What To Do With $500 For Marketing

So you are a small start-up, with little cash but big dreams and a ton of drive. You need to get your name out to the world, but alas…you only have a budget of $500 for marketing. Where do you spend it? Check out some of these great tips on how to get the most ROI for your buck. If you do it right… Read More

Stop Doing These Right Now

Every once in a while we need to evaluate our actions and decide what to continue doing or stop doing. Here are some tips on what to stop doing right now to better your business and your morale…

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Get A Leg Up On Your Competition

Getting a leg up on your competition starts with bringing your best self to the table. But if you’re already doing that, then you need to talk to your best customers about what they love about your business, what they wish you did better, and what they’d like to see you offer. Most business owners don’t make the time or effort to… Read More

Get Others To Be Innovative

Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan teacher you how to get others to be innovative… Read More

Rewarding Your Customers

There’s nothing more relevant and impactful to your customers than showing them that you care. One simple way to do this is to remember that they *are* your customers and rewarding them for their loyalty. That means: 1) not sending them offers to buy your product/service if they already… Read More

6 Tasks Of Successful People

Ever wonder what makes people successful? If you answered no, I’d be really surprised! I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t wonder what it takes to be a big time success. You may look at others who are successful and wonder what is so different and how they got to that point while you are, well, wherever you are in your life. While it is easier and much more comfortable to believe that success just “happens” to some people, that couldn’t be any farther from the truth! There is 6 steps that seem to repeat over and over…

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The Top E-Commerce Platforms

An incredibly easy to use e-commerce site. Goodsie makes setting up stores very similar to setting up Wordpress blogs.
Users choose from multiple layout options, color pallets, background patterns, and typography without ever having to muck in code.
Goodsie costs $15 per month, which… Read More

How To Get Traffic On Facebook

Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan, teaches you how to handle negative customer reviews… Read More

What To Fix On Your Landing Page

Many landing pages are all about the you as the seller and create a pushing marketing strategy. Instead consider using a compelling story with the potential customer as the main character and all you do is tell the story. This creates a pulling marketing strategy as evidence by continued reading until he or she reads your call to… Read More

Why Social Media Is Killing Your Business

If you spend some time reading business articles, you are bound to come across those that contain glowing remarks about using social media. Probably 99 percent of the articles out there, whether in magazines or on blogs and commentaries, insist that you need to be on social media. They speak for the 99 percent, after all (that’s a little fun jab at the Wall Street occupiers). But before you throw your efforts into building a buzz on…

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