What To Never Say To A Client

You have heard it a million times. Judge someone by their actions, not their words. Even though words supposedly make up 10% of communication (body language, voice inflection, etc. make up the majority), words are critically important.

In fact, if you slip up with the wrong words it can be deadly. One verbal faux pas and you might just send that perfect client of yours right to the competition.

Here at the 8 things you should never. . .

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Hiring The Best

Hiring manager and HR professionals talk a lot about “realistic job previews” and they are extremely important. What this means is making sure that you are explicit and accurate in your description of the job… Read More

Give Your Sales A Boost

My sales manager taught me this simple idea – ask for 50% more on every order than you believe you can get. A customer who has a lot of your product will be loyal to you. End users will consume more if they have more… Read More

What Comedians Can Teach About Public Speaking

I know you have heard it a million and one times; most people fear public speaking more than they fear death. I think “being buried alive” comes in as a distant third (but for some people, you never know).

So, how about those courageous folks who actually get up on stage? Some of them totally rock the show. Then there are those who can be so boring they actually have the audience wanting to die.

If you want to be one of those speakers who people rave about, scramble to get autographs from, and occasionally throw their underwear at while on stage (hey, it could happen), then it is time to learn from the masters. . .

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When To Seek Financing?

If you really want to bootstrap, only go for funding when you absolutely cannot survive without it. Most of the time, if you’re resourceful enough, you can find ways of making money to support your startup. Many times I’ve been on the edge… Read More

What Your Customers Are Lying About


Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan, teaches you how to avoid deep trouble by spotting common customer lies… Read More

How To Ask For Help When You Need It

At one point or another, we all need some form of help, but very few of us really know how to ask for it in the right way. And if you don’t ask in the right way, you risk coming off as selfish or as if it doesn’t really matter in the first place. Getting the help you know you need really comes down to being an effective communicator …

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Why Cross Training Employees Is The Smart Move

Mike Michalowicz, host of On a Roll, shares how “cross-training” your employees can get them excited about your business and their job… Read More

Why You Should Have A Dress Code

I work from home which makes it really easy not to ‘have’ to get dressed, however I have found over the years that getting dressed in something other than PJ pants and a torn up t-shirt actually results in… Read More

Proper Blogging Techniques

Updating your blog erratically is one of the best ways to lose the interest of your readers. If they don’t know when to check, they don’t check. It’s as simple as that.
Schedule your blog for a day or days every week that you… Read More