Dairy Queen Has A New Marketing Strategy

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

This sign is definitely a bold move by the owners of this DQ. On the one hand, it would make you mad if your kids saw this and started screaming. On the other, you gotta respect the truth. If my kids were screaming, yeah, I’d probably stop. I would be angry the whole time but it would work. So DQ, kudos for creativity, but you might want to think about the long term effects.

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By Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
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  • http://mycorporation.com Heather

    Great marketing technique! I can safely say that from experience, it does work :)

    • Mike Michalowicz

      Yep…. when a kid wants something enough, they seem to get it.

  • Carolyn Myer

    Really? That is rude. I would never buy from that Dairy Queen. I probably won’t buy from any other either.

    • Mike Michalowicz

      I agree Carolyn. Cute… but a little too cute. I am sure the franchisor did NOT approve of this marketing idea.

  • http://www.anayapapaya.com Anaya Papaya


    • Mike Michalowicz

      I hear ya Anaya.

  • http://www.180daymarketing.com Ken Siew

    Yeah this would probably work in the short run, but in the long-term I think the effect will gradually decrease. Once your kids do that for 10, 20 times, I’m pretty sure you’ll come up with a “strategy” to counter that (I can’t tell for sure since I’m not one yet!). And yeah Dads will probably start resenting this tactic by DQ!

  • http://www.amyswinningways.com Amy

    As a mother of 7, I can honestly say that my husband and I would be peeved if the kids start screaming because of the sign. Would we stop and get ice cream at that point? Not a chance. However, we might very well drop into the DQ, let the kids have their massive screaming fit in there, and then when they’ve exhausted themselves and irritated everyone in the place, would leave without buying a thing. All that sign says is scream until Daddy stops. Doesn’t say anything about buying anything! This ranks right up there with DQ’s shaving bunnies and kittens in bubbles on the DQ Fail Scale.

    • Mike Michalowicz

      I totally agree with you Amy.

      • http://www.amyswinningways.com Amy

        Thanks, Mike!