How To Never Again Compete On Price

Ever compete on price? Ever have customers only care if you cheaper then “the other guy?” The problem is a natural categorizing behavior that customers have… and in this video you will learn how to use a technique called “labeling” to break free of the price game. Read More

How To Get Your Business On TV

It goes without saying that TV pitches must be visual in nature. You have to plan ahead and offer a variety of shots, angles and interview opportunities to help tell a story or share news. Beyond that, relevance to a broad audience or something… Read More

Build A Hiring Bench

The best business start building a bench, but not just any bench, a hiring bench. A hiring bench helps prevent those situations where you are left shorthanded and are forced to strain the work over a few employees because you can’t fill that specific position… Read More

Changing Attire, Matching Your Audience

There used to be a time when I went to all my meetings in a suit and tie. Heck, we pretty much all did. That’s just the way that meetings used to be held. But today, the meetings I attend have pretty much gone to a standard t-shirt-and-jeans look. Well, kind of. No matter how comfortable we may have gotten in the business world…

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Could You Be A Good Fit For Pop-Up Retail?

We see it happen every Halloween and Christmas. Stores set up shop, let everyone know they are there, get lots of traffic and yet, before you know it, you can’t remember what business used to occupy the now-empty building space. But if you look a little closer, you may notice that these stores that come and go – usually…

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How To Grow Fast Yet “Stay Under The Radar”

Focus on a niche that the big companies are willing to ignore and provide better service to them. Consumers will pay higher for more specialized and personalized service that larger companies can’t and aren’t willing to provide. Let the other companies battle… Read More

How To Get The Truth From Customers

Hopefully growing up you were told that if you don’t have anything nice to say then you shouldn’t say anything at all. Well, unfortunately for your business, people have followed directions. The reason people tell you how great your product is, is because they are lying so you don’t get your feelings hurt. Unless the wallet is opening, don’t believe their mouth. Here is how to find out the truth… Read More

How To Generate New, Qualified Leads

The fastest way to generate new leads is to have your current clients and customers do the work for you. Send a quick email to your clients and offer them an incentive to bring you new business leads. Your clients use your service so they are your best marketing tool and they usually know people just… Read More

13 Ways to Make Your Office Space More Efficient

Have an office space that isn’t all that effective? Don’t feel bad. It happens to us all, from time to time. The good news is that there are things you can do right now to make a difference and help things moving along more smoothly.
Here are 13 ways that you can make

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This Weeks Weekend Article Recap @ Amex Open Forum

Money issues are absolutely the biggest pitfalls that entrepreneurs like you and I face. But the good news is that there are things you can do to help avoid these problems.
Here are seven of the most common money mistakes that entrepreneurs make (and now that you…

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