Is Your Business Better? It Doesn’t Matter

What if one of the Olympic swimmers did a cannonball into the pool instead of diving? He’d probably lose, but he would get noticed. And we’d remember him, too—likely forever, as he would be immortalized…

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Conducting Business In The UAE

Setting up a business or conducting business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a bit of an eye-opener for many Westerners, whether men or women. It’s not like doing business in the United States. . . Read More

Ways to give on Giving Tuesday by JJ Ramberg

For those of you who have not heard of this yet, Tuesday November 27 is Giving Tuesday. This is a day where everyone is encouraged to find a way to help a cause you care about. When I first heard about Giving Tuesday, it struck a chord with me. About eight years ago, my brother … Read More

Get Qualified Customer Leads by JJ Ramberg

About a year and a half ago, Mike and I were sitting on the set about to tape my msnbc program Your Business and I asked him to tell me one thing he’s learned that can help other small business owners. Here’s what he told me… Read More

How To Get Free PR

Don’t limit yourself to those who wander through cyberspace seeking a product or service like yours. Instead, make a name for yourself and your company by declaring a National _______ Day. Contact the local media and arrange for an… Read More

Knowing Your Business Competitors

Those who are looking to start up a business or move into a new market need to be able to offer their customers something which the market is currently missing; whether it is better efficiency, lower prices or higher quality. This entails knowing what is currently available from your competitors. Research into your competitors shouldn’t be. . . Read More

Press Release Tips

For me, the best way to write and submit press releases is to have content-rich information focused on your target market. For example, I’m a speaker, author certified professional coach and talk show host. I write press releases… Read More

Contests To Attract Customers

If you hold a contest with a prize like an iPad or a Kindle, you will get a lot of entries, but most of them won’t necessarily be your ideal prospects. Instead offer a prize that is just as attractive, but is targeted to your ideal prospect. What is it that your ideal prospect… Read More

The Rock Square Story – Start Early

Last month, Mike talked about why older entrepreneurs rock. This month, it would be my pleasure to introduce you to a new startup that Rocks—literally. Do you love rock ‘n’ roll music? Have you ever dreamt of a way to turn that passion into a successful business venture? The folks at Rock Square ( have. … Read More

How Much Do You Pay Employees?

Give your new employee a Salary Trial Period! Rather than trying to decide the forever starting salary, set a time-frame (3 months?) during which both you and your new employee get to test out the “rightness” of the initial salary. The relationship with… Read More