How Social Media Can Improve Entrepreneurship

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

How To Become An Entrepreneur

Compiled by Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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  • Valerie Pressley

    Thank you so much for including EVLooks | eyecandy (#88 ;-) in your collection of responses for how social media can help entrepreneurship. Very valuable tips from all!

    • Mike Michalowicz

      You are very welcome. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  • http:/www./ Karen Emanuelson

    The collection of perspectives gives us all some new ways to frame our thoughts and learn from each other. Thanks, Mike for a great compilation!

    • Mike Michalowicz

      Tis my pleasure. The TPErs who put this together… are… well… awesome!

  • Don Gamble

    There are some great tips on here that I will be implementing sooner then later.

    • Mike Michalowicz

      Thanks Don!

  • Ink cartridges

    Great post. mostly interpreters sells their products without having a strong branded product. this is the most common mistakes we do. thanks for this useful post. 

    • Anonymous


  • Anika Davis

    Hi Mike! For me, social media for generating qualified traffic and converting these traffic into real deals. I must admit that social media results won’t happen overnight.