Best Practices At Tradeshows For Business

Published by Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

How To Become An Entrepreneur

Compiled by Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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  • rachelhonoway

    Great tips everyone!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the note

  • Amy Swanson

    Everyone has such great tips! I also agree with Carissa Newton (#40) about being honest with customer’s contact information. One trade show I visited a few months back, vendors were scanning our name tags left and right for our contact information and sometimes not even engaging in a conversation first! My team and I made mental notes of those companies and made sure to avoid working with them in the future. Honesty and politeness are always the best policy.

    • Anonymous


  • Anngp15

    Terrific ideas!  Many I already do — but, I still picked up a bunch of tips that I’d never even thought to try!  Thanks to all for your generosity in sharing!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your note Ann!

  • Cheryl Hill

    Great Advice everyone…there are a few that I have not thought about and look forward to using and sharing with my team! Thank you –

    • Anonymous

      Long time no talk Chill. Hope you are doing well.

  • Kathie Reilly

    One of the most successful strategies I used once was a finger puppet who directed the participants into the booth.  I was amazed and delighted that they would follow the request of a 2 inch piece of felt!  They were amused and that broke the predictability of a trade show corridor.  It was fun!

    • Anonymous

      Kathie – That is a great idea! That is a 6 footer saying that.

  • Tl

    Thank you for these great tips & contribution for best practices for business at trade shows. My business partner and I are putting together an   entrepreneur and leadership event  in Canada next month with 14 speakers and 1,000 attendees.  This has inspired me to create an email for them to share some tips on how they can really make the most of their experience at our event. Another technique that has worked for me, is to begin the conference/ trade show with 3 clear intentions/ outcomes/ goals for the event. Example: Talk to xx CEO, Meet 5 new people, speak to speaker xx etc.etc. When you are clear about your intended outcomes, you are more likely to manifest  key take-aways that are valuable to you and your business. Thanks Mike & everyone!

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