How To Manage Your Stress

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How To Freshen Your Existing Service Offering

Attracting new clients starts with giving them a taste of what you are offering. The current economic conditions cause business owners to look for ways to cut not increase spending. They won’t buy what you are selling unless you prove to them they… Read More

The Biggest Mistakes You Make When Interviewing

Having the right employees is the cornerstone of any successful business. Problem is, many businesses go about interviewing candidates all wrong. Here is what you need to avoid in order to find great people, who in turn make great…

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The 4 Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan, shares the best browser extensions for gmail when using Google Chrome… Read More

How To Get Facebook Page Likes

If your followers aren’t engaged with you, do they really count? Rather than go for a large number of “Likes” go for a large number of people who engage. Now, how do you do that?

Engage with them first!… Read More

Tips For Offering Credit To Your Customers

Let’s face it, we live in a credit society today. Everywhere we go we are paying with credit, getting offers for credit, and wishing we had more of it. But it doesn’t stop with us personally; credit is a big issue that businesses face as well, and…

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The Insider Strategy Training Event

 The Insider Strategy The customer driven method to dramatically increasing your sales within 30 days or less!   You will be getting a detailed, early sneak peak at "The Insider Strategy" a sales method that is shared in The Pumpkin Plan.  In addition, to getting the exact how to process for dramatically increasing sales in … Read More

How To Get Your Name Out There

The best way I have found to get your name out there is to put it in a place where thousands of people go. Find the most well-read publication in your industry and submit an article. If it’s accepted, you’ll have instant… Read More

Why Different Is Better

Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Pumpkin Plan, shares why being better is so difficult and the other path a company can take to stand out… Read More