shore up your own. Maintain and continue to grow this go-to list; when a situation comes up that you need help with, you will have assistance at your fingertips.
Thanks to: Mallary Tytel of Healthy Workplaces.

83. Great Idea - No Money

I came up with a great idea for a web based business, but have a budget of "very very little". My solution was to do it myself, trade out for things I couldn't do myself, or do without. I refused to take in investors or to take out a loan. Being under capitalized is a leading source of failure, but it is also insentive to work harder/smarter and to not rely on spending money as a solution. After 2 years, my web site has gotten 1,300,000 page views this month and has averaged 35% growth/month.
Thanks to: Carl Forsell of Connections Planet.

84. Plan to Plan

The three greatest obstacles to the success of a new business are self-doubt, lack of clear priorities for the use of time and resources and poor estimates of the resources needed. A well constructed business plan can help to overcome all three.

A solid business plan gives the owner confidence and provides them with a reference point when they are feeling lost.
It will also let them know what resources are needed and guide them in the use of those resources and of their time.
Thanks to: Ken Halkin of Kenneth C. Halkin Mgmnt. Consulting.

85. No Woman is an Island

As entrepreneurs we value and celebrate our autonomy and independence. This freedom is a key reason why most of us, including me, have taken this career path. The flip side of working for yourself is the feeling of isolation that can set in after weeks and months of going it alone. Remember no woman is an island; nurture your professional and personal network. Your connection to others is vital for growing your business and ensuring a healthy life-balance for you.

Thanks to: Kita Szpak of KS Communications.

86. Breathe Deep, Jump In & Swim!

Nothing is perfect. If you wait until it is you're too late. It's about excellence not perfection. Deliver the best you can with what you have and ask for help. The universe delivers miracles when you least expect it. Share your story, a friend may know someone who can help connect with you missing link! Have some fun with it; unleash your creativity and believe in yourself. Breathe deep jump in and swim! You'll reach the gold!
Thanks to: Judith Lukomski of Transitions Today .

87. Focus On The Prize

When I need to overcome an obstacle, I always focus on the goal by visualizing it. This in turn helps me come up with suitable solutions in order to overcome the present challenge.
Thanks to: Marc Anderson of


Unless you believe in You - Nobody else will. Overcoming obstacles is part of having faith in yourself. Abandon the paradigm that limits you to thinking that your performance depends on others. The ability to change to a better strategy that you believe in, even against odds often provides very interesting and unexpected results. Success is derived from an ability to dream, plan and understand change as a natural process for both companies and people.
Thanks to: Aisha Bauer of eSutras Organics.

89. It Takes A Village

Creating relationships and staying connected to my network of business owners & experts has supported me through a variety of obstacles. Mastermind groups and accountability partners have helped me brainstorm through situations and move to the next level. If one of my contacts can't help, they are happy to refer me to someone who can.
Thanks to: Teresa Cleveland of Empowered Awareness.

90. Learn Baby Learn

As an entreprenuer you need to educate your self as much as possible. This day in age there are TONS of material out there to read up on. One book will lead to another and open your mind and eyes to almost all of the answers you are looking for. Believe me, there is a book for practically every question you may have. Just leave the heavy stuff like accounting, computer programming and the like to the experts. Every obstacle that's lift can and will be overcome if you educate yourself.
Thanks to: Edwin Soler of Libreria Berea.


When money is not flowing in at the rate needed to expand my scene, I know I am playing too small a game. My book is a bi-product of something much greater. I help save and improve the lives of children. Them becoming healthy, positive adults, and people changing their habits is the real deal. How can we create better survival for others? When I look at the things I can do to impact more people in greater ways, I do those things and all my efforts mean more and therefore create more.
Thanks to: ASADAH KIRKLAND of Beating Black Kids - The Book.

92. Y - Know IT! Own IT!

I started my 1st biz & moved to a new state 6 weeks later only to follow that w/ 6 more MOVES. The last move was w/ a 2 week old baby and my husband nearly died less than a year later. My Y (WHY) is my family! Every step of the way, I KNEW that I want to be there for them @ all the important times! All the disappointments, tears, & setbacks were nothing compared to the fact that my income from my businesses paid for alternative health care for my husband, time w/ my family & more! Know YOUR Y!
Thanks to: Sarah Cook of Raising CEO Kids.

