How To Make Money With Twitter

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Since it's inception people have been promising you that you can "make big bucks" on Twitter. "

Add 8 zillion followers in mere minutes…."  You know what I'm talking about.

But now that Twitter has settled a little, and there's a whole new rush of people, actual customers signing up and learning how to 'tweet,' this whole "How To Make Money On Twitter" concept is worth exploring once again.

Learn from Sally…

Sally owns an online shoe shop. She is having a special on New Balance shoes for the month of September. How would Sally use Twitter to get the word out?

Have someone to tweet to

The first thing Sally must do is connect with people who care about shoes. She can find runners, people tweeting about how much they love New Balance, triathletes…  Sally knows what words to look for better than anyone, after all, it is her niche!

Give people a reason to follow you

Once she's found people she wishes to follow, she wants to ensure they follow her back. So instead of being incredibly sales-saavy, Sally politely replies "Hi! I saw you tweeted about being in a triathlon! What sneakers do you wear?" The person replies, and subsequently follows Sally for being so nice and interested in what they have to say. A day or so later, Sally replies back "When you're ready for new shoes come to my store (link) and use this discount code 2322". Sally has just lined up a prospective sale, all by tweeting SMART.

How Can I Tweet Smart?

It's all about managing your marketing. The twittersphere is big. Really big.  So the first thing you need is some kind of a system. I'd suggest Sally has a look at Reply Campaigns from MarketMeSuite, but above all, you need to make sure you are organized. Leads are no good if you lose them or don't follow through.

Here's another real world example:

Let’s say you are a restaurant. Someone “Tweets” about how they had a great meal at your restaurant. You’re using a tool that searches for your restaurant name. You see this tweet, and reply “Thanks for joining us last night! Here’s 20% off your next meal with us” and give them a coupon code. You’ve just done some serious public relations, and all it took was about 30 seconds of your time. And you can bet that person will be joining you again next weekend!

Capture the traffic, use WordPress!

Make sure that if someone clicks on your profile (or, if using MarketMeSuite, your branded tweet), you have a good website to go back to. I suggest using WordPress because it's quickly becoming THE platform to be on. Search engines love it, and it ties in very well with social media. It's fairly inexpensive too. WordPress itself is free and you can get some pretty awesome themes without breaking the bank. is one site, and is another worth looking at.

What is  a Branded Tweet ? And a Secret Most People Don't Know…

A branded tweet is the link underneath each tweet, which typically says "from the name of the application you used to tweet." This is actually clickable and can be changed! So before you become a walking banner for the application you're using, do a bit of research on this!

Mass Following?

The way to make money, and some very good money at that, is not by crazily mass following anyone who tweets. It's being selective, and purposeful. You can make money on Twitter, because targeted traffic = money, and Twitter is a hotspot for Traffic, it's just harnessing it properly.

By Tammy Kahn Fennell, co-founder of Pie Dog Media
She and her team have created MarketMeSuite and BlogMe.
MarketMeSuite is a fantastic application for social media for businesses, and BlogMe is the quickest and easiest way to install a wordpress site with a premium theme.
Tammy can be reached at

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  • Morgan

    Love, love, love the real world example about giving them a coupon for 20% off. Way more businesses should do this! Reward those loyal customers that you find through the web. They’ll surely thank you for it. Thanks for the great post!

    • Mike Michalowicz

      @Morgan – You are welcome.

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