This Weeks Weekend Article Recap @ Amex Open Forum

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Grab some coffee, sit in you favorite chair and check out this article on Amex Open Forum, I had written over the last week. Hopefully you can get some weekend business advice from them. Also, I through in a video interview with some good tips on growing.

1.) 4 Things The Simpsons Can Teach You About Business

The Simpsons is a show that has been a part of television for over 20 years. It has even claimed the title of being the longest running scripted show in the history of television. It has gone from “Eat my shorts” to covering every type of controversial issue engrained within American…

2.) The 6 Ways To Cutting Phone Costs When Traveling Internationally

If you have ever traveled internationally—whether for business or pleasure—and talked on your cell phone, you may have received a shock when you returned home. Most people just don’t realize how expensive it is to communicate with people back home while they are gone. If you are going to do it via phone, it is going to cost…

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