93. Get Over Yourself!

As entrepreneurs, we are our own worst critics. We often only see the obstacles, the failures, what went wrong, etc. I find that keeping a journal about my business helps me to look back over time and see how far I've come, rather than just focusing on the short term obstacles. Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination and it's important to take a long-term view of your business obstacles, failures, and even successes.

So, get over yourself and give yourself a break!
Thanks to: Traci Ellis of Launch Therapy.

94. Stay Focused On Your Goals

Most people dream of starting their own business but never actually make it happen. People get stuck on the "What If I Fail" and not on "What If I Succeed". The thing that I realized a long time ago, is that we only have one life and we need to stay focused on our goals. Remember that hardship is only TEMPORARY. It's important to stay focused and never lose track of your dream or goal, no matter how hard it gets - no one ever said entrepreneurship was easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it.
Thanks to: Jason McAninch of J-TEK.

95. How To Eat An Elephant

To start a small business you sometimes have to eat a large elephant in your way. How do you eat a large elephant you ask? The answer is: One Bite At A Time. It may seem impossible at times, but... even the largest of problems has small pieces that can be handled one at a time. Isolating out the pieces makes it possible to to conquer the largest of obstacles. Even if you can't see all the small pieces at first, find just one, find a solution and the challenge will begin to diminish. Go Forth!
Thanks to: William Michael of Vallarta Escapes.

96. Don't Give Up!

Winston Churchill probably said it best: "Never, never, never give up!" Short & to the point. Search the Web, suss out the wheat from the chaff, and then persevere until you find a way that works for you.
Thanks to: Bruce Hoag, PhD, CPsychol of drbrucehoag.

97. Just Do It

Act like you can't fail. If you knew you couldn't fail, you would do amazing things, so just act like that. Just do it. Keep going. Don't stop. You can't fail, right?
Thanks to: Stephanie Henley of Beasley & Henley Interior Design.

98. How Can I Serve?

What helped me most through different challenges when I started my business, was to remind myself of the purpose of it all. And for me, that's the question of how to serve my customers and clients.
When I get in touch with how relieved, happy and enthusiastic they will feel thanks to the support they'll get from my services and products, this really motivates me to take the steps necessary to overcome the obstacles I perceive.
Thanks to: Maria Berkestam of Extended World Travel.

99. Ask the Question!

With the obstacles that all of the entrepreneurial world endures one must always remember.."ask-the-question" study involve experienced people from your circle of friends and business associates. You'll find more questions come from the answers you received from the 1st set of questions...thats great! ask again and again and again! You "can" do it always look for different methodology in all areas of being an entrepreneur the answer will surface!
Thanks to: Bob Morris of Velocity Solutions, LLC.

100. Grow Biz at Lightning Speed

Entrepreneurship is filled with angst dealing primarily with a race of time against available money and the question of "Will I make it to the finish line?" My answer is visualize your finish line that makes your investment worthwhile in order to run with your targeted plan of action to achieve the milestone. Every working day you must know precisely what needs to get done and do it without distraction. I'm consistently told I grew by business at "lightening speed".
Thanks to: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale, LLC.

101. Shut All Escape Routes.

An entrepreneur must be in the habit of :
a. Getting cornered by situations &
b. shutting his all escape routes,
in order to FIND Solutions. Obstacles are like shadows always with you. Getting maximum information from friends, associates, employees even your family, helps you in seeing a clear path to your obstacles. Share your burdens and someone will enlighten you to overcome limitations.
An Entrepreneur is victim of ever changing external dynamics creating obstacles & limitations.
Thanks to: Naresh Vij of Kaveri Consultants, India.

102. Goin Gets Tough, Get Tougher

Inevitably when you're first starting a business, you're going to have to make others believe in your idea - it won't be easy. Then once you've started, it's going to take triple the effort you thought it would to get others to buy in, and then once everyone's buzzing about your company, you'll have so much to do you won't know how to get it all done. To succeed you have to be tough, believe in yourself and rely on others who are wiser than you!
Thanks to: Katie Newingham of NewbyMom Media, LLC.


